Why Are Window World Windows So Cheap?

Good window deals are hard to come around. But some deals are just too good to be true, like Window World ones. There are multiple reasons why Window World windows are so affordable.

Low raw material cost, base location, material choice, and in-house installers are some of the major reasons why their windows are so affordable.

Who doesn’t want affordable window deals? Everyone does. The thing with Window World is that their windows are almost too affordable. But why is that? Here’s a detailed explanation of why they’re so affordable.

Window World Windows: Why Are They So Cheap?

Window World 4000 Windows

If you’ve only checked their online price tag and wondering about this, there’s news for you.

The price tag will increase once you add in the installation cost.

But even then Window World has been far more affordable than other brands.

How exactly do they do that?

There are layers to this. Low raw material cost, base location, material choice, and in-house installers are some of the factors that influence window prices.

These aren’t the only reasons why the windows are so cheap but these are the major ones.

Let’s see how these factors keep the price tags on Window World’s windows affordable.

  • Low Raw Material Cost

What’s the first element that comes to your mind when you think of windows? Glass, probably. Then it probably becomes wood.

And yes, that’s normal considering most people prefer wood window frames. But Window world only works with vinyl. And that’s one of the main reasons why their windows are so cheap.

If you’ve been window shopping, you already know wooden windows cost a lot. There are good reasons for that too. Wood is hard to farm so the price for raw materials is pretty much sky-high.

And then you have the processing cost. Wood has to be processed very carefully so there’s another round of extra cost.

The same goes for other popular frame materials too. Most of the raw materials are hard to source and that makes their prices harder. This is why those windows cost more too.

Enter Window World, the manufacturer that only works with vinyl windows. Vinyl is much easier to source than wood or aluminum.

They can be easily sourced in the USA and they don’t need extra sensitive processing either. This cuts back on a huge chunk of the base cost.

The raw materials being cheaper means Window World doesn’t have to spend a fortune in that sector.

And since raw materials are the biggest expense of production, cutting down here significantly takes down the overall cost. This is why Window World can afford to put its products out at a cheaper price.

  • Base Location
Window World 6000 Windows

Base location can influence the overall production cost more than you’d think.

This is why a lot of people lean towards outsourcing from different countries.

But it is the opposite in Window World’s case.

Their local manufacturing helps them in cutting down on production costs. That’s why their products are cheaper.

Most companies outsource from different countries. Usually, they get cheaper raw materials there and the labor cost gets significantly lower than in local markets.

All they have to do is focus on the cargo and shipping expenses. This is very smooth, but the production can take a long time.

Plus the raw materials aren’t always cheap in target countries. Sometimes local outsourcing is much more cost-effective, and that’s the case with Window World.

Window World sources all of its windows through Alside and MI Windows. Both of them are USA-based. They have multiple manufacturing plants and notable manpower all around the USA.

Since vinyl windows need less special treatment, they can mass-manufacture windows at a lower cost.

Since Alside and MI are both USA-based, Window World doesn’t need to worry about covering any extra shipping costs.

Multiple manufacturing plants also make location-specific manufacturing easier so there is no blanket delivery charge either. This pushes down the base production cost a lot.

With the production cost being lower, Window World gets its products at a cheaper price and the end users get an affordable price tag too.

  • Material Choice

This one is a little obvious. Most popular window materials usually cost a lot because they have to be harvested or sourced.

Vinyl is easy to source and process, that’s why Window World windows are cheaper. But that’s not all. There’s a twist to this.

Let’s face it, as high maintenance wood is, no other material comes close to it in terms of longevity. If you can choose the right supplier, you won’t have to worry about your windows for the rest of your life.

This is why people lean towards wood windows so much. Sure it costs more, but the quality is equally high.

Window World Windows

Other materials like aluminum are the same.

You’ll be paying a slightly bigger amount, but the quality will match the price. The twist here is vinyl windows.

Mass-producing vinyl is pretty easy but that comes at a cost. The quality may not be consistent.

This risk factor is another reason vinyl costs less as raw material. And then there are mass production loopholes.

Long story short, vinyl may not be consistently high quality like other window materials. Window World chooses vinyl with this risk factor. The raw material choice is one of the many reasons why their windows are so cheap.

  • In-house Installation

The in-house installation rule might seem ridiculous, but it makes more sense when you think about the cost. The in-house installer crews are on Window World’s payroll.

Having their own crews gives them an extra branch to balance out the cost.

If Window World didn’t have their own people, they’d have to put the whole cost on windows only. With their crews, they can funnel out some of it in the installation cost section.

This is why the price gets higher when you add in the installation cost but looks affordable solo.

Is Window World Good?

Yes, Window World is good. It is one of the most popular window shopping outlets. They have a pretty decent range of window designs and they claim to guarantee maximum glass coverage.

Window World also has a pretty solid warranty covering their windows.

The biggest highlight of their windows is the price tags. The windows start at $189 and go up. This is of course without installation costs, the average price with installation is around $800-$850.

That’s not the only highlight though. Window World windows are amazingly low-maintenance. They’re easy to clean and revamp. These windows are also durable and don’t get dents easily.

So yes, for the price tag, you’ll get your money’s worth. If you’re wondering about giving them a shot, take this as your signature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a bunch of questions people usually ask about Window World and their windows.

Are Window World windows quality?

Yes, the windows from Window World are very high-quality and durable.

What brands of windows does Window World use?

Window World uses multiple window brands like MI, Alside, and AMI.

Are Window World windows made of glass?

Yes, the windows are made of glass.

What are the best windows on a budget?

That comes down to your personal preference but Window World, Champion Windows, Castle Windows, and Pella are some good choices.

Final Verdict

Some things feel too good to be true and Window World windows one of them. That’s what starts the whole cheap or expensive debate of Window World windows.

Hopefully, this article can help you understand how Window World manages to keep its price tags cheap.

And if you want to give them a shot, feel free to go ahead!

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