Kraus Vs. Delta Workstation Sinks For Your Kitchen

Kitchen sinks are one of the most used fixtures in any home. With frequent use comes wear and tear, so it’s important to choose a durable, high-quality sink when renovating your kitchen.

Two popular options on the market are workstation sinks from Kraus and Delta. But how do you decide which is right for your needs?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Kraus and Delta workstation sinks on important factors like design, materials, installation, pricing, and real user experiences. By the end, you’ll have the details you need to make an informed decision on which workstation sink is the best fit for your kitchen.

A Brief Comparison Table

This breakdown compares key specs between Kraus and Delta workstation sinks:

Material16 gauge T304 stainless steel20 gauge 304 stainless steel
Bowl Depth10 inches9 inches
SoundproofingExtra thick padsThick rubber pads
Accessories IncludedBamboo cutting board, dish rack, colanderBamboo cutting board, dish rack, colander
DrainBasket strainerBasket strainer
Installation MethodsUndermount or topmountUndermount or topmount
Price Range$300 – $800$500 – $900

While the core components are similar, this shows how Delta uses thicker steel and includes premium upgrades. Kraus offers comparable accessories at lower price points.

Kraus Workstation Sinks

Kraus has designed several workstation sink options to choose from. Their main models include:

  • Kraus KWU110 – 32″ sink with 10″ deep basin
  • Kraus KWU111 – 33″ sink with 10″ deep basin
  • Kraus KGD-433B – 33″ double bowl sink
  • Kraus KGD-414B – 31″ double bowl sink

Key Features

Kraus Workstation Sink

Kraus workstation sinks are made from dense 16 gauge T304 stainless steel.

This commercial grade steel resists corrosion, rust, and dents.

Their sinks feature extra-thick soundproofing pads to reduce noise when washing dishes.

For accessories, Kraus equips their sinks with a bamboo cutting board, dish drying roll-up rack, and stainless steel colander. The bamboo board is an eco-friendly touch. Their sinks come with basket strainers and also include mounting hardware.

When it comes to design, Kraus workstation sinks have a modern, industrial look. They come in several single and double bowl configurations. The deep basins provide ample space for washing large cookware.

  • Installation

Kraus workstation sinks are designed for either undermount or topmount installation.

Undermount: The sink gets mounted below the countertop with a waterproof sealant. This creates a seamless flow from countertop to sink. Undermount installation provides a sleek, contemporary look.

Topmount: The sink gets dropped into a pre-cut hole in the countertop. A rim or lip rests on top of the counter. Topmount installation is generally easier to do as a DIY project.

Kraus includes detailed instructions for either installation method. Their sinks require a standard 35″ minimum base cabinet for fitting.

  • Pricing

Kraus workstation sinks range from $300 – $800. Their pricing depends on the size, bowl configuration, and accessories included. For example, the 32″ KWU110 single bowl sink sells for around $415. While the larger 33″ KWU111 sells for around $530.

Overall, Kraus provides quality workstation sinks at mid-range prices. Their sinks offer durable construction paired with modern designs.

Delta Workstation Sinks

Delta is another leading kitchen and bath brand that offers workstation sink designs. Their main models are:

  • Delta Trinsic Pro 33″ Single Bowl
  • Delta Trinsic Pro 33″ Double Bowl
  • Delta Cortina 33″ Single Bowl

Key Features

Delta uses premium 304 stainless steel on their workstation sinks that’s 20 gauge thick. Their sinks also feature thick rubber padding to minimize noise.

Delta Workstation Sink
Delta Workstation Sink

Delta’s signature feature is the integrated ledge system.

The ledges are built into the sink on each side to hold accessories like cutting boards and colanders.

This keeps these items close at hand when working at the sink.

For accessories, Delta includes a bamboo cutting board, dish drying rack, and stainless steel colander.

Their sinks also come with basket strainers and mounting hardware.

In terms of design, Delta sinks have curved corners and edges for a softer, rounded look. Their 33″ size provides a spacious workspace. Delta offers both single and double bowl options.

  • Installation

Delta designs their workstation sinks for either undermount or topmount installation. Like Kraus, Delta provides instructions for either method. Their sinks require a minimum 36″ base cabinet.

  • Pricing

Prices for Delta workstation sinks range from $500 – $900. Their higher prices reflect the premium materials and accessories included. For example, the 33″ Trinsic Pro single bowl sells for around $650. While the double bowl version sells for around $900.

Overall, Delta offers well-made workstation sinks at higher price points. You pay more for heavier gauge steel and deluxe accessories.

Real User Feedback

To help you decide between sink brands, here’s some real user feedback on Kraus and Delta workstation sinks. We analyzed recent reviews to highlight the pros and cons mentioned about each brand.

Kraus Sink Reviews


  • Sinks are spacious and deep enough for large pots
  • Sturdy construction that doesn’t dent easily
  • Easy to keep clean and maintain
  • Modern style looks great in kitchens
  • Affordable pricing compared to other brands


  • Corners and seams could be smoother in spots
  • Cutting board is prone to warping when wet
  • Drain basket could have more slots for water flow

Delta Sink Reviews


  • Ledge system keeps accessories organized
  • Heavy gauge steel is extremely durable
  • Thick rubber padding absorbs noise well
  • Curved corners and edges prevent sink cuts
  • Brand reputation for quality and performance


  • More expensive than comparable models
  • Heavy weight makes installation harder
  • Basin curves reduce usable washing space

This feedback shows how each brand has strengths shoppers appreciate. Key differences stand out in terms of style, accessories, and overall quality.

Which Is Better For Your Kitchen?

So when deciding between Kraus vs Delta, which workstation sink is right for your needs? Here are a few key points to consider:

  • Budget: Delta sinks cost more than Kraus. If price is a concern, Kraus provides an affordable option.
  • Materials: Delta uses heavier 20 gauge steel. Kraus offers durable 16 gauge.
  • Installation: Kraus may be easier for DIY due to lighter weight.
  • Accessories: Delta has a more functional ledge system. But both include similar add-ons.
  • Performance: Delta edges out Kraus in noise reduction and durability.
  • Style: Delta has softer, rounded corners. Kraus is more modern and square.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Delta and Kraus sinks the same?

No, Delta and Kraus sinks are not the same. They are made by different manufacturers. Kraus and Delta sinks have several differences:
1. Materials: Delta uses thicker 20 gauge steel. Kraus uses 16 gauge.
2. Styling: Delta has curved corners while Kraus is more square.
3. Accessories: Delta has built-in ledges. Kraus includes similar add-ons.
4. Price: Delta sinks cost more than Kraus in general.
While both are quality brands, they have unique features that set them apart.

Is Kraus a good sink faucet brand?

Yes, Kraus is known as a good brand for kitchen and bathroom sink faucets. Features that make Kraus faucets a good choice include:
1. Durable construction from brass and stainless steel
2. On-trend styles with finishes like matte black
3. Quality ceramic disc valves for smooth handle control
4. Easy-clean nozzles with adjustable water flow
5. Available with handy pull-down spray faucet heads
6. Good value pricing for the quality

Is Kraus a good kitchen sink?

Kraus makes high-quality kitchen sinks that many homeowners praise. Benefits of Kraus kitchen sinks include:
1. Durable 16 gauge stainless steel construction
2. Deep basins to accommodate large cookware
3. Thick soundproofing for a quiet washing experience
4. Stylish designs including modern square shapes
5. Wide range of sizes, bowl configurations, and accessories
6. Budget-friendly pricing compared to other brands

Are workstation sinks good?

Yes, workstation sinks provide several benefits that make them a good choice for busy kitchens:
1. Deeper basins provide more room for washing dishes and filling pots
2. Built-in accessories like cutting boards facilitate food prep
3. Integrated ledges and racks keep items organized
4. Industrial style gives a modern look to kitchens
5. Stainless steel construction is durable and easy to clean
Workstation sinks simplify cooking tasks by combining a spacious sink basin with helpful add-ons right at your workspace. This makes them an efficient, on-trend option for kitchen renovations.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it comes down to your kitchen plans and personal preferences. If budget is critical, Kraus provides quality at lower prices. For heavy-duty use and premium accessories, Delta is worth the investment. Use this guide to weigh the pros and cons of each brand.

Either way, replacing your old kitchen sink with a workstation model is sure to make washing up easier. Kraus and Delta both deliver stylish, functional sinks to tackle meal prep and cleanup.

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