Solo Stove Shield Alternative For Stopping Jumping Sparks

Having a solo stove fire pit for burning fires in the evening of winter or at a hillside on a trip is an open adventure. Often, a dedicated shield is used with this kind of fire pit to stop those jumping sparks. But acquiring a shield means spending a good amount of money in addition to the fire pit itself.

Having said that, if you don’t want to spend that money, consider some alternatives to that shield. Let’s dig into them.

Replacements To Solo Stove Shield

Indeed, a shield from Solo Stove on your fire pit is a viable option as it is made of steel and is durable.

However, it costs you a different amount of money, which is unacceptable. In that case, looking for some reasonable alternatives that you can use on the fire pit to stop the fire is all worth it.

Solo Stove Shield

Here is a list of those alternatives:

  • A Stainless Steel Lid
  • A Stand To Keep The Stove Above The Ground
  • Keep The Fire Pit At A Distance
  • Getting A Solo Stove Wok Top
  • Using A Sauce Pan Instead Of a Shield
  • Spending On A Less Costly Shield Than Solo Stove Shield

As you can see, I’ve found some heavy-duty fire-stopping instruments to help burn the safest fire. Plus, it will protect your family while sitting around the pit, even if you don’t have the shield.

  • A Stainless Steel Lid

Not having a shield means you might get attacked by those uncontrolled and continuously arising sparks from the fire.

Therefore, your fire pit must be covered when you want to keep fire in a fire pit on long journeys.

People who like to burn a fire in a fire pit and bring that burned fire on the truck usually use a stainless-steel lid to cover the stove.

You can have a heavy-duty stainless-steel lid from IKEA or any other brand to cover your fire pit and save yourself from fire.

It will work similarly to a shield and keep the fire sparks inside even if you are moving from one destination to another.

It’s a great substitute and an inexpensive unit to that expensive Solo Stove Shield.

  • Getting A Solo Stove Wok Top
Solo Stove Wok Top

Forget about the shield and consider investing some bucks in a Solo Stove Wok top.

It’s a perfect alternative to the Solo Stove Shield that prevents fire from hurting you and cooks meals.

Yes, having a wok top on your firepot can help you cook your favorite vegetables and other dishes.

This way, your meal will be ready, and you will stay protected from the burning fire.

  • A Stand To Keep The Stove Above The Ground

Sometimes, it’s not always the mouth of a fire pit that needs to be covered to stop the fire. You also have to keep the surface safe from burning.

Because when a stove burns fire inside, the surface beneath it will also heat up. There are chances that if the fire pit is on Clean Grass or any other soft surface, it will start burning.

To prevent that, use any stand made of wood, bricks, or steel to keep the pit above it. This way, there will be no chance of the ground surface heating up and burning.

  • Keep The Fire Pit At A Distance

If you don’t want to have a separate Shield for your fire pit or fire burner, consider standing or putting it at a distance from you.

Because when you do that, there will be no chance of fire reaching you and harming you.

The sparks will go away, and you will enjoy the safest fire without needing a shield to cover it.

For instance, you should keep that Solo Stove Fire Pit at a distance of 3 to 4 feet from you when you are burning fire in it.

It is an alternative that costs nothing.

  • Using A Sauce Pan Instead Of a Shield

Use a fire pit for cooking fresh noodles, boiling eggs, and potatoes or other stuff in a saucepan.

The heat from the pot will help you boil and cook these things, and you will be using it as an alternative to the shield because it will also work in keeping the fire away from you.

  • Spending On A Less Costly Shield Than Solo Stove Shield

If you think having a Solo Stove shield is expensive, you can look for some similar alternatives in the same product.

Why don’t you go with cheaper but compatible shield models that can help you save some bucks and yourself from the fire?

There are multiple brands of shields available to choose from as a cheaper alternative to Solo Stove Shield.

Is Solo Stove Shield Worth It?

Though a shield from this brand would cost you a certain amount of money, it is durable against fire.

It is a portable circular fire pit cover that helps you escape a fire pit’s burning and floating sparks.

The shield can be easily installed and removed from the pit.

BESIDES, it has some embedded grooves that provide a sturdy spot for those roasting sticks to rest when you feel safe around the bonfire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do You Need A Shield For The Solo Stove?

Yes, a shield is required for your Solo Stove Fire Pit to keep those nasty sparks from burning your skin.

Is The Solo Stove Heat Deflector Worth It?

Having a Solo Stove heat deflector means getting a way to push down the heat towards your feet and legs. Besides, it helps you get all the warmth from your Solo Stove while sitting around it.

What Surfaces Can You Put A Solo Stove On?

You can put your Solo Stove on rigid surfaces, including stones, a dedicated stand, sand, solid ground, bricks or pavers, etc.

Can You Put A Surround Around A Solo Stove?

Make 4 to 5 inches of space around your Solo Stove’s external wall. Because in that case, a ring or Surround will let you enjoy plenty of airflow to the fire. So, create memories and moments with it.

Final Wording

A Solo Stove Shield alternative must be as durable and safe as the shield itself. Otherwise, there are higher chances that you may result up melting down that alternative if you put something made of plastic on the Solo Stove Fire Pit.

Therefore, choose any alternative you find best and ensure it works well with your Solo Stove. Or spend some money and stay happy with the dedicated shield if you find it worth it.

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