Festool MFK 700 EQ Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

Wouldn’t it be great if you found the best module edge router for your next project? 

There are dozens of options for edge routers. Exactly why it becomes intimidating to choose the right one. But, with my Festool MFK 700 EQ review, you will know why I’m saying it’s the best. 

I’m sure you have sweated blood searching for the right tool. Now you found that. You do not have to fall for my word. After knowing all its features in detail, you will agree with me. 

Let me show you how. 

Features of Festool MFK 700 EQ 

Festool MFK 700 EQ Modular Trim Router
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With over 90 years of manufacturing history and expertise, Festool is one of the top power tool manufacturing companies.

Their portfolio proudly represents power tools that are high-performing and robust. 

Reliable and lightweight are the other two features their tools are known for. 

Featuring a powerful 720-watt motor, Festool MFK 700 EQ can handle any edge routing, trimming, and profiling job.

Because of its versatility and portability, working with this edge router tool feels easy and fun. 

But that’s not all; it comes with lots of other superior features you want in your edge trimmer and router. So, please stick with me here as I will show you all those features one by one. 

Let’s dive in. 

  • A Versatile Design 

MFK 700 EQ by Festool features a modular design that makes it an all-rounder as you can perform many tasks from edge trimming to routing. Besides, you only have to change the router table, not the entire router. 

Place it on the correct table, and it will create a profile, round edges, route, and lots of other tasks. On top of it, the extended platform and auxiliary handle make it a reliable tool to work with. 

Because of its practical design, you will be able to work fast and efficiently with this excellent tool. 

  • Excellent Routing Control

You need top-notch routing control to get your work done fast and efficiently. Festool MFK 700 EQ can provide you with that. 

Because of its extra-wide base, both vertically and horizontally, you will get enough area to control the tool most. It comes in handy, especially in near edge situations and narrow places. 

In addition to that, the tool features a micro-adjustable depth control that provides you with 1/256 inch and dual locking columns. Because of the features, you will get precise routing control over this tool. 

  • Superior Features 

A tool can only perform better when it is equipped with high-quality features. Festool MFK 700 Q is an excellent tool because it possesses all the superior features a power tool needs.

This corded electric tool becomes a powerful trimmer and router with a 720-watt power-consuming motor and 10,000 to 26,000 RPM. Only 4.2 pounds weight makes it light and easy to transport. 

  • Main Usages 

The primary purpose of an edge trimmer is trimming edges and routing on various surfaces. But look at the bright side; you can also make many other applications from the tool.  

It is a perfect tool that can route over various surfaces, including solid wood, PVC edge veneer, acrylic, etc. Moreover, it offers chamfering, profiling edges, and rounding. You can also groove with a side stop.  

  • Benefits 

A high-performing tool like MFK 700 EQ is packed with many superior benefits. As we already know, it has an interchangeable router table, and it will provide you with a broader application spectrum. 

Besides, because of its 130 mm surface size provides precise routing results. 

An electronic speed adjustment switch allows this tool to adapt to various working materials. You can track motor temperature from the motor temperature monitor and take the necessary steps to give it prolonged life. 

  • Available Variants 

Festool MFK 700 EQ has 2 other variants making it 3 in total. The other 2 variants are MFK 700 EX-Plus and MFK 700 EQ/B Plus. 

All three routing power tools work excellently but have slight differences in their features. For instance, MFK 700 EQ has a 1.5° router table, but the other two don’t. 

On the contrary, MFK 700 EQ and 700 EQ Plus have extraction hood, but MFK 700 EQ/B does not. 

Again, MFK 700 EQ/B does not come with any adjustable parallel side fence, but the other two do not. So, the difference between them is an easy spot. 

  • Dust Extraction Port 

A dust extraction port allows MFK 700 EQ to attach a vacuum-powered dust extractor. As a result, you can keep working with the tool and collecting waste simultaneously. 

It is essential because you can keep your working environment cleaner. 

Routing edges and trimming create a lot of wastage, making the workplace messy. A dust extraction port is especially required in this situation. 

You can easily dock any vacuum dust extractor with the port. 

  • What’s In the Box? 

Watch this video first to see what you are about to get.


The good news is that Festool MFK 700 EQ comes as a set, and you get everything you will require to work with it. 

The set includes an MFK 700 EQ router, ¼ inches, and 8 mm collets, 2 Systainer, a 13 feet power cable, feeler bearing set, Vertical Base, horizontal base, and a wrench, and a user manual. 

The other two variants have similar items in their packages; only one or two things can differ. Otherwise, they have pretty much the same items in their boxes. 

Here, the differences lie in the router tool itself. 

What Could Have Been Better?

Festool MFK 700 EQ

Seeing all the features and benefits, you might think MFK 700 EQ has no drawbacks. But it would be naïve to think so because nothing is absolutely perfect. You must find one or two cons. 

Likewise, there are a few drawbacks that limit the performance of this tool. 

If Festool can overcome the cons and refine the tolls, it will undoubtedly work better. So, allow me to put my 2 cents on the cons of Festool MFK 700 EQ. 

  • A Cordless Platform 

Cordless technology has developed exponentially in recent years, especially for power tools. Now wireless or cordless power tools can perform like corded ones. As a result, the scope for wireless routers is wide open. 

It would be best if Festool designed a wireless version for MFK 700 EQ, allowing it to work anywhere you want. 

  • More Trimming Option for Horizontal Base 

With vertical and horizontal bases, you can pull this tool and use it for various edge treatments, including trimming edges and routing for back panels and various other applications. 

However, the horizontal base only offers 5/8 inches trimming. Festool could have offered more trimming sizes for both horizontal and vertical bases. It would give you more freedom to choose between the trim sizes. 

Another issue with MFK 700 EQ is that you cannot see the bit while working with the tool. So, the inlay work is not an option with this tool. But Festool can take care of it as well. 

Final Thought 

With all the technical features, it is always hard to select any power tool, let alone an edge router and trimer. But I’m sure my Festool MFK 700 EQ review has already convinced you that it is what you need for your next project. 

Despite a few drawbacks, you should consider this tool if it serves your purposes. What do you think? Leave a comment. 

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