Millstead Solid Hardwood Flooring Reviews 2024: Is It Any Good?

What are your thoughts on hardwood flooring? It can be a great solution to satisfy your needs; there is no denying that. But it can become stressful when you end up with the wrong options.

That’s why here I will be going through a good quality hardwood flooring option for you.

It’s the Millstead solid hardwood flooring reviews that will give you all the necessary information you would need for getting hardwood flooring for your home.

So, if you are interested in finding a quality choice, then stick till the end to find out its true worth.

Features Of The Millstead Solid Hardwood Flooring

Well, without knowing the features of the Millstead solid hardwood, you can’t truly decide whether you would want this or not. So, let’s get through the features that this one provides.

  • Variety Of Wood Choices
Millstead Solid Hardwood Flooring

First of all, one of the best parts you get with Millstead solid hardwood flooring is the choices that you get.

There are so many wood choices, such as Oak, Maple, Cherry, Chestnut, Hickory, and whatnot.

In short, you will not run out of options that much. I can assure you about this.

Now, how does this benefit you?

Well, it’s great to have these options so you can either match your other wooden furniture. Or you can simply get a choice of wood that you have always desired to have.

Other than that, different kinds of wood are suitable for different kinds of areas, and they have different appearances as well.

Altogether, with various wood choices, you can always have unique-looking hardwood flooring in your home. And the best part is that you will be satisfied with what you are getting.

  • Made To Fit A Lot Of Areas

They have wood choices, but they also have different sizes available for their flooring. Sometimes, you may end up with the perfect dimensions needed for your particular case.

And sometimes, you just have to cut from here and there to adjust it according to your needs.

For the most part, these hardwood flooring options always suit a person’s preferred needs. So, altogether, you won’t have to go through a lot of trouble fitting them into your home flooring.

  • Clean Finish On All The Hardwood

No matter which option you end up with, it’s just clean. When I say clean, it means the finish on the wood is just done to perfection. There are no bumps or bruises around the hardwood pieces.

This makes up for an amazing-looking hardwood flooring in your home.

  • Proper Grading For Installation

You just can’t get a wooden piece and install it on your home like hardwood flooring. It has to go through some process and then be tested to see whether it can meet hardwood flooring requirements. This does that all.

It has a proper grading for home installation, which means it’s suitable for installation at your home without any concerns at all. This also gives you the reassurance that you won’t face any problems installing these hardwood flooring.

  • High-Quality Material
Millstead Hardwood Flooring

Well, I don’t think I have to dive too deep into this. Because if the hardwood flooring is certified to be graded for installation, it indeed uses top-quality material.

Still, if I had to compare this one to some other competing choices, I would say it’s one of the best options for quality material.

The wood they use for making the hardwood is authentic and doesn’t have any kind of impurities in them.

The process is also done thoroughly, so you have some quality results.

There is no chance of being disappointed with the hardwood flooring as long as it’s about the material quality.

  • As Straight As It Gets

Imagine getting hardwood flooring that has curves on them. I bet you wouldn’t like it, right? Even though that can be the case with a lot of the choices, it’s not the case with this one.

Because this one is completely flat. There are no bumps or curves on the wooden pieces.

So, what you end up with are clean, straight pieces of wood that just sit on the surfaces with perfection. You won’t have any trouble setting them up on your floor.

  • Sturdy And Durable

A key reason for this hardwood flooring to work perfectly is its durability. The hardwood flooring is very sturdy and holds up quite well against different kinds of external damage.

You can put a decent amount of pressure on the flooring for the most part. However, don’t take a hammer and just start banging on the floor.

The durability is undoubtedly something that will impress you. And this factor also makes it a very worthy choice because it’s quite essential to have on your hardwood floors.

  • Easy To Install

Last but not least, this is relatively easy to install. The installation requires you to either use nails or glue.

Also, the fact that you don’t have to cut the wooden pieces that often, it’s much easier for professionals to install the hardwood flooring easily.

As you can see, the Millstead hardwood flooring offers so many good features. You won’t be disappointed with the choices ever. So, that’s something to admire about this hardwood flooring.

What Could Have Been Better With Millstead Solid Hardwood Flooring?

While there are so many good things about the hardwood flooring, there are some issues with it as well. Although I wouldn’t consider them to be issues or problems, there are more improvements they can implement.

  • There Are Cheaper Options

You can find a lot of options for hardwood flooring that may be cheaper than this one. So, if you are trying to get things done within a budget, I don’t think this is the way to go.

Having said that, the quality of the alternatives can also be a bit lower than this one, so I think the higher price isn’t a deal-breaker.

  • Sometimes The Lower Side Can Have Issues

Well, it happens very rarely, but you may see some issues of knots here and there on the other side of the hardwood flooring.

Once again, it’s not something that you will face all the time; it’s a rare scenario. But if you ever come across this issue, you can simply contact the support for Millstead.

As I said earlier, these aren’t that big of a deal or performance issues. You still end up with some amazing options that you can’t complain about that much.


All in all, from the Millstead solid hardwood flooring reviews, you get the idea of how good they are. They are sturdy and durable for long-lasting results.

And they have plenty of wood choices that you can choose from. Everything just gets better when you consider the quality as well.

By the end of it, you also get the idea that there aren’t many issues with the option. Yes, they aren’t the most affordable options out there, but still, I don’t think they are that expensive.

I would say they are indeed worth your money and you can give it a shot for sure.

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3 thoughts on “Millstead Solid Hardwood Flooring Reviews 2024: Is It Any Good?

  1. I love Millstead, made in the USA autumn hickory, I just cant find it any where. I have had it in my home for 20 plus years

  2. Does anyone have a point of contact for Millstead? I have the same issue as Melissa and am trying to replace some of my Vintage Maple from Millstead which was damaged due to a water leak. I can find nothing searching the internet on the company.

  3. I just found two unopened boxes in the garage under husband’s work bench. I have no recall what he bought these for. However, I don’t see if their water resistant. I’m wanting to place them down in a spare bedroom. This room will be for company who have dogs. Dogs have accidents. So I’m worried about the floor getting damaged. It’s the oak version. Please advise.

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