LegXercise PRO Vs. MAX Leg Exerciser: Key Comparison

If you suffer from poor circulation, swelling, or mobility issues in your legs, a passive leg exerciser can provide gentle relief. Two popular options are the LegXercise PRO and MAX leg exercisers.

But with so many overlapping features, how do you choose?

This in-depth guide compares every aspect of these two high-quality leg exercisers to help you decide. I’ll cover the key features, pros and cons, real customer reviews, pricing, and answers to frequently asked questions.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureLegXercise PROMAX Leg Exerciser
TypePassive motion leg exerciserPassive motion leg exerciser
PortabilityFoldable, with wheelsFoldable, with wheels
Number of settings10 range of motion settings16 range of motion settings
Adjustable legsYes, accommodates different leg lengthsYes, accommodates different leg lengths
FootplatesAdjustable footplates with heel cupsFixed footplates with heel cups
Speed1 speed (13 cycles/minute)2 speeds (13 and 26 cycles/minute)
Timer30 minutesContinuous use or timer up to 99 minutes
Weight limit250 lbs300 lbs
Warranty1 year1 year

Detailed Comparison of LegXercise PRO And MAX Leg Exercisers

LegXercise PRO Leg Exerciser

Here is an in-depth look at the features and specs of the LegXercise PRO vs the MAX leg exerciser:


  • Both are passive motion leg exercisers that automatically move your legs to improve circulation and mobility.


  • They each have transportation wheel sets and foldable designs for storage and portability around your home. The MAX may be slightly bulkier when folded.

Number of Settings:

  • LegXercise PRO has 10 adjustable range of motion settings
  • MAX has 16 adjustable range of motion settings

This allows you to control how far your legs move on each cycle to customize to your comfort and flexibility level. More settings means greater fine tuning of motion for the MAX.

Adjustable Legs:

  • Both machines have adjustable leg height to accommodate users from around 5’ to 6’5” tall. This ensures proper leg positioning.


  • The LegXercise PRO has adjustable footplates that slide forward and back to fit different foot sizes.
  • The MAX has fixed, non-adjustable footplates in one set position.

Adjustable footplates allow more customization for the LegXercise PRO. But fixed plates provide more stability on the MAX.

Speed Options:

  • LegXercise PRO has a single speed of 13 cycles per minute.
  • MAX provides a choice of 13 or 26 cycles per minute.

Faster speeds mean a more intense workout on the MAX. The single speed may feel limiting for some users of the LegXercise PRO.


  • LegXercise PRO has a 30 minute timer that runs automatically then shuts off for safety.
  • MAX leg exerciser has timer settings up to 99 minutes or can run continuously.

The MAX timer allows for longer, uninterrupted use if desired.

Weight Limit:

  • LegXercise PRO supports up to 250 lb users
  • MAX supports up to 300 lb users

The MAX accommodates larger and heavier individuals.


  • Both leg exercisers come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Many competitors offer longer 2 or 3 year warranties.


  • LegXercise PRO costs around $$
  • MAX leg exerciser retails for around $$$

The LegXercise PRO is the more budget-friendly option. Expect to pay 50% or more for the MAX.

Pros and Cons of LegXercise PRO

Now that we’ve compared the specs, let’s analyze the pros and cons of the LegXercise PRO:

LegXercise PRO Leg Exerciser
LegXercise PRO Leg Exerciser


  • Very affordable price point.
  • Foldable design with transportation wheels for easy portability
  • 10 range of motion settings to customize exercise intensity
  • Adjustable leg height fits users from 5’ to 6’5” tall
  • Sliding footplates accommodate different foot sizes
  • 30 minute auto shutoff timer for safety
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


  • Only 1 speed setting of 13 cycles per minute
  • 250 lb maximum user weight capacity
  • Adjustable footplates can feel less stable
  • Quality control issues reported in some user reviews
  • 1 year warranty is short versus competitors

Summary: The LegXercise PRO leg exerciser provides quality adjustable features and portability at an affordable price point. The drawbacks are the lower weight limit, single speed, and some durability concerns. But it costs much less than the MAX.

Pros and Cons of MAX Leg Exerciser

Here are the key pros and cons of the MAX leg exerciser:


  • 16 range of motion settings for advanced customization
  • Dual speed options of 13 and 26 cycles per minute
  • Higher 300 lb maximum user weight
  • Sturdy fixed footplates provide stability
  • 99 minute timer for prolonged use
  • Transportation wheels for portability
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


  • More expensive price point around $$$
  • Fixed footplates don’t fit all foot sizes
  • Noise and wobbling at maximum speed
  • Short 1 year warranty compared to competitors
  • Slightly bulky for storage when folded

Summary: The MAX leg exerciser delivers premium features and strength for more customization but costs significantly more than the LegXercise PRO. The fixed footplates and noise at high speeds are downsides.

As you can see, each leg exerciser has its own mix of pros and cons. Next let’s look at what real customers have to say in their reviews.

LegXercise PRO Vs. MAX: Pricing Information

You can expect to spend about 50% more for the MAX model versus the budget-friendly LegXercise PRO.

Of course, pricing can fluctuate at online and local retailers. Be sure to search for coupons and deals to save money on either leg exerciser purchase.

I recommend the LegXercise PRO if you want quality on a budget. But the MAX is worth the higher investment for some users who need the heavier duty construction and advanced customization.

Choosing What’s Best For You

So how do you decide between the LegXercise PRO and MAX leg exerciser? Follow these tips:

LegXercise MAX Leg Exerciser
LegXercise MAX Leg Exerciser
  • Consider your budget – the LegXercise PRO offers quality and adjustability at a lower price point, so it’s great if budget is a concern.
  • Look at the weight limits – the MAX accommodates heavier users up to 300 lbs versus just 250 lbs for the LegXercise PRO.
  • Think about foot size – the adjustable footplates on the LegXercise PRO fit more foot sizes than the MAX’s fixed design.
  • Factor in noise levels – some users say the MAX can get loud at top speed while the LegXercise PRO runs quieter at its single speed.
  • Review the warranties – both only come with 1 year coverage which is shorter than some competitors.
  • Assess your customization needs – the MAX’s 16 settings and dual speeds allow more fine tuning compared to 10 settings on the LegXercise PRO.

For most buyers, I recommend the MAX for the superior adjustability, heavier weight limit, and more stable footplates if it fits your budget. But the LegXercise PRO is still a quality choice for tighter budgets or lighter users who don’t require as much customization.

Whichever model you choose, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for safe usage. Start slowly with the lowest setting and don’t overexert your legs. Allow rest days as needed while maintaining consistency with your routine for best results.

Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions about these two leg exercisers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the benefits of the LegXercise PRO leg exerciser?

The LegXercise PRO provides many benefits including:
1. Improved blood circulation and reduced swelling in your legs
2. Greater joint flexibility and range of motion
3. Strengthening of leg muscles like the quadriceps and calves
4. Post-surgery or injury rehabilitation
5. Relief from arthritis, restless legs, and diabetes-related issues
6. Convenience of the 30-minute auto shutoff timer
7. Accommodates different leg lengths and foot sizes
8. Very affordable price point for a passive motion machine

What is the best leg exerciser overall?

The MAX Leg Exerciser consistently ranks among the best passive leg exercisers for its premium construction, ultra-smooth adjustability, quiet operation, and heavy 300 lb weight capacity. But it also costs over 50% more than the LegXercise PRO.

Do leg exerciser machines really work?

Yes, research shows passive leg exercise machines are effective when used properly and consistently. They mimic muscle contractions by moving your legs to boost circulation, improve mobility, strengthen muscles, and support rehabilitation. Benefits are maximized with regular use over time.

How long should you use a leg exerciser each day?

Most experts recommend 15-30 minutes of use 1-2 times per day. Start with the lowest setting and adjust the range of motion gradually as you get stronger. Listen to your body and take rest days as needed while maintaining consistency. Using a leg exerciser too aggressively can cause injuries.

What results can I expect from a leg exerciser?

With consistent use, you can expect results like improved blood flow and circulation, decreased leg swelling, enhanced joint flexibility and mobility, stronger leg muscles, faster post-surgery recovery, and relief from diabetes-related foot issues, arthritis, restless legs, and general pains. Most users see noticeable improvements within 1-2 weeks.

Is a leg exerciser hard to assemble?

No, most leg exercisers like the LegXercise PRO and MAX come with easy, tool-free assembly. You simply bolt on the footplates, attach the legs, and plug in the power cord. Assembly takes 15-30 minutes to complete, and clear instructions are provided. These machines fold down for storage and transportation around your home.

Can I use a leg exerciser if I have a medical condition or injuries?

It’s best to consult your doctor before using a leg exerciser if you have any medical conditions, recent surgeries, or leg injuries. Your physician can assess if passive exercise is appropriate and safe or if modifications are needed. Proper usage is very important for anyone with health issues.

Wrapping Up

In summary, choosing between the LegXercise PRO and MAX leg exercisers requires looking at your budget, weight needs, foot size, noise tolerance, and customization preferences. The MAX offers superior adjustments and strength but for a higher price.

The LegXercise PRO provides quality and value at a more affordable cost.

Whichever passive leg exerciser you select, be sure to use caution and proper technique. With consistent, gradual use, you’ll be on the path towards improved circulation, mobility, and stronger legs in no time.

Consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

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