Fabuwood Cabinet Reviews 2024: Is It Worth The Cost?

While thinking of remodeling my kitchen, I came across this fantastic Fabuwood cabinet. I learned about the cabinet from several Fabuwood cabinet reviews from the current users.

Then, I got it for my kitchen, and here, I will be sharing my experience with the Fabuwood cabinets.

So, if you are looking to remodel your kitchen and Fabuwood interests you, this is the perfect place for you as you will get a complete review of the cabinets for making a more informed decision. I won’t take up much of your time and dive right into it.

Features of Fabuwood Cabinet

I will take you through the different factors and features of Fabuwood cabinets. Once you go through all of them, you can decide whether it’s the perfect thing for you or not.

Here’s my experience with Fabuwood cabinet in terms of different aspects –

  • Designs And Looks
Fabuwood Cabinet
Fabuwood Cabinet

Straight up, I have to admit that I loved how the Fabuwood cabinet looked. The design I got for my kitchen is the ever-popular Allure Galaxy door.

It comes in a frost-white finish that you would love to see as a classy cabinet color.

All of the color and design choices they have are pretty good, and you won’t have a chance to complain.

It’s not just about the color or the pattern. The construction design for the cabinets is thoroughly impressive. They are very modern in the approach with all the spacing like microwave base, trash cabinet, pantries, spice racks, and so on.

None of this will disappoint you at all. At least it didn’t disappoint me.

  • Quality

Well, what’s the point of having a modern cabinet if it’s not of good quality, right?

That’s the thing you get from Fabuwood cabinet. While they come with great designs, they also have the quality factor in them. They have a plywood construction with features like a dovetail design and inner frames.

However, don’t think that these cabinets don’t get damaged at all. Most of the time, these cabinets receive damage from the delivery process. Besides that, you don’t have to worry about regularly damaging them.

So, I would say they are pretty much durable in daily usage.

In my experience of getting these cabinets, I had no issues with them. The cabinets are standing up pretty well.

The only problem I had with the cabinets is that they received minor scratches at the time of delivery which isn’t that big of a deal, in my opinion.

So, overall, I would say the quality of the Fabuwood cabinet is pretty good and satisfying for a user.

  • Ordering Process And Delivery
Fabuwood Cabinetry
Fabuwood Cabinetry

Now, something you will need to worry about a lot of Fabuwood cabinets is the ordering and delivery. They are pretty strict with the ordering process.

Following it up with the contractor, you will need to have the proper date and time fixed.

It’s essential to maintain that kind of regulation with the ordering process. Otherwise, they might cancel the order at some point.

As for the delivery, it’s pretty good as I got the cabinets within a short time after ordering. The only thing I was not happy with was the scratches on the cabinets at the delivery time. You may also end up with the same issue as the delivery can sometimes be quite rough.

  • Warranty

One of the key reasons I could rely on the Fabuwood cabinet is the warranty they provide. It’s a 5-year warranty, which makes it easy for you to rely on the cabinets even more.

I didn’t have to worry too much about whether it’s going to last for a long time or not since the warranty is there to back up for damages.

  • Value For Money

This cabinet’s best quality or feature is the value for money aspect. You can get excellent value out of the cabinet for the price you are paying. The pricing is quite reasonable, which led me towards the cabinet in the first place.

Now, the best part is that it has great quality for the price you pay for it. The value for money makes it a very popular choice and a worthy choice for trying out your kitchen remodeling.

These are my thoughts and experience with the Fabuwood cabinet regarding different aspects. It’s been a while since I have gotten them for my kitchen, and I have to admit that I haven’t faced any issues.

So, the performance is utterly satisfying until now, especially when you consider the price factor.

What Could Have Been Better With Fabuwood Cabinet?

While the overall quality of the cabinet is quite good, there are a couple of things that could have been better for the cabinets. Here’s what I think about the improvements –

  • The Delivery Process Could Be Better

Usually, the delivery process is pretty rough, damaging the cabinet. That’s why they should use a better delivery process, so it doesn’t get damaged.

  • They Get Scratches Easily

Scratches are a very common issue with the Fabuwood cabinets. They easily get scratches on them. Creating a layer on top of the cabinets can eliminate that problem from occurring.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Fabuwood cabinets good quality?

Yes, Fabuwood cabinets provide you with excellent quality. They are usually very much durable in construction. The unique and modern designs can also get very good value out of the cabinets. The looks are also good on these cabinets.

What kind of wood does Fabuwood use?

In most cases, Fabuwood cabinets use real birch wood for making all their cabinets. You may also find options in oak, maple, and cherry. But the majority of the Fabuwood cabinets have birch wood on them.

How expensive are Fabuwood cabinets?

The great thing about Fabuwood cabinets is that they are affordable. You don’t have to pay too much for installing Fabuwood cabinets in your kitchen remodeling.

Is Fabuwood an MDF?

No, Fabuwood cabinets aren’t entirely MDF, but they have a center panel on the painted lines of the cabinets. They use it to reduce the shrinking possibility and provide you with a better-quality finish on the cabinets.


To sum up, all I can say about Fabuwood cabinet reviews is that they are pretty good options if you want to remodel your kitchen within a budget. They are affordable and come with great quality, so you won’t have to worry too much.

Also, the reliability factor is an addition to that.

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