Laguna 14/12 Vs. Rikon 10-326 Bandsaw: In-depth Differences

When choosing a woodcutter or saw for their woodworking business, many people get confused in deciding between Laguna 14/12 vs. Rikon 10-326. Both are high-quality brands and provide smooth as well as efficient working when you need to complete the next home innovation project. 

However, still, there are many differences you may find with both of these saws. I would like to describe all of them in this guide. So, keep reading to find out. 

Comparison Table Between The Two Bandsaw

Credentials Laguna 14/12Rikon 10-236
Construction MaterialMetal, Heavy-dutyMetal,  is a little low 
UsageCutting lumber and a variety of other materialsCutting lumber and a variety of other materials
Blade Length ‎Wheel system for 14|12 or 14|bx bandsaws.14 inches blade
Dimensions‎22.5 x 11 x 6.5 inches‎25 x 30 x 75 inches
Power SourceCorded Electric Corded Electric
Installation ManualNot IncludedIncluded
Voltages Required115V115V
EfficiencyLess efficientMore efficient 
SafetyLess secureExtra Secure
Pricing FactorMore expensiveLess Expensive

Differences Between Laguna 14/12 And Rikon 10-236 Bandsaw

Since the table is not enough to understand the big differences between them, I would like to describe it in more detail. Please look at these factors and get to know what you are looking for!

  • The Material Used For Construction And Build Quality
RIKON 10-326 Bandsaw
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When you need to judge the big difference that makes each of these distinctive, you should look at the build quality. 

When my team interviewed many woodcrafters and those running woodcutting businesses, they said that no doubt Rikon is best with features. 

But when it comes to the material quality, Laguna 14/12 has more value. The engineering work done on this Lagna 14/12 is a masterpiece. 

Because the heavy-duty metal works day and night, this story continues until the machine keeps working for years.

However, on the other hand, as the iffy reviews and other woodworking businesses recommend, Rikon is not that heavy-duty made. 

It may or may not provide a long woodcutting solution to your business. Because many buyers say that the machine works for a lesser period than Laguna 14/12. 

  • Usage 

Since we are talking about a woodcutting business and trying to determine which one is better between Rikon and Laguna, both have the same useful purpose. 

When you get a project to innovate home furniture, I mean to say. You get to put some shiny wood pieces into the windows, kitchens, and other parts inside the house or other buildings. You use such a machine to complete the job. 

Therefore, both can be used for cutting and designing lumber pieces and other wood materials. 

  • Blade Length

Another similarity with the Rikon 10-236 and Laguna 14/12 is their blade length. Both come with 14 inches bandsaws and provide excellent cutting even if you have a hard piece of wood. 

It doesn’t matter what you desire to cut; the blades are very sharp on both of these and can cut multiple pieces of wood at a time. Therefore, your woodcutting job will keep running. 

However, as the build quality differs, you will also find that Laguna provides a sharper blade than Rikon. And Check out this article if you need resaw blades for your Rikon bandsaw.

  • Dimensions
Laguna 14/12 Wheels System For Bandsaws
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Will it be better to get a vast surface to put the wood and cut it? Yeah, that would be great. Don’t worry because Rikon is providing you with it. 

The difference is that, with more extensive dimensions, Rikon 10-236 has a wider table where you can place the wood to cut it. 

But with Laguna, you may find less space due to less extensive dimensions. So, it’s all on you; you can consider Laguna if you are good with less space. 

However, if the space is always a problem, Rikon would provide the solution. 

  • Power Source

Both units do not have any battery and cannot run without an electrical source. Therefore, machines are not something you can have on your long journey. 

Even if you can transfer such a heavy-weight unit of either Laguna or Rikon to any house or building, you will need a power source to work on it. 

However, your electricity consumption will cost you when working at your woodcutting store. But that’s the natural thing you shouldn’t worry about at all. 

  • Installation Manual

When you do the unboxing of both of these machines, Rikon makes sure that you get a fully crafted, easy installation guide and instructional manual. 

It helps you set the machine and provides better assistance for working on it. Through this, things become easier to do.

However, when you unbox the Laguna, you may or may not find this type of guide. In most cases, you have to buy separately, making a user like me or spending some more bucks. I don’t want to do that!

Voltages Required:

Thank God you didn’t find any of these consuming more electricity. Because both can easily run at the power source of 115 volts. That’s a big thing to enjoy!

  • Efficiency 
Laguna 14 Twelve Bandsaw

I would have to say that even with such an excellent build and other similar features, Laguna didn’t improve its efficiency.

But you can find it with the Rikon. Why that’s so? 

The thing is, Rikon comes with many innovative features that help the user adjust the band saws more comfortably. Plus, it is easier than it has ever been before. 

Get the installation work done even without having wrenches to do mechanical work. The machine is also loaded with some handy levers and gears. 

It makes unlocking and stabilizing the machine easier within just a couple of minutes.

However, on the other hand, when you look at this Laguna unit, no doubt the features, including rubber-coated wheels, paddling usage, and others, make it good. But it is not as innovative and efficient as the Rikon is. 

  • Safety 

The safety of your legs, hands, and other body parts is very important when you are doing speedy woodcutting work. Therefore, you must have a machine that could be beneficial in keeping you safe at the workplace. 

Rikon provides you with an amazing feature or Extra Tall Rip Fence on safety bases. It makes you stay safe from not letting your fingers touch the blade. 

Plus, the wood you will be cutting will never face resaw or re-cutting due to an error. 

But with Laguna, safety might be at risk. They don’t give you such a fence system. However, as many people daily work on it, so, if you are a professional, you will also not be at any risk. 

  • Pricing Factor

Suppose you don’t get a huge budget. In that case, you can consider the Laguna option, which is better because it’s a less expensive factor. On the other hand, Rikon is way more expensive than Laguna. 

Which One Would Be Better, Laguna 14/12 or Rikon 10-236?

The final selection of any product for any need cannot be more specific than a user’s emotional state of mind. And inner happiness. So, whatever you will choose, will suit you best.

However, to give you a basic idea, go for Rikon if you want more features and have the same budget. But if you want longer work with less price, you can consider Laguna. Now, watch a review on Laguna 14 Twelve bandsaw.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Rikon a quality brand?

Yes, Rikon is one of the high-end wood cutting tools providing brands in the USA. It means, we are talking about a quality brand. 

How much is a good band saw?

There is no benchmark for the price. Because it all depends on which brand you are purchasing and which type of machine it is? And with which features it is coming!

What is a bandsaw good for?

The bandsaw is good for cutting pieces of wood. You can have it to complete home innovation projects and do more with just one machine. It also lets you make some money. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing between Rikon 10-236 and Laguna 14/12 bandsaw is easier when you know all the comparative options. There are no hard fast rules you need to follow for a final selection. 

And I hope that if you have read this article, your confusion about these products and brands has been cleared. Let me know if you have more queries to ask. 

Keep running your woodcutting business and keep making handsome money. Have a nice day!

Ralph Wade

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