LegXercise Complaints And Problems – An In-Depth Look

Getting in shape and staying fit is a goal for many people, but finding the time and motivation to exercise can be challenging. Products like the LegXercise aim to provide a solution – an easy way to exercise your legs and get circulation going while sitting at home watching TV or working at your desk.

Though it seems like a great idea in theory, many LegXercise customers have experienced issues and filed complaints about the product. Let’s take an analytical look at some of the most common grievances.

Problems With LegXercise

Here is a list of those complaints:

  • It’s Too Noisy
  • Difficulty Adjusting Resistance
  • Pedals Don’t Turn Smoothly
  • LCD Display Problems
  • Difficult Assembly
  • Uncomfortable Pedals
  • Durability Problems
  • Difficulty Getting Refunds
  • Problems Reaching Customer Service

Let’s talk about those problems in detail:

  • It’s Too Noisy
LegXercise PRO Leg Exerciser for the Elderly

One of the main selling points of the LegXercise is that it offers a quiet way to exercise from home. But many customers report that the machine makes loud, squeaking noises during use, sometimes After just a few weeks or months.

This contradicts the “whisper quiet” operation advertised.

The squeaking seems to come from the pedaling mechanism. Lubrication may wear out over time, or parts get loose. Some users try oiling joints and tightening bolts to reduce noise, but the issue persists.

The sound can be distracting, especially if you’re pedaling under your desk during work calls. It’s reasonable to expect a smooth, quiet operation from an exercise machine designed for use at home or the office. The squeaking fails to deliver on that promise.

  • Difficulty Adjusting Resistance

Customers are also unhappy about problems adjusting the resistance levels. The LegXercise advertises 8 different settings you can tweak to increase or decrease pedal tension. But many owners report that the resistance knob is ineffective and doesn’t actually change the pedal tightness in a noticeable way.

No matter which setting they rotate to, the pedal motion feels the same. Or the different settings provide resistance variations so subtle they’re barely detectable.

Being able to customize the intensity of your workout is an important feature. The fact that the resistance adjustments don’t work is a major flaw.

  • Pedals Don’t Turn Smoothly

The machine markets a “smooth gliding” pedal motion that makes exercising comfortable and low impact. But for some customers, the pedal movement is choppy and uneven. There may be grinding sensations or jerky catches during the rotation.

This could result from faulty assembly, with parts misaligned. Or it could stem from low quality manufacturing of components like bushings and bearings. Whatever the cause, the uneven pedaling fails to deliver the smooth, consistent motion advertised as a key benefit.

  • LCD Display Problems

The LegXercise features an LCD console that tracks your exercise time, speed, distance traveled, and calories burned. It’s supposed to add a quantitative dimension to your workouts. But many owners run into problems with the electronic display.

Some report that the display randomly scrambles numbers, freezes up mid-workout, or shows erratic readings. Others say it stops working entirely after a few uses. Given the importance of the stats display for monitoring progress, these glitches render it useless.

  • Difficult Assembly

While the LegXercise ships with an instruction manual for putting it together, many customers report significant difficulty assembling the unit. Directions may be unclear or lack sufficient detail and diagrams.

The process involves connecting a lot of moving parts just right. Those without savvy mechanical skills can struggle, often requiring 2 people for assembly. Needing to pay extra for professional installation contradicts the “easy” set-up touted.

Frustrating experiences putting it together leave a bad first impression.

  • Uncomfortable Pedals

While exercisers expect some degree of muscle fatigue, the LegXercise pedals themselves shouldn’t be uncomfortable. However, some owners complain of pain from the pedal design and materials.

Some report the pedal surface lacks adequate cushioning or padding. Plastic digging into your feet during long workouts can quickly lead to soreness. Those with wider feet often have the biggest issues with pedal discomfort.

  • Durability Problems
LegXercise MAX Leg Exerciser

Given the moving parts involved, exercise equipment needs to be durable under frequent use.

But many customers report problems with the LegXercise breaking fairly quickly.

Issues like display malfunctions, squeaking, and uneven pedaling emerge within months for some users.

Ideally an exercise machine should provide years of reliable performance. So durability complaints indicate questionable manufacturing quality. Having to repair or replace it after minimal use adds hassle and expense.

  • Difficulty Getting Refunds

For customers who experience multiple issues with their LegXercise unit, trying to return it for a full refund can present another headache. The company may push back on providing refunds, especially as time passes.

Instead, they may only offer partial refunds or product replacements. The process often involves excessive paperwork and calls with customer service. Given the high price tag north of $100, the resistance to providing refunds generates more frustration.

  • Problems Reaching Customer Service

That frustration compounds when owners have difficulty getting their issues addressed by customer service. Many report long hold times when phoning, with reps unable to resolve problems. Email and online support responses can be slow and repetitive without fixing issues.

The poor customer service makes it harder to troubleshoot problems or request refunds. Lack of responsiveness suggests quality control and standing behind products aren’t priorities.

Is It Actually Effective?

With all the mechanical and functional issues, a larger question looms around the LegXercise’s effectiveness as an exercise tool. Does using it regularly provide noticeable improvements to leg strength, circulation, etc?

While some owners report tangible benefits, many feel the workout intensity is inadequate. The light resistance and limited range of motion fail to elevate heart rate or consistently break a sweat. Effects may be so subtle that users don’t gain significant improvements, regardless of motivation and consistency.

This suggests the machine overpromises on exercise effectiveness in its marketing. Results will vary by person of course. But the consensus on inconsistent or minimal benefits is concerning.

Key Takeaways

In summary, common LegXercise complaints include:

  • Noisy operation
  • Ineffective resistance adjustments
  • Uneven, jerky pedaling motion
  • Unreliable LCD display
  • Difficult assembly
  • Uncomfortable pedals
  • Durability/quality issues
  • Difficulty getting refunds
  • Poor customer service
  • Underwhelming workout effectiveness

These widespread issues point to shortcomings in product design, manufacturing quality, and customer service. For an item costing over $100, the frequency of flaws and functional problems is troubling.

While the LegXercise aims to offer an easy and convenient exercise option, the reality as evidenced by 1 and 2 star reviews is that it fails to deliver on both claims. Issues can begin emerging within weeks or months after purchase. Attempts to get satisfaction from customer service typically hit dead ends.

Considering these common pitfalls, the LegXercise carries significant risks for customers. Individual experiences may vary, but the potential for early product failure and lack of support is concerning. Users report putting time and effort into assembly, workouts, and troubleshooting largely without rewards.

LegXercise PRO Leg Exerciser

Perhaps future design revisions will resolve some hardware issues.

Improved manufacturing quality checks could reduce defects.

An increase in domestic production vs outsourced components may improve durability.

More responsive customer service infrastructure and lenient refund policies could also help address complaints over time.

But for now, those considering a LegXercise purchase would be wise to weigh the negatives against its $100+ price tag, limited warranty, and checkered customer experiences. At-home exercise equipment can certainly offer convenience and motivation.

However, unresolved issues with quality, function, and support suggest the LegXercise may not provide the best value for that investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do leg exercise machines really work?

Leg exercise machines can be effective when made well and used properly. Look for quality manufacturing and smooth mechanics. Pilates-based machines that provide controlled range of motion rather than just repetitive spinning can target muscles thoroughly. But inexpensive models may break quickly or not provide enough resistance to strengthen legs. Getting a sturdy, versatile machine and using proper form is key to seeing results.

Is the LegXercise good for circulation?

In theory, the repeated leg motion of the LegXercise should promote blood flow like walking or pedaling a bike. But in practice, many customers report the light resistance doesn’t elevate the heart rate enough to boost circulation. Uneven pedaling motion and limited range of motion also inhibit blood flow benefits. More intense cardio machines like ellipticals or rowers would likely be better for circulation.

What is the best leg exerciser for seniors?

For seniors, look for recumbent stepper machines that are gentle on joints. Models with wide, cushioned pedals and adjustable resistance allow customizing intensity. Handrails for stability and simple displays showing time/reps are helpful. Try the Stamina Recumbent Exercise Bike or the Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike for low impact leg workouts. Avoid options with jerky motion or uncomfortable seats. Getting guidance from a physical therapist or trainer is wise too.

How long should you use the leg exerciser?

Recommendations vary, but a reasonable amount for most is 30-45 minutes per session, at least 3 days per week. This provides enough exercise duration to elevate the heart rate without overexertion. Listen to your body and take breaks as needed. Building up endurance gradually is better than overdoing it initially. Proper form is also key – don’t just mindlessly pedal. Focus on stretching and contracting leg muscles through the full range of motion. Be consistent for best toning and circulation results over time.

Wrapping UP

While appealing in concept, the LegXercise has failed to deliver based on a multitude of customer complaints. These issues span product quality, effectiveness, support, and overall value.

Potential buyers should carefully weigh if the advertised benefits are worth the risks of early malfunctions, discomfort, and potential hassles getting refunds.

At-home exercise tools can make staying fit more convenient. But identifying equipment that is durable, designed well, and backed by responsive customer service is important.

Though affordable, the LegXercise seems to fall short in these key areas according to many owners. Careful shopping around for alternatives may yield better results.

When making fitness investments, don’t just be lured by marketing promises. Seek out independent reviews and pay close attention to 1 and 2 star grievances. Applying an analytical approach helps cut through claims and identify potential problems early.

Staying healthy and active are admirable goals, but less than satisfactory products can quickly derail motivation. Proceed wisely, and don’t be afraid to press companies on quality and service concerns. Your time and money deserve responsible value in return.

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