Ocooch Hardwoods Reviews 2024: Is It Worth It?

I have been looking for quality hardwood options for completing my DIY wooden projects for a long time. After going through some disappointing choices, I finally came across Ocooch hardwoods.

These are some quality hardwood options that you can try out for your projects. In this Ocooch hardwoods review, I will share my experience with the products.

So, if you need some quality hardwoods, this review might have something for you. I will go through various factors of the Ocooch hardwoods to give you an understanding of the product.

Features Of Ocooch Hardwoods

Now, so many things impressed me with the Ocooch hardwoods choices. I will share some of the unique values they offer consumers. Let’s get into it.

  • Attention To Detail

One of the best things I found with Ocooch hardwoods compared to the other options is their attention to detail. The hardwood they deliver to you comes with great packaging.

At the same time, they tend to have that smooth finishing on the wooden pieces.

When I opened up the packaging, I admired how the whole thing looked. You won’t get any damaged wooden pieces in the package.

  • Delivers Accurate Sizes

An annoying issue you can face with hardwood suppliers is the delivery of inaccurate sizes. Luckily, I didn’t have to get through that with Ocooch hardwoods. I got the perfect sizes and widths I ordered from their website.

With the proper size measurements, you will hardly need to worry about cutting them to your preferred sizes. Also, they leave a little wiggle room on the pieces if you need to make some adjustments.

Most importantly, your measurements before ordering don’t alter after arrival. So, I have to say they keep their word with the hardwood sizes.

  • Beautiful Finish On The Wood
Ocooch hardwoods

I have to admit the finishing look on the wooden pieces impressed me thoroughly.

All the pieces I received from Ocooch hardwoods had proper sanding on both sides.

You can truly see the beauty of these wooden pieces once you give them a quick wine with mineral spirits.

Also, it’s not just about finishing the wooden pieces either. Right out of the box, I found all the wooden pieces have a perfectly square shape.

This also adds to the look they get in the wooden pieces because you don’t get any imperfection in pieces to hinder the look.

  • Variety of Choices

Even though I don’t need that wide variety in options as a DIYer, you still have that available from Ocooch hardwoods. They come with so many different types of wood choices that you will never run out of options.

How does the variety help? Well, it’s simple. You can find wood choices that cater to the different kinds of projects you do.

This factor can be very much helpful for the professionals out there. Whether you need alder hardwood, butternut, curly maple, cherry maple, or any other kind, Ocooch hardwoods have it all.

  • Quality and reliability are impressive.

The reason Ocooch hardware came into my radar is because of the popularity they have amongst the other users. Their quality wood choices and reliability are what make them so popular.

All the users and consumers can rely on the quality of their woods any day.

In my experience, I can’t say I have anything to complain about the quality. As soon as I touched the wood pieces out of the packaging, I immediately was in total admiration.

I loved the strength and rigidity of the wooden pieces. Also, the perfect finishing speaks out about the quality even more.

This kind of high-quality wood also helps in the reliability factor. You can rely on the brand for all your hardwood needs because I will surely rely on them whenever I need wooden pieces for my projects.

These are the features that I found affecting me in choosing Ocooch as my primary hardwood supplier. They are just better than the other brands I have tried.

What Could Have Been Better With Ocooch Hardwoods?

Hardwoods from Ocooch

Here’s the thing, while Ocooch hardwood is exceptional in quality, reliability, and all the different aspects, there are still not perfect. Some things may bother you in getting wood supply from Ocooch hardwood without second thoughts.

  • The Ocooch Hardwood Can Be A Bit Expensive

Something that may stop a lot of people from going with Ocooch hardwood is the price. There are plenty of other suppliers out there who provide wood pieces within a budget.

Compared to those other choices, Ocooch hardwood supplies surely feels a bit expensive.

Especially if you are a hobbyist or DIYer who does casual projects, this will feel very expensive. However, for professionals, this might not feel as expensive because they are more after the quality of the wood rather than the price.

  • Ocooch Isn’t Available Everywhere

The trouble with Ocooch hardwood is that they aren’t available everywhere. Most of the time, you will have to get their supplies from their websites.

Now, the issue with that is the shipping cost. The shipping cost can get quite a lot, making the whole wood supply even more expensive.

Are you getting a bit worried?

Well, I wouldn’t get too worried just with these two things. Because at the end of the day, Ocooch hardwoods provide you with quality that’s well worth the money. So, you won’t regret getting hardwood supplies from Ocooch.


To sum up, if your project requires a high-quality wood supply, then Ocooch hardwoods are the way to go. From the quality to the variety of options, you get all your needs met from them.

In my Ocooch hardwoods reviews, I shared my experience with the wood supply brand.

They are fulfilling in so many aspects as a reliable hardwood supply choice. Unless you are worried about saving up your money, I would say Ocooch hardwoods are one of the best you can get.

The quality is well worth the money, and they get great value.

Ralph Wade

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2 thoughts on “Ocooch Hardwoods Reviews 2024: Is It Worth It?

  1. You must have had a completely different experience than I did on two different orders this year.

    It’s ok to make a mistake but the real tell is how a company handles the mistake. The customer experience for me was terrible. Two different orders came with 10-20% of the pieces as very disappointing. First order came with black limba riddled with holes, maple with splotches, all other thins were well warped out of the box. When I called, I was told that if I didn’t want holes in the wood, I should have asked for that in the “comments section”. The second order came with shipping damage due to poor packaging (0.5 thickness corrugated cardboard) and the most expensive piece (Bolivian Redwood) with another hole in it (after I had just called them and asked for pieces without holes). After sending an email, I was told by Ethan that he has too many happy customers and that I should take my business elsewhere.

  2. I’m lucky enough to live close to Ocooch Hardwoods. I have never had a bad experience with them. Wood is always exact and service is great.

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