Hanssem Cabinets Vs. Fabuwood Cabinets: In-depth Differences

Comparing Fabuwood with Hanssem is a good idea because most people get confused about deciding which kitchen cabinet brand is best among these two. Fabuwood kitchen cabinets are made in China. In contrast, Hanssem cabinets are made in the USA.

Both offer the same years of warranty, but in quality, durability, and other considerable factors, people have recommended Hanssem higher than Fabuwood. Still, Fabuwood is affordable, and Hanssem is a little expensive.

A Short Comparison Table

Factors To ConsiderHanssem CabinetsFabuwood Cabinets
Made In And About BrandAmericaChina
User RatingSeems Pretty GoodNot So Good
Kitchen Cabinets QualityBetterNot Promised
Interior and Exterior FinishingBetterBased on one’s experience
PricingA Little expensiveCheaper
WarrantyUp to 5 years5 years maximum

Key Differences Between Hanssem And Fabuwood Cabinets

  • Made-in And About Brand
Hanssem Cabinet
Hanssem Cabinet

Both brands of cabinets differ significantly in whatever they produce or sell.

Among such differences, the major one is their production.

Fabuwood has built a plant in the United States and covers Canadian and US customers.

However, their material is still outsourced in China.

Such cabinets are Chinese-made and have been working here for years. But it’s an excellent brand to consider sometimes.

Because when you visit their website, they don’t give you pre-made products. Instead, they offer you a complete management system on their website where you can design your kitchen.

Whether it is U shape, L-Shape, or any other, you can fit the colors of walls, doors, floor, and everything available in the kitchen.

Moreover, you can ask for a nearby dealer and get that work done in a while.

On the other side, Hanssem was made entirely in the USA. In today’s time, it is one of the highly considered kitchen cabinet manufacturing brands.

You can meet the quality desires here and find yourself valuing your money at the right moment. So, it’s easy to consider which brand belongs to which location.

  • User Rating

You also have to admit that Hanssem is highly discussed at Houzz, and people have a lot of good reviews about this brand.

Most say that they are good at providing quality and meeting customer demands. These facts come from when you look at those various discussion forums.

However, I saw a few people talking about Fabuwood kitchen cabinets in the market. Still, they are there, but people only have a little to share about this brand.

Where Hanssem is 70% known, Fabuwood is discussed only 30%.

  • Kitchen Cabinets Quality
Fabuwood Cabinet
Fabuwood Cabinet

Well, your experience would be much better if you relied on Hanssem Kitchen Cabinets.

These cabinets are designed out of excellent material and crafted with the skills of some highly experienced as well as well-trained professionals.

Whatever you get will come in a unique design, color, variety, and more.

Despite being a good brand providing multiple color options, designs, and styles, Fabuwood may still need to meet your expectations.

It’s the USA, and in my country, most people don’t trust Chinese-made products, no matter how good they are.

  • Interior and Exterior Finishing

The exterior finishing of kitchen cabinets from Hanssem comes exceptionally good. However, you might have complaints sometimes regarding the interior finishing.

But that was years ago, and today, Hanssem is more committed to providing quality that Fabuwood may not be providing.

Compared to Hanssem, Fabuwood is also good at providing unique finishing on their kitchen cabinets’ interior and exterior sides.

They give you more shining and thick-colored kitchen cabinets. However, one’s experience could be different than other.

  • Durability
Fabuwood Cabinetry
Fabuwood Cabinetry

What do you call durability in your language?

Because, in my language, the brand should provide a product that can last even more than the expected time.

In that case, I always find Hanssem kitchen cabinets more durable than Fabuwood.

Though Fabuwood products made from heavy-duty wood can still, wood can rust, burn or show more wear and tear.

But Hanssem offers you multiple material construction of these cabinets that you’d admire and use for extended periods.

  • Pricing

Fabuwood products are highly affordable, so one can invest and buy some suitable kitchen cabinets if the budget is short.

On the other hand, Hanssem is a little expensive brand, but the quality it assures is remarkable.

  • Warranty

Warranty defines how much and for how long a product should be trusted. In that case, both offer you up to 5 years of a limited lifetime warranty.

But many customers claim that the Fabuwood warranty could be more reliable. Being a Chinese company, they forget about the warranty once you’ve purchased something from them.

At the same time, Hanssem gives you a demanded repair and maintenance whenever required.

Which Kitchen Cabinet Brand Is Better For You?

I recommend spending your money on Hanssem Products. They are robust, durable, and reliable.

Besides, they are made in the United States of America. But if you’d consider Fabuwood, your experience might need to be more satisfactory.

Yet, they are affordable, have a wide variety of designs, and are available to you as your nearest kitchen service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Brand Is Cabinet Best?

Masterbrand Cabinets are one of the top-quality kitchen cabinets available in the market for the time being.

Are Fabuwood Cabinets Any Good?

They are suitable for people who don’t expect higher and have less budget to spend.

Are Fabuwood Cabinets Real Wood?

Yes, they are made with natural wood.

Where Are Hanssem Cabinets Made?

Hanssem Cabinets have been manufactured in New Jersey, United States, for the past 30 years.

Final Thoughts

Go with any of the kitchen cabinet brands between Hanssem and Fabuwood cabinets, but find value and quality in anything you purchase. You’ll find multiple kitchen cabinet options at these brands and almost the same warranty, but do both provide the same quality?

Your choice would always be based on quality rather than your budget. And I hope that you’ve found which one is better in which category!

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