Minnkota Windows Vs. Andersen Windows: Which One To Pick?

For any homeowner, picking the right window brand can be a crucial aspect to decide. Out of so many brands of windows that are available in the market, this blog will focus on Minnkota and Andersen windows to assist you to decide between the two.

It is natural to have certain similarities and dissimilarities between these two brands. After knowing the dissimilarities, you will be able to pick the suitable one for you for sure.

A Quick Comparison Table

Just like all the other blog posts, you will get to know about the differences between Minnkota Windows and Andersen in a tabular format. It will cost you less time if you want to make a decision without investing much of your precious time. So, here you go.

SpecificationsMinnkota WindowsAndersen Windows
Manufacturing PlaceMinnkota windows are manufactured in West Fargo, North Dakota.Anderson windows are based in Bayport, Minnesota.
Color choicesThere are very few choices of color for the customers.There are plenty of color choices available for the customers.
Delivery timeThey claim to provide the windows in two weeks.Orders of Andersen windows mostly process within 2 to 6 business days.
Feedback on designSome users claim the design of the window is not very worthwhile.The majority of the existing users think Anderson windows have varieties of designs.
Accumulation of dustDust gets easily accumulated in the Minnkota windows.The design is made in a way that dust does not get much space to get stuck. Also it can be cleaned easily.
Energy bill savingIt significantly impacts saving the energy bill.It also saves bills, but not as much as the Minnkota windows.
WarrantyIt provides limited lifetime warranty.Andersen windows warranty comes in different parts.
Pricing It costs less than the Andersen windows.It costs more.

If you see these differences between the two windows, Minnkota Windows and Andersen, you will be able to pick one for your home. But if you are still in confusion between the two, then the next part will help you out.

Key Differences Between Minnkota And Andersen Windows

After knowing about some significant differences between Minnkota Windows and Andersen, it is time to know about all those differences in detail. Here it goes.

  • Manufacturing Place
Minnkota Windows
Minnkota Windows

Both of the windows are being produced in different places.

For instance, Minnkota windows are manufactured in West Fargo, North Dakota.

On the other hand, Anderson windows are based in Bayport, Minnesota.

So, naturally, the availability of those products will be more in the mentioned areas.

  • Color Choices

Customers come with a certain color preference for their homes. So, it is better for the customers when they get plenty of options available for their homes.

But here comes the catch, Minnkota Windows has very few color variations to pick from for the customers. On the contrary, Andersen Windows come with so many color options.

So, there are more chances of getting the required color for Andersen Windows.

  • Delivery Time

Having a shorter delivery time can make the window installation process much smoother for homeowners.

Minnkota Windows take up to two weeks as the delivery times for a particular order. But Andersen windows mostly take 2-6 business days at most.

  • Feedback On Design

Customers who look for elegance would be more conscious about the design of the windows. But it seems the users are more satisfied with the design of the Andersen Windows than the other one.

  • Accumulation Of Dust

The design of the Minnkota Windows is made in a way that the dust gets accumulated quite soon. It can be disturbing for the users. On the contrary, it is quite the opposite for the Anderson Windows.

But the positive thing here is both are very easy to clean.

  • Energy Bill Saving

Yes, it is a big consideration, Minnkota windows tend to save the electricity bill during adverse weather to a great extent. According to the review of the user, Mennekota windows can save the bill of $100 almost.

  • Warranty
Andersen Windows
Andersen Windows

Minnkota Windows comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

But there are some other warranties involved, and to avail of those, the users need to register it.

For the Anderson windows, the warranty comes in different parts of the windows.

For the Anderson windows, the glass is covered for 20 years, but the rest of the parts are covered for 10 years.

Labor is out of this warranty and is not prorated.

  • Pricing

So many customers take the purchasing decision according to their budget, so pricing plays a good role in taking the purchase decision.

Here, Minnkota Windows cost less than Andersen Windows. The cost for the Andersen Windows is between $500 and $1,300+.

Which Windows Is Better For You?

So, if you still have not made up your mind, then this verdict of mine might help you. But I would say, don’t get biased by my decision, pick the one that suits you.

Between Minnkota Windows and Andersen, you can pick Anderson Windows considering the mentioned feature. But I would not say it is a clear winner. Since the overall quality of both windows does not differ much. Moreover, Anderson windows may cost you more money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best company for window replacement?

There are various window replacement brands. It would be hard to pick one for sure. But if you consider the quality of windows of the brands, then those are Champion Windows, Castle Windows, Andersen, Marvin Windows, and so on.

What is the most popular window brand?

There are few brands that stay clearly ahead in terms of popularity. Those brands are Champion Windows, Castle Windows, Andersen, Milgard Windows, Pella, Marvin Windows, and so on.

Where are Minnkota Windows made?

Minnkota Windows are made in Bayport, Minnesota.

Who is the largest window manufacturer in North America?

Anderson Windows is the largest window manufacturer in North America.

Wrapping Up

I hope after reading this blog post, you have made up your mind regarding Minnkota windows and Andersen windows, which one you are going to pick?

There are pros and cons involved in both of these. But considering the popularity and convenience, Anderson windows definitely stay ahead of it.

You can surely pick any of the two for your home if that serves your purpose the best. I am sure that you are going to pick the right one for you.


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