NuCore Vs. DuraLux Vinyl Flooring (2024): In-depth Differences

When it comes to NuCore and DuraLux vinyl flooring, many differences vividly come into our sight.

One of the differences is that NuCore only has Wood Look vinyl floor style. On the other hand, DuraLux has Decorative, Stone Look, and Wood Look style vinyl floors under its hood.

But this is just a tip of many more differences. Throughout this write-up, we will discover more comparisons between these two vinyl flooring brands.

So, if you’re interested in knowing the differences, you must stick with me. Because after that, you can easily choose the best one for your home. Without any more contemplation, let’s begin.

A Quick comparison Table Between The Two Flooring Brands

Here is a quick comparison table between these two vinyl flooring brands:

Product TypeRigid Core LVPStone-Based LVP
Features & BenefitsOffers Many Features & BenefitsOffers Many Features & Benefits
Available Colors6 Available Colors6 Available Colors
Styles & Finishes1 Style & 4 finishes2 Style & 4 finishes
WarrantyLifetime Residential  Warranty/ 20 Years Commercial WarrantyLifetime Residential  Warranty/ 10 Years Commercial Warranty
Price$3.19 – $4.49 Per Sq. Ft.$1.49 – $3.49 Per Sq. Ft.

In-Depth Comparison Between NuCore And DuraLux Vinyl Flooring

Now let’s dive deeper and explore the differences between these two vinyl flooring brands. So, here are some key differences between NuCore and DuraLux Vinyl floors:  

  • Flooring Type
NuCore Vinyl Flooring

Both NuCore and DuraLux floors are made of Vinyl. NuCore claims it makes the most durable rigid core and luxury vinyl flooring available on the market.

With many features and protective measures, these floors are suitable for any room in both residential and commercial settings.

On the other hand, DuraLux offers luxury vinyl floors that are 100% waterproof. These robust floors can withstand anything you throw at them. The rigid stone-based cores make these floors sturdy, and durable and help resist any dents & scratches.

One thing you must know about these floorings. All NuCore floors are 6.5 mm thick, whereas DuraLux floors range between 4 and 5 mm.

  • Features & Benefits

NuCore floors are incredibly durable. They are dents, scratches, and stains resistant and have a built-in premium cork backing.

As a result, you’ll get a soft, warm, and quiet floor. Plus, you won’t even have to use any additional underlayment.

You can directly install NuCore vinyl floors out of the box. Besides, they don’t need transitional moldings in large areas or doorways. These floors can perform under extreme temperatures.

Plus, they are 100% waterproof.

On the contrary, DuraLux floors have foam backs. That’s why these floors are highly durable and fit in any room in a house. Besides, the rigid stone-based core makes them dent and scratch-resistant. These floors work amazingly well in high-traffic areas.

You won’t need pre-installation acclimation; install them out of the box. No need for transitional mold either. The built-in antimicrobial foam underlayment provides a warm and quiet floor.

  • Available Colors

You will get both NuCore floors and DuraLux floors in 6 different colors. However, the floors are different for each brand. NuCore vinyl floors are available in Brown, Gray, Blond, Beige, Rust/Orange, and White.

In contrast to NuCore, DuraLux floors are available in Gray, Brown, Beige, Blond, White, and Black. So, we can see many similarities between the two brands in colors and a few differences.

  • Style & Shade
DuraLux Vinyl Flooring

DuraLux has more options than NuCore.

NuCore vinyl floors are available in Wood Look style.

But DuraLux has more styles in its portfolio.

Those styles are Decorative, Stone Look, and Wood Look.

Both brands offer 4 types of shades with their vinyl floors.

The shades are Medium, Light, High Variation, and Dark.

So, there’s no difference in shades between NuCore and DuraLux.

  • Warranty

NuCore offers two types of warranty with its vinyl flooring. One is for residential uses, and the other is for commercial uses.

NuCore vinyl floors that are installed on residential houses come with a Lifetime. Besides, you will get 20 years warranty for commercial usage.

Similarly, DuraLux vinyl floors come with a Lifetime Residential Warranty and 10 Years Commercial Warranty.

  • Price

The price of vinyl floors from both brands varies based on size and style. However, the price of NuCore vinyl floors ranges from $3.19 per sq. Ft. to $4.49 per sq. ft.

On the contrary, the price of DuraLux vinyl floors ranges from $1.49 per sq. ft. to $3.49 per sq. ft. So, it’s apparent that NuCore vinyl floors are expensive compared to DuraLux.

Which Vinyl Flooring Will Be Best For You?

You can see that both brands have some good sides and some limitations. But both of them are pretty good in quality and performance.

However, I’ll help since you have to choose one. If you have no problem with Wood Looks, I suggest you go with NuCore vinyl floors.

The floors are thicker than their counterpart and come with a better warranty. But if you like the other styles, you must go with DuraLux. It’s pretty good as well.

Now, watch this video to see how you can install DuraLux yourself!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is NuCore a good product?

NuCore vinyl floors are considered to be one of the best vinyl floors in the market. They are thick, robust, and durable. Besides, these floors are waterproof and resist scratches, scuffs, and stains.

What is the most realistic LVP flooring?

Luxury Vinyl Planks are a perfect choice for flooring. They look exactly like woods, and many LVP brands are available in the market. But among them, Shaw Flooring, NuCore Flooring, etc., are at the top.

What type of vinyl plank is best?

You will find vinyl planks of various types, styles, and finishes. But among them, rigid core vinyl planks are the best. These floors are robust, durable, and excellent for high-traffic areas.

Is NuCore flooring toxic?

NuCore floors are made of Vinyl. They are GreenGuard Gold certified. So, the VOC level of these floors is very low. Although there is a little VOC, they are not toxic. 

Final Thoughts

The floor is an essential part of our house. We constantly walk on floors, so if they are not strong and beautiful enough, your suffering will have no bound.

But I hope after knowing everything about NuCore vs. DuraLux, you won’t make a mistake in choosing the right one. Let me tell you one thing while I conclude, go for the NuCore vinyl floor.

You won’t regret it in the future.

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One thought on “NuCore Vs. DuraLux Vinyl Flooring (2024): In-depth Differences

  1. NuCore flooring is horrible. My floor is denting and the planks are coming apart. It is not just me or install issues as Floor &Decor claims it to be after everyone’s inspection. They never stand behind their warranty. In fact we are trying to start a class action lawsuit and have an attorney involved.

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