Kolbe Windows Vs. Pella Windows: Which is Better Investment?

For any homeowner, picking the decision of the ultimate window of your home is a crucial decision to make.

While there are so many brands to pick from in the market, in this blog you will be able to determine which one is the best pick between Kolbe and Pella windows for your home or commercial space.

In this blog post, you will be able to know about all the differences between Kolbe Windows and Pella, based on it, you will get to know about the one that is the best suited for you for sure.

A Quick Comparison Table

In this section of this blog post, you will get to know about the main differences between Kolbe Windows and Pella in a tabular format. By having the information in this way, you will be able to identify the suitable one for your home in the quickest possible time.

SpecificationsKolbe WindowsPella Windows
Pricing The Kolbe Windows price range is comparatively lower.Pella Windows come with a price range higher than the Kolbe windows.
Style and SizesKolbe comes with 5 unique styles of windows.Pella windows have 8 unique styles of windows.
Purchase placeYou can purchase it from Kolbe retail and local stores.You can purchase it from the assigned dealers as well.
Warranty termsKolbe Windows do not come with years of service warranty coverage like the Pella windows.Pella Windows provide the offer of 2 years of skilled labor coverage as labor along with a limited lifetime warranty.
RobustnessKolbe windows are more robust than the Pella windows.Pella windows are not as robust as the Kolbe windows.
Frame materialIt has four window materials.It has three window frame material options.
Aluminum qualityKolbe’s extruded aluminum provides superior quality to the Pella windows.Pella’s thin roll form aluminum cladding is not as good in the protection of the exterior woods of the windows as the Kolbe windows.
Look of the windowsMost of the users like the look of the windows.Users have mixed reviews about the look of it.

So, these are some notable differences between the Kolbe Windows and Pella Windows. But to help you out, even more, I will dive deeper into these differences in the next part of the blog.

Key Differences Between Kolbe And Pella Windows

After seeing the brief format of the differences, if you’re still keen to know more to make an educated decision, then this section is for you.

  • Pricing of The Windows
Kolbe Windows
Kolbe Windows

Pricing of the windows matters a lot to some customers while taking the ultimate decision.

In that case, the price range of the Kolbe windows is a little lower than the Pella windows but is not very significant.

So, considering the other aspects, you can overlook it.

  • Style And Sizes

Kolbe has five primary unique styles of windows. Those are, Double Hung, Awning, Casement, Specialty Windows, and, Slider.

On the other hand, Pella comes with 8 primary styles of windows. These are Casement, Awning, Single Hung, Double Hung, Bow, Sliding, Bay, and Custom Windows.

  • Purchase Place

Both of the windows can be availed in the local and designated stores, but for the Pella windows, you can go to the Pella window dealers as well.

  • Warranty Terms

Kolbe window provides a lifetime warranty on vinyl windows but 10 years limited warranty on non-vinyl windows. Pella windows come with a limited lifetime warranty along with a 2 years skilled labor coverage on most of the windows that they offer in the market.

  • Robustness

When it comes to measuring the robustness of the windows, most of the previous users think Kolbe windows are more robust than the Pella windows.

  • Frame Material

Kolbe windows have 4 window frame material options, Wood, Fiberglass, Vinyl, and Aluminium. On the contrary, Pella windows come with three window frame material options, for instance, Vinyl, Wood, and Fiberglass.

  • Aluminum Quality

Kolbe’s extruded aluminum is more robust than the Pella Windows. Pella’s thin roll form aluminum cladding is not as good as the Kolbe Windows. It is a very crucial aspect to consider for the protection of the exterior wood of the windows.

  • Look of The Windows

Most of the users who have had previous experience with both of the windows mostly prefer Kolbe windows.

So, these are some basic differences between the windows of both brands that you need to consider. I am sure these points can be helpful for you to take the final decision.

Which Windows Is Best Suited for You to Serve Your Purpose?

Pella Window
Pella Window

After getting to know about the differences, I hope you have already made up your mind.

If you ask me what I would prefer, then I will definitely keep Kolbe windows ahead of the Pelle windows.

The reason behind this is really obvious.

There are plenty of positive reviews from previous users.

The pricing and quality convenience of Kolbe Windows always stay ahead of the Pelle Windows.

But to be sure you can always research a bit more to pick the suitable one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Kolbe make good windows?

Yes, you can get good-quality of windows from Kolbe, and these windows are expected to last for so many years.

How long do Kolbe windows last?

Kolbe windows are pretty well known for the long-lasting feature that it brings with them. The average lasting time for the Kolbe windows is about twelve to twenty years.

Where are Kolbe windows made?

Kolbe is very well known in the premium window and door industry, it is mostly made in the USA, in Wisconsin to be exact.

What are Kolbe windows made of?

They are a mixture of vinyl and aluminum for some styles, which is why they have such a long lifespan and low maintenance needs.

Wrapping Up

Since everyone has a different preference, it is really hard to pick one as a clear winner when it comes to Kolbe Windows or Pella Windows.

Choosing a new home window can be a tough decision and there are plenty of factors to consider. Some people will want certain features more than others.

But while considering some major aspects, it is more likely for a potential customer to go with the Kolbe windows between the two. I am sure you are going to pick the one that is going to serve you the best.


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