Majic Windows Vs. Wallside Windows (2024): In-depth Differences

You can measure a window’s potentiality through its strength and efficiency. Majic Windows offer higher efficiency and better stability than Wallside Windows.

Majic and Wallside windows have established an excellent reputation by providing quality products and services. You can enhance your apartment’s beauty and interior through Majic and Wallside windows.

Here is a comparison chart to give a brief idea about the specifications of Majic and Wallside Windows.

A Quick Comparison Table

Specifications Majic WindowsWallside Windows
Energy EfficiencyMaximum Energy EfficiencyMinimum Energy Efficiency
Strength High Tensile Strength Low Stability
Environment-Friendly Eco-Friendly MaterialsLow Eco-Friendly Materials
Melting PointLow Melting PointHigh Melting Point
Color OptionsMore than 100 Color OptionsFew Color Options
Price $400 to $1200$300 to $500

Key Differences Between Majic And Wallside Windows

You got a brief idea about the specifications of Majic Windows and Wallside Windows from the comparison chart. Now let’s discuss the properties of both products in detail.

  • Materials
Majic Window
Majic Window

The composition of the windows dictates their durability and enduring capabilities.

Regarding materials, Majic windows lead the race against Wallside.

Fiberglass is the main component of Majic windows that protects the window from heat and cold.

Moreover, fiberglasses provide minimal expansion and contraction of the windows.

On the other hand, Wallside windows feature aluminum trims.

Hence, the windows start losing shape and color after a while. Windows also suffer from rust and blemishes due to the materials.

Majic Windows contain eco-friendly materials that offer long-lasting service and a solid framework. You can rely on the components of Majic windows for the best experience.

  • Strength

You wish to purchase a window that doesn’t get jammed and features easy locomotion. Strength and stability look after this aspect of a window.

Majic windows provide maximum stability and easy motion due to their high tensile strength. Therefore, you can exert little force to open or close Majic windows. 

Meanwhile, Wallside windows lack high tensile strength. As a result, the windows often get stuck due to expansion and require heavy force to navigate. 

Majic windows have proved to be eight times stronger than Wallside windows. Therefore, Majic window would be a suitable product to fit your elegance. 

  • Energy Efficiency

Windows with high energy efficiency will help you to save plenty of money. Majic windows have fantastic recognition for their energy efficiency products. 

Majic windows feature a U-Value that measures the effectiveness and efficiency of the product’s materials. 

Wallside windows, on the other hand, offer lesser energy efficiency than Majic. Being a vinyl window, Wallside failed to cope with the efficient test against Majic windows. 

Experts have proved that Majic windows are three times more energy efficient than Wallside. Therefore, you should select Majic windows for better results and extra savings. 

  • Eco-Friendly Features

Regarding environment-friendly windows, Majic chips over Wallside windows. Majic’s fiberglass materials ensure an eco-friendly and pollution-resistant product. 

Moreover, the United States Department of Energy has recognized Majic windows as the best eco-friendly product in the market. In addition, the robust materials protect the window from pollution and dust.

In contrast, Wallside windows are less effective against corrosion. The windows feature argon filling gas and Low-E gas, serving as minimum eco-friendly components. 

If you want to purchase a window that serves as the best companion for the environment, you should go for Majic Windows. 

  • Color Options and Design
Wallside Windows
Wallside Windows

Various color options and designs will help you select the perfect window that matches your interior.

Majic windows offer more than hundreds of color palettes and layouts to fulfill your wish. 

Moreover, Majic provides a catalog to select the perfect color combination that will match your interiors. 

However, Wallside windows need more variety in their designs and options.

The brand offers a handful of color combinations that might not suffice your demand. 

Therefore, Majic windows are the best option where you can select the perfect window from diverse collections.

  • Price 

Wallside windows are relatively cheaper than Majic windows. However, Majic window’s price range differs based on the quality and models.  The least price of a Majic window is $400, which extends up to $1200. 

On the other hand, Wallside windows cost around $300 to $500. Even their premium products are much cheaper than the mid-level products of Majic windows. 

Therefore, if you are tight on budget, Wallside windows will be suitable and convenient. 

Which Windows Brand Is A Better Option?

The discussion proves that Majic Windows triumphs over Wallside. Majic Window combines efficiency and strength to provide high-quality windows. 

Moreover, Majic Window offers a wide range of windows with vibrant colors and designs. As a result, you can add a dazzling touch to your apartment and interior style.

Users have showered high praises for the durability of Majic Windows. The fiberglass materials provide high endurance against extreme conditions. 

Majic’s U-value and Solar Heat Gain specifications ensure high efficiency and enduring capability. The tensile strength serves as flexibility for easy navigation and installment. 

Overall, Majic’s eco-friendly windows offer exceptional quality and top-notch service. If you can manage your budget, then Majic Window is the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Are Wallside Windows good?

Wallside windows have earned much popularity over the past few years for providing a wide range of products. The company offers a variety of windows and window replacements like Awnings, Casement, and Double Hung. 

What windows does Wallside Windows use?

Wallside windows use aluminum trim in vinyl as their window’s material. 

Does Wallside make its own windows?

Yes, Wallside makes its own product and operates from its central office. The manufacturing factories are located in Taylor and Michigan. 

Who owns Majic window?

Bart and Rod Rue own the Majic Window Corporation. They established the company as a family-owned business, and now Majic is an accomplished company in the market.


Clearly, Majic leads in this Majic Windows and Wallside race by a wide margin. The combination of exceptional features and high durability made Majic windows special.

Environment-friendly materials and robust stability add the cherry to the top for Majic windows. Despite the higher price, the products won’t disappoint and will be worth all your money.

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