Best Resaw Blade For Rikon 10-326 To Buy In 2023

Want to know more about cutting wood successfully without staring at your elbows? 

It is very easy once you get the suitable blades to do the job. Resaw blades offer the best services because of their size, simplicity, and their teeth precision.

The right resaw blades for Rikon 10-326 give you the best services in woodworking activities. Their ability to cut woods, plastics, and metals is beyond comparison.

And therefore, the choice of blade matters a lot.

Top 2 Resaw Blade for Rikon 10-326

Image Brand/Model Details Price
Olson Saw
  • Compatible: Wood, Alloy Steel, Plastic, Metal
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Timber Wolf
  • Compatible : Wood.
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I have carefully selected the best resaw blade for Rikon reviews for you. I understand that running the woodworking or sawmill industry is not easy, but we have simplified it for you here.

Do not stress yourself, just stay with me as I take you through. So, let`s get the ball rolling.

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade

Olson Saw Band Saw Blade
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I know how using a low-quality resaw blade feels to cut or resaw your stuff. You have injured yourself once or even multiple times, if I can guess right.

Save yourself today from these unending problems by buying Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade 111” x ¼” 10TPI.

What makes this so special?

The blade has a perfect balance of powerful steel, blade with, and precise teeth set.

In other words, the blade is powerful in cutting and can last for long without wearing out. Also, the blade design is uniquely curved to increase the surface area for cutting. You can slice curved woods easily with zero deflections.

Let’s dig a little deeper; its designation of ¼ tooth per inch and 10th tooth design provides excellent crosscutting and ripping. Plus, a thickness dimension of 0.25 kerf to slice wood of any thickness.

Sounds impressive, right?

What you need to do is to follow tension instructions while using it, and you will have your work done.  It’s not something hard but rather simple like slicing butter.

Think it this way; if you were given butter and wood ad told to use a knife to cut both, I am sure you know the end results.

Therefore, the timber wolf bandsaw blade cuts both softwood and hardwood like a knife does to butter. Do you think I am exaggerating? No, get yourself one today and witness for yourself if it`s true.

Above all, the blade has designations of ¾” – 2 ½ inches for hardwood and ½” – 1 ½ inch for softwood cutting. Do not lag behind; go purchase it now and enjoy your cuttings.

Tips and cautions:  what you need to do is to follow tension instructions to enhance smooth cuttings. Hence giving you tensionless cuttings.

Also, the blade has lightweight and compatible size. However, it cannot be adjusted when damaged and can provide a horrible experience.

The worst thing is that these blades get brittle and snap after a month of use. This may heartbreak you considering the amount you pay during purchase.

Olson Saw Band Saw Blade

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade
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Here is the next blade that will give you the best experience in re-sawing. If you run a commercial sawmill of woodworking, then this is the best blade you would ever want.

It performs heavy-duty work with perfection.

The blade is made for both soft and hardwoods, small steel, and non-ferrous materials.

In view of that point, blades come in different sizes, which fit into 10-325 Recon 14 Deluxe, vertical, stationary, and floor standing 2 wheel band saws.

You would know that these are heavy-duty, commercial, and industrial woodwork blades if you were with me. Additionally, they have high-grade materials and are mainly for DIY and experienced handymen.

Unlike other blades, Olson saw has silver coatings for longevity. In addition to that, it does not break so easily and can cut heavy wood.

By and large, the blade has hardened teeth of 62-63rc teeth and 28-32rc for back hardness. This kind of hardness can slice any material with a terrific speed. 

Regular teeth are the most common ones. They have a straight face, evenly spaced, and deep gullets.

Regular teeth perform general purposes like contour or cutoff. And for metals and harder materials, you need a blade higher than 6”.

Never let your sawmill industry fall, or lose your customers just because of fake blades. Make a step today, buy the best resaw blades, and let your business thrive.

Also, if you have a furniture workshop or sell fencing poles, you are in the right place, get yourself any of the blades, and you are good to go.

Tips and cautions: perform commercial and heavy duties, and it works well with floor standing 2-wheel band saw. Apart from that, its teeth can withstand all kinds of pressure because they are hardened. The blade can cut all sizes, hard or softwood and metals.

Unfortunately, it`s mostly for commercial duties alone and may not fit small tasks. This blade also is heavy, and my bot is compatible.

What Do You Need To Check Before Buying?

RIKON Bandsaw Blade

I have prepared for you the best buying guide to make you familiarize yourself with the product before buying.

You got to trust us because we have been in the market for a long and we have experienced their functionalities.

After this, you will have the best knowledge about the best resaw blades on the market.

Let`s get down to business to see what is there.

Kindly stick with me here, and you will learn a lot.

  • Blades

Types of blades and their functionalities are the most important thing you check before buying. Ask yourself whether they are durable, strong, and sharp.

If you are cutting hardwoods, go for hardened blades and those made of still. They withstand high pressure and temperatures.

Another thing is that blades also play an essential role in the type of material to be cut. Be it wood, plastic, or metal. On top of that, check for the size that fits your saw bands.

If you want cross-cutting and ripping or straight, you have to choose them well.

  • Performance    

Some are for heavy duties some are for regular work. If you are doing commercial work or business, go for heavy-duty cutting. If it’s small duties go for regular blades.

Also, in performance, you have to factor in the issue of speed because time is an important resource.

Think of your customers and the number of woods you will per time, and you will have the answer. I will advise you to go for Olson saw blade, which performs heavy-duty work within a short time.


Let’s recap; I hope you have learned something to help you solve your unending challenges. But I would like you to share your experiences with us and your love so that we know how you are doing.

Therefore, cutting wood does not require the size of the blade to be huge.

It requires sharp and hard blades and is compatible. Olson Band Saw Blade and Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade are the best resaw blade for Rikon 10-326 you can ever yearn for. So go ahead and purchase them.

The choice is yours.

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