Milwaukee 5615 Vs. Milwaukee 5616 BodyGrip® Router (2024)

Routers are very important tools for woodworking.  A router ensures precise cuts and smooth finishes in any kind of work you are doing using wood.

Milwaukee series routers have been people’s choice for a long time for their good service.

In this article, we have brought to you two common series of routers from Milwaukee. Let us see a fair comparison between Milwaukee 5615 vs Milwaukee 5616.

Quick Comparison Between Two Milwaukee BodyGrip® Routers

SpecificationMilwaukee 5615Milwaukee 5616
BodyGrip and handlesgoodbetter
The Motor Unit24,000 rpm10,000-24,000 rpm
Depth Adjustment MechanismExclusive Linear Depth Adjustment SystemMicro-fine linear depth adjustment to within 1/64 in
Dust Collectiongoodbetter
Cost    Moderatehigh

Key Differences Between Milwaukee 5615 and 5616 BodyGrip® Routers

Let’s elaborately discuss all the differences between the two models of Milwaukee routers. This will help you to gain a proper idea about how to use them to perform your task or job easily.

  • BodyGrip And Handles
Milwaukee 5615 BodyGrip Router
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BodyGrip and handles of the routers are important for you to grab the router properly or have a good grip on the router. The handle also lets you have control over it.

The better the grip of a router, the better the router works. So, check the grip and handles before using it.

Milwaukee 5615 routers have Exclusive Tactile BodyGrip with Adjustable Handstrap. That makes it easier for you to handle the router while working with it.

Again, Milwaukee 5616 also has an exclusive body grip with adjustable handles. But the adjustable features and gripping mechanism of Milwaukee 5616 is a bit upgraded than that of Milwaukee 5615.

Although both would work great for you, if you still want proficiency and more accuracy in the gripping, grab the Milwaukee 5616.

  • Depth Adjustment Mechanism

There are several knobs and levers that govern how much further down the bit will go, but if you’re attempting to make a perfect adjustment, you’ll quickly run out of hands and patience fighting the springs and aligning a ruler.

The depth adjustment mechanism of the routers lets you have an accurate measure of how further down would you need to go.

Both Milwaukee 5615 and 5616 have above-the-table depth adjustment and linear depth adjustment systems. The depth of the machine is controlled by a heavy-duty screw connecting to the motor.

Once the motor unit is inserted, the screw links with threads in the base.

The router is moved up and down by simply rotating the screw. The motor can be repositioned with a 1/256th of an inch of consistency thanks to a scale incorporated into the lower portion of the adjustment knob.

It may be removed or adjusted in significant increments thanks to a strong quick-release button.

The only difference between these two models is the micro-liner adjustment system of Milwaukee 5616 which makes it slightly better than the other model.

  • The Motor Unit
Milwaukee 5616 Router
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Motor unit is an important aspect to consider whenever choosing the router for your woodworking. The motor unit measures how much speed you have to run the router.

The speed of the router has an impact on how precisely your work will be done. That is why it is important to have an idea about the motor unit of your router before working with it

Milwaukee 5615 has a motor unit of 24,000 rpm. It can only work on this amount of motor unit for a long time.

Again, Milwaukee 5616 has a motor unit ranging from 10,000 rpm to 24,000 rpm. This means it can work in any range between 10,000-24,000rpm.

  • Dust Collection

Dust management is efficient without a dust extractor attached to the router. A forceful downward stream of exhaust air is generated by the engine, which blasts excess shards away from the cutting region and, more critically, the motor’s air intake.

As a result, the router becomes a dust launcher. If you don’t have an extractor or use this router in your shop, expect to wipe not only your workstation, and moreover a few feet beyond it.

Milwaukee 5615 is a bit less effective or proficient than Milwaukee 5616 in terms of dust collection. The extraction power of the later model is much higher and it can also store dust and clean it later on.

Woodworks do contain some residual specks of dust that need to be cleaned beforehand of using it. So, it is necessary for you to check the dust collector of the routers before buying it from shops.

  • Cost
my Milwaukee 5616 router

Milwaukee’s BodyGrip Series is divided into two lines. The 5615 series features a fixed-speed motor, but the 5616 series has a somewhat more powerful variable-speed motor.

Between the two lines, the different bases, accessories, and cases are identical. The kit versions, as is typically the case with routers, offer superior value.

Both the prices of Milwaukee 5615 and Milwaukee 5616 are a bit high. Good things always cost high. Although the prices of these routers are not too high.

They are moderate priced but also has difference in prices for the different model of routers.

Usually, the Milwaukee 5616 costs a bit more than the other model Milwaukee 5615. The reason behind the price difference is that many specifications were added and modified to the new versions of routers which increased the costs.

  • Speed

The 5615 series’ motor is a fixed-speed device that spins the bit at a fixed 24,000 revolutions per minute. Most parts that go into the bottom of the 5615-21 run at that speed, but not all. You’ll need to upgrade to the 5616 series if you want variable speed.

With Milwaukee 5616 you can easily adjust the speed of the router. Being able to control the speed of your router helps with the precise cutting of wood.

This feature is missing in the Milwaukee 5615 version of the router. They have a constant speed and only work at that fixed speed.

Which BodyGrip® Router Will Be the Best Fit for Your Work?

Honestly, there is no fixed answer to this. All Milwaukee routers are very good at working with wood as routers.

All the ones are very well-built with advanced options of Bodygrips and handle to have a good grip on the router. They also come with very accurate adjustments of depth. Last but not the least, their cases can be used as Router Station.

The only evident difference can be seen with the speed and starting of the routers. The Milwaukee 5616 routers have variable speeds and they can be used at a different speed for different levels of work.

So, if you are need of this feature you would want to take Milwaukee 5616.

But apart from this, both the series are almost the same to work with which makes it difficult to declare a winner in this battle of Milwaukee 5615 vs 5616.

Final Words

Now that you are aware of the differences between Milwaukee 5615 vs Milwaukee 5616, it’s time you choose the right fit for yourself.

Align the characteristics of the two models with the requirements you have for a perfect router to work with. In this way, it will be easier for you to determine a good option from any series of Milwaukee routers according to your specific needs.

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