Malta Windows Reviews 2024: Is It Worth It?

Malta windows were first introduced in 1889. But, in 2007, ABC Manufacturing Company acquired the company. Many users still believe Malta windows quality is second to none. I have several Malta windows in my house.

These windows have some unique features to stand out from the rest. But I can’t recommend it as the best option because many high-quality and functional windows are available in the market.

Here, I will share an in-depth review session regarding Malta windows.

Features of Malta Windows

Malta Windows are notorious for their high quality and durability. But they are not just limited to these two aspects.

I have figured out some of their core functionalities over the years. The followings are the surprising features of these highly functional windows.

  • Extruded Aluminum
Malta Windows

Many Malta Windows have extruded aluminum frames.

When it comes to energy efficiency and durability, this material is one of the best choices.

 Whether it is heavy rain or water, they can withstand all types of conditions.

Plus, extruded aluminum windows are less likely to get affected by scratching and impact.

They have precise dimensions and shape to have a unique appearance.

You can even use powder and sublimation to paint its quality surface. Anodizing or oxidizing the surface is possible too.

This heavy-duty material is prone to deteriorate its quality because corrosion and rust will not occur. You will not also see any bending issues.

  • Thermal and Sound Insulation

Malta windows have excellent thermal insulation. They are ideal for both the summer and winter seasons.

They keep heat out and reduce heat transfer. Also, cool air will not enter your house during the winter.

This makes them highly energy efficient. You save up to 15% to 25% on heating and cooling costs. It may look small. But, the total annual savings can be $200 to $300.

Additionally, Malta windows are equipped with sound insulation. They can block up to 90% to 95% of noise.

You will not hear a loud noise or higher frequencies, such as birds chirping, grinding, glass breaking, etc.

Most of their windows have 26 STC ratings to ensure minimal sound transmission.

  • Original Color Retention

Typical windows start to fade their original color within a few years. Usually, the paint finish of an average window lasts around 7 to 10 years.

However, Malta windows have durable paint lasting more than ten years. You don’t have to go through regular maintenance.

But periodical care is always better. If your windows are exposed to high humidity conditions, applying a few coats every few years might be necessary.

Regular favorable environments usually don’t cause any damage to the paint. It doesn’t need a lot of attention.

  • Excellent Protection from UV Rays

Ultraviolet light can enter your house through windows. But Malta windows offer ample UV rays protection.

They can block more than 90% of UV-B and UV-C light. This will ensure no discoloration of home appliances and furniture.

It also ensures 5% to 10% energy efficiency as minimal direct heat enters your house.

  • Increased Safety
stunning Malta windows

Do you know house windows are one top five hidden hazards?

Like our doors, windows should ensure optimal safety. After all, most burglars prefer to enter the housing through windows.

Malta windows feature high-security hardware and outstanding frame strength.

They have a sophisticated lock system. You will not see any rattle or shaking issues. Hinges are not prone to become loose easily.

It can keep your home protected from outside people. You will not have to worry about your house property.

  • Highly Wind Resistance

Malta windows have a solid physical construction. They can withstand heavy storm winds.

You don’t have to install storm shutters separately. This ensures no compromise in the beauty and value of the house.

On top of that, the manufacturer uses gasket technology to make these windows. This creates a secure weather seal between the body panel and the glass.

The special sealing technology will keep the glass in place even during highly windy conditions.

  • Fire Safety

Malta windows are made from Deceuninck materials. These high-quality products are naturally flame-retardant.

They have an impressive fire-resistant function. You will not have to concern about spreading the fire and damaging the house properties.

These self-extinguishing windows don’t support combustion. In fact, they can slow down the spread of fire.

What Could Have Been Better With Malta Windows?

Though Malta Windows has some excellent features, they are not free from cons. Here are the following limitations of this window.

  • A Limited Number of Customizing Options  

Home improvement markets have become pretty advanced. But Malta still has a long way to go.

Their windows are available in a few colors, types, sizes, and frame material options.

They lack customizing options. People may switch to another option if it doesn’t suit their house. It is one of the major areas where Malta needs a lot of improvements.

  • Lack of Attractive Design

Modern windows and doors come with an attractive design. They grab attention at first sight.

But Malta Windows are not as eye-catchy as its competitor.

Definitely, their windows are durable and functional. But It would be better if they focused more on improving the design of their windows.

Their old-style windows are not a perfect choice for innovative homes. They lack compatibility.

  • Lack of Advanced Hardware

Yes, no one can ignore that Malta Windows have solid and robust hardware! But, it is also true their windows hardware is not highly advanced.

They don’t have top-quality locks, handles, deadbolts, knobs, and many other things.

However, the overall price of windows will be higher because of advanced hardware. People who care to give the best value to their beautiful home will surely buy it.

Last Words

So, what’s your thought after going through the Malta windows reviews? Regarding durability and functionality, Malta windows are an excellent choice. You can be a great option for long-term investment.

However, they have limited customizing options and don’t appear attractive. If the manufacturer focuses on these aspects and improves them, I believe they will be one of the leading window brands within a short time.

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