HydroMATE Vs. Liquid I.V.: A Comparison of Hydration Multipliers

Staying hydrated is important for overall health and wellbeing. Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, and more. While simply drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated, sometimes we need an extra boost to rehydrate quickly or replace lost electrolytes.

That’s where hydration multipliers like HydroMATE and Liquid I.V. come in. These powdered drink mixes help enhance hydration by including key electrolytes like sodium and potassium.

When trying to decide between HydroMATE and Liquid I.V., there are several factors to consider:

A Brief Comparison Table

HydroMATELiquid I.V.
Contains magnesiumDoes not contain magnesium
3x hydration multiplier2x hydration multiplier
Available in 10 flavoursAvailable in 6 flavours
Higher sodium contentLower sodium content

Key Differences Between HydroMATE And Liquid I.V. Hydration Multipliers

Some of the key differences between HydroMATE and Liquid I.V. are:

HydroMATE Hydration Multiplier
  • Magnesium: HydroMATE contains magnesium while Liquid I.V. does not. Magnesium plays a role in hydration and electrolyte balance.
  • Hydration multiplier: HydroMATE claims a 3x hydration multiplier compared to plain water, while Liquid I.V. claims 2x. The higher the multiplier, the more hydrating potential.
  • Flavours: HydroMATE offers 10 flavours vs. Liquid I.V.’s 6. More variety can make it easier to find a taste you enjoy.
  • Sodium: HydroMATE has 350mg sodium per serve compared to Liquid I.V.’s 200mg. The higher sodium in HydroMATE helps replace electrolytes lost through sweat.


Both products contain key electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium (Liquid I.V. does not contain magnesium). They also include extras like vitamin C.

HydroMATE’s ingredient list is shorter and more transparent. It contains 6 main ingredients: dextrose, citric acid, magnesium carbonate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and magnesium chloride.

Liquid I.V. contains more ingredients including vitamin C, niacinamide, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin B5, and vitamin D. The exact amounts of electrolytes are not disclosed.

For some, HydroMATE’s simpler formula may be preferable. For others, Liquid I.V.’s added vitamins and proprietary electrolyte blend offers an advantage.


When it comes to taste, preferences are individual. However, here are some general notes on the flavours of each:

Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier

HydroMATE flavours: Known for being quite sweet and tart. Popular picks are mixed berry, tropical, and watermelon.

The tart citrus taste comes from citric acid.

Some find it overpoweringly sweet. Diluting with extra water can help.

Liquid I.V. flavours: Typically more subtle in flavour compared to HydroMATE.

The electrolytes can give a salty taste. Favourites include watermelon, lemon lime, and strawberry. Less sweetness than HydroMATE.

Both offer variety for different palates. HydroMATE suits those who enjoy bold, sweet/tart flavours. Liquid I.V. has more subtle flavours for those who don’t like it too sweet.

Cost and Value

When comparing the price of HydroMATE vs. Liquid I.V., HydroMATE generally provides better value for money.

Some cost comparisons:

  • HydroMATE 20-stick box: $25
  • Liquid I.V. 16-stick box: $30
  • HydroMATE single-serve packet: $1.25
  • Liquid I.V. single packet: $2.50

HydroMATE is more affordable per stick/packet. It also provides a higher 3x hydration multiplier at a lower cost.

However, Liquid I.V. often has promotional offers that help offset the higher price point. This includes bigger packs with discounting. If you can get it on special, the price difference to HydroMATE may be negligible.

Regardless, HydroMATE consistently offers better value for money based on the regular pricing.


Both HydroMATE and Liquid I.V. are very convenient to use on-the-go. The powdered sticks are lightweight, portable and quick to mix up. Simply pour into your water bottle, shake or stir, and drink.

A few convenience factors:

LIQUID I.V. Hydration Multiplier Electrolyte Drink Mix
  • Portability: The single-serve packets are ideal for throwing in your gym bag, suitcase, etc. No measuring required.
  • Mixability: Liquid I.V. tends to dissolve a little faster and with less grittiness. But both mix well overall.
  • Flavours: Having a wide range of flavours makes it easier to find one you like regularly drinking. HydroMATE offers more variety.
  • Availability: Liquid I.V. has grown in availability and can be found at many grocery stores. HydroMATE is currently mostly online only.

For on-the-go hydration, both deliver the convenience factor nicely. Liquid I.V. may have a slight edge for faster mixing and wider retail availability currently.


The most important factor is how well these hydration powders work. With similar core electrolytes but different multipliers, do they effectively improve hydration?

HydroMATE markets itself as a 3x hydration multiplier. User reviews back up the effectiveness at boosting hydration. Positive effects reported include sustained energy, reduced fatigue, and minimized muscle cramps.

Liquid I.V. claims a 2x hydration multiplier. It is also highly rated for noticeable hydration benefits. Users mention feeling rehydrated quickly, relief from dehydration symptoms, and boosted endurance.

While HydroMATE technically has the higher multiplier, both appear highly effective based on reviews. Either is likely to provide tangible hydration advantages compared to plain water.

For serious athletes or those doing prolonged intense exercise, HydroMATE’s extra sodium and magnesium may offer an edge. But both can certainly benefit casual exercisers and people needing general hydration.

Quality and Safety

Being products designed to be ingested, quality and safety are priorities. Here is how HydroMATE and Liquid I.V. compare:

  • Manufacturing: Both made in CGMP certified facilities following quality control protocols.
  • Testing: HydroMATE does third-party purity testing. Liquid I.V.’s testing process is unknown.
  • Ingredients: As noted, HydroMATE has a simpler, more transparent formula. But nothing inherently unsafe in Liquid I.V.’s ingredients.
  • Allergens: HydroMATE is allergen-friendly. Liquid I.V. contains vitamin D3 from lanolin so may contain sheep byproducts.
  • Safety certifications: HydroMATE is NSF Certified for Sport while Liquid I.V. is not. This verifies it contains no banned substances.

Overall, both appear safe especially when used occasionally. Those with allergies may favor HydroMATE. Athletes may prefer HydroMATE’s NSF certification for added assurance.

Verdict: Which One To Pick?

In direct comparison, here are the key advantages of each product:

HydroMATE pros:

  • Higher 3x hydration multiplier
  • More affordable cost
  • Simpler, transparent formula
  • NSF Certified for Sport status
  • Wider range of flavors

Liquid I.V. pros:

Liquid IV Electrolyte Drink Mix
  • Added vitamins
  • Proprietary electrolyte blend
  • Smoother mixing
  • Wider retail availability

For those simply looking for an effective hydration booster, HydroMATE is likely the better choice.

It has the higher hydration power, cleaner formula, and costs less.

Liquid I.V. offers added vitamins and a name brand some may favor. But the product itself doesn’t provide significant advantages over HydroMATE for basic hydration needs.

Ultimately there is no outright “winner” – both products can effectively enhance hydration. Choose HydroMATE for value and simplicity, or Liquid I.V. for the added vitamin content. Either way, stay hydrated!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is anything better than Liquid IV?

There are a few alternatives that may be “better” than Liquid IV depending on your priorities:
1. HydroMATE provides 3x hydration at a lower cost.
2. DripDrop ORS has medical-grade ratios of electrolytes.
3. Nuun has cleaner ingredients and less sweetness.
4. Pedialyte works faster for rehydration.
Liquid IV still remains a top choice for many people. But the above products have advantages that may make them preferable for some.

Is Hydralyte the same as Liquid IV?

Hydralyte and Liquid IV are quite different products:
1. Hydralyte is an oral rehydration solution with ratios ideal for illness/diarrhea. Liquid IV is for everyday hydration.
2. Liquid IV has more B vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium. Hydralyte just has electrolytes.
3. Liquid IV aims for a 2x hydration multiplier. Hydralyte doesn’t make this claim.
4. Hydralyte tastes very medical and salty. Liquid IV has pleasant fruit flavors.
The bottom line is Hydralyte is for rehydration needs, while Liquid IV is an enhancer for everyday hydration. They are not the same thing.

Do doctors recommend Liquid IV?

Some doctors may recommend Liquid IV, but many don’t specifically endorse it. Doctors typically recommend proper hydration and electrolyte replenishment, but not one branded product.
Liquid IV is generally considered safe and effective when used per instructions. But as it’s not a regulated medical treatment, doctors use discretion recommending it vs basic hydration advice.
Ask your doctor if Liquid IV is suitable for your individual health needs. Follow their recommendations, not brand claims.

Which is better, Drip Drop or Liquid IV?

Drip Drop and Liquid IV both effectively hydrate, but have some key differences:
1. Drip Drop has precise ratios of electrolytes per WHO standards. Liquid IV’s blend is not disclosed.
2. Liquid IV adds vitamins and claims a 2x hydration multiplier. Drip Drop just contains electrolytes.
3. Drip Drop specifically treats mild to moderate dehydration. Liquid IV is for overall hydration.
4. Drip Drop has a more subtle, lightly salty taste. Liquid IV is sweeter.
For serious dehydration needs, Drip Drop’s medical-grade formula may be ideal. For daily hydration enhancement, either works well.

Wrapping Up

HydroMATE and Liquid I.V. are both quality products that can boost hydration through the use of electrolytes and other ingredients. Key differences include HydroMATE’s higher hydration power, lower cost, and cleaner formula compared to Liquid I.V.’s added vitamins.

For most people looking for hydration benefits, HydroMATE provides better value and effectiveness. But Liquid I.V. still has its merits and large user base who enjoy the taste and brand.

Ultimately, proper hydration comes down to listening to your body’s needs and choosing a product that fits your preferences and lifestyle. With the information provided in this comparison, you can decide if the simplicity of HydroMATE or the proprietary formula of Liquid I.V. is the better choice for you.

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