Is A Rotovac 360i Worth Buying? – A Complete Review

Carpet cleaning becomes a hectic job to do with a lot of labor. To lessen this huge amount of physical exertion Rotovac came up with this excellent multi-directional cleaning wand, the Rotovac 360i Rotary Extraction Power Wand.

As a machine shifting from manual cleaning to auto cleaning, this model seems to be a handy one that needs less effort and can clean better than manual ones. But is Rotovac 360i worth buying?

Let us find out by getting to know what features it provides and what are its drawbacks.

Features of Rotovac 360i

Rotovac 360i

Every automated device has this pro of lessening our physical efforts. But other than that, Rotovac 360i has some additional features which might catch your attention.

If you are thinking of buying a Rotovac 360i for your house doing a background check of what it can give you would save you both time and money.

So, let’s dig into some of the special and unique features of this model for which it claims to be so demanding in the market.

  • Less Physical Effort

The Rotovac 360i provides automated features in the cleaning wand, which would lessen your physical labor to a great extent.

You won’t need to drag around the wand and move it back and forth manually to clean the carpets. It also cleans very thoroughly the first time, so you don’t have to clean it, again and again, to completely take out all the dirt from your carpets.

This model not only helps you clean your carpets but also helps you clean the tiles in your house.

So, you won’t have to do all the manual scrubbing you did with your cleaners. Using the Rotovac 360i, you can also save time and get the best cleaning results.

  • Multi-directional Cleaning

The Rotovac 360i comes with a multi-directional cleaning wand. That means you are not stuck just cleaning in two directions with your wand. It is a self-propelled device so you can work with it in any direction.

You just have to guide it to the places it needs to be cleaned and it would immediately clean it.

You won’t have to keep pushing it to clean. Also, the wheels in it let you move it easily wherever you move it. It also does not weigh more than 40lbs so you can also carry it wherever you want to.

The device also has a rotary vacuum which does a deep cleaning of the carpet. It helps operate the machine easily and with the multi-directional functioning, it helps you clean the edges thoroughly as well.

  • Variable Head Speed Control
Rotovac 360i Carpet Cleaner

Another amazing feature of the Rotovac 360i is that it comes with a variable head speed control.

With the help of this controller, you can easily control the speed at which you will operate the device.

The control has a speed limit from 0-250 RPM. With this speed range, you can clean all sorts of carpets, be it a glued-down commercial carpet or a residential carpet installed over a pad.

The glued-down carpets would require a low speed to clean whereas a pad plush carpet might require the maximum speed to have a deep cleansing of the carpet. With the Rotovac you can easily adjust the speed to work on.

The manual ones don’t have this option and often you have to put a lot of pressure to clean the carpets. This is bad for your back. You might have back pain from all the labor you have to do using the manual cleaning wands.

  • Works with Portable Users

This device also has another charming factor that it can be used by portable users and truck mount extractors to work. If you have an extractor that has a 12” wide cleaning wand, then the Rotovac 360i can easily work on it.

You can just hook your Rotovac 360i with the portable or truck mount and let it do the rest of your job.

You can give your back a break and relax while your Rotovac does the cleaning for you. Before hooking it up, make sure to check the wand length and give a trial if it works or not.

If your device does not align with the mount, don’t try to force it in. It will damage the device rather than cleaning the carpets.

  • Interchangeable Cleaning Heads

Another attraction to using this device is its interchangeable cleaning heads. The Rotovac 360i comes with an interchangeable cleaning head option.

It has two types of cleaning heads- one is for cleaning the carpets another is for tile and grout or hard surfaces. The brushes are different for cleaning different surfaces. It works better because you can even clean other hard surfaces using the cleaner brush for tile and grout.

It deep cleanses each and every corner and edge and gives you the best results from cleaning. Before cleaning, just spray out water on the floor you want to clean and start cleaning just the way you clean your carpets.

As it does not require a high amount of pressure to work, it can work greatly with portable and truck mounts. The brushes are also available in different grit sizes. It allows you to work on any coarse surface with different grit sizes available for the brush to clean out the floor.

Now, watch how it works!

What Could’ve Been Better With Rotovac 360i?

Although the Rotovac 360i is a great device for you to clean your dirty carpets, it has some cons as well, which is normal for any device to have.

Let’s see what features could’ve made it better than it already is.

  • Foot Plate to Lower the Handles

Although the device comes with a telescopic handle, it does not have a foot plate using which you could lower the device. It is not difficult to use it without the foot plates but it would’ve been easier to use having one attached below.

You wouldn’t have to bend down every time to adjust the device

  • A Stronger Motor

The Rotovac 360i is great for your carpets and it also comes with a variable speed controller which helps you decide the speed you need for your device to work properly.

But a stronger motor would’ve been better to clean the carpets as sometimes, the brushes get flappy and worn out easily. A stronger motor would easily slide into the carpets without getting the brushes flappy.

Final Thoughts

The Rotovac 360i comes with some great features which make your cleaning easier than you ever thought it could get.

Of course, it is worth buying this model and the features mentioned above tell you why. But before buying it, make sure to do thorough research on your own to understand if it is really worth buying it or not.

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