Hotshot Fire Pit Vs. Solo Stove (2024): In-depth Differences

Solo Stove has been on the receiving end of products copying their design. There was a time Solo Stove was suing Duraflame for infringement.

However, after seeing the design of Hotshot, I think Solo Stove should be proud of itself. The two products are very similar, with the diamond shapes airflow holes differentiating Hotshot from Solo Stove, which has round Airflow holes.

All the other slight differences will be discussed in the Hotshot Fire Pit Vs. Solo Stove guide below:

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsHotShot Fire PitSolo Stove
Size22 inches19 inches
Material304 Stainless-steel304 stainless-steel
Weight31.9lbs23.3 lbs
FeaturesCooking grate, handles, spark screen, cover and standAsh pan and removable base plate
DesignDiamond holes, two pieces like designContoured top, circle holes, continuous design
DurabilityMore durable than imitatorsMade-to-last
WarrantyOne year warrantyLifetime warranty
PriceA bit pricier than the Solo stove$50 cheaper than HotShot

Key Differences Between Hotshot Fire Pit And Solo Stove

  • Features
Hotshot Fire Pit
Hotshot Fire Pit

Another big difference between the two portable smokeless stoves is the features.

The solo stove has a simple construction which includes an Ash pan and a removable base plate for easy usage.

Since Hotshot was developed later after Solo Stove, they identified all the features that might be beneficial to stove users and added them to their stoves.

These features include a cooking grate, handles, spark screen, cover, and stand.

The additional features come in handy when you are cooking on the stove.

  • Size

Although the two stoves are made using the same materials, they are of different sizes and weights.

Solo Stove is lighter with a weight of 23.3 lbs and smaller with an area of 19 inches. Hotshot, however, is heavier, weighing 31.9 kg and having a size of 22 inches.

  • Design

You might not see the difference if you see these two smokeless pit stoves at a glance. However, on a closeup look, you will notice that the HotShot Fire pit has diamond holes at the bottom that aid airflow.

The stove comes in a two-piece-like design with holes on the outer bottom part of the stove.

Solo Stove being the pioneer, comes with circle holes at the bottom of the stove, and the furnace appears to be on a continuous structure.

  • Efficiency

Since Solo Stove is the prototype, it is more efficient since it has been commoditized. HotShot is also efficient since all the mistakes on the solo Stove were solved when producing the stove.

While Solo Stove discontinued the grill feature, HotShot introduced a cooking grate that can be used for roasting.

HotShot has a patented technology that produces 70% less smoke than traditional fire pits and has a supercharged heat output. The stove has been tested and approved as food grade, even its accessories.

  • Ease of Use and Maintenance

Solo Stove has a simple design that does not require any mechanism for lighting and is easily lit by pressing a button.

The HotShot Fire Pit, however, is made of diamond holes on the bottom that allow the stove to flow air from all sides. When you want to light the fire, you need to press a button under the furnace, which ignites an electric spark.

HotShot also has handles that make it easy to carry and clean.

  • Safety

Solo Stove does not contain any noticeable safety features; therefore, it is merely held together by the handle and seat portion of the stove. Also, there needs to be a cover for the fire pit you need to carry when carrying it around.

HotShot has all the features that make the stove user-friendly, including a cover, stand, handles and cooking grate. HotShot is easily carried since it has handles at both ends of the stoves.

  • Durability
Solo Stove
Solo Stove

HotShot has been in the industry for more than 25 years.

This means that every product they produce is made to last.

The material is corrosion-resistant and has a heavy-duty PVC that protects the stove from scratch or dirt.

The design and the materials used to make the Solo stove are constructed so the furnace can withstand high temperatures, winter, and even rust.

Since the stove was the first design before imitators, it will last longer than competitors.

  • Warranty

Brands that offer high-quality products usually provide their clients with an extended warranty. For our two smokeless fire pits, Hotshot has a one-year warranty from the day of purchase.

Solo stove, on the hand, offers their clients a lifetime warranty on all their products.

  • Price

Although the two smokeless stainless-steel stoves look identical, Solo Stove is affordable compared to Hotshot. Solo Stove is usually $50 cheaper than HotShot. This might be a move Bonfire adopted to deal with the alleged imitators.

Which Is The Best: Hotshot Fire Pit Or Solo Stove?

From the guide above, it is easy to tell that Solo Stove function differently from HotShot; however, it is clear Hotshot borrowed the design idea from Solo stove.

Solo Stove is small, efficient, produces less or no smoke, and it is the prototype meaning the design is solid.

On the other hand, Hotshot made sure that all the missing accessories and features on Solo Stove would be available on the smokeless fire pit. This makes it one of the best fire pits in the market.

The downside to it is that they only offer a one-year warranty for their products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where Is the Hotshot Fire Pit Made?

Hotshot fire pits are made in central Washington State by skilled metal workers who have been in the metal business for over 25 years.

Which Is Better Solo Stove or Tiki?

While the two smoke pits are efficient, Tiki is awarded the best smokeless pit. Its design is innovative, the airflow is genius, and the stove makes it easy for more people to share the heat.

What Is the Best Fire Pit on the Market?

There are several fire pits available in the market. However, the Tiki stove is by far the best. It produces less smoke due to the genius airflow. The Tiki stove is also large compared to most available fire pits in the market.

How Does Hotshot Fire Pit Work?

HotShot is typically made from a single round piece of metal, with a hole in the center where coals can be put. The holes around the outside are for attaching grates for cooking food over it and even for smoking meats, similar to an oven.
They are designed in such a way that they spread out the heat from the coals evenly across the top of the grate so no one part of your food will be burnt over another.
The best thing about a hotshot is that it does not require any venting for air for it to work effectively. It has some diamond holes at the bottom for airflow.


Differentiating HotShot and Solo stoves can be difficult, especially if you see them together. However, the two stoves differ in design, functionality, and other functions. This comparison guide has all the distinctions between the two stoves.

The stove you choose is determined by your preference, budget, and other factors described in the guide above.

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