Haier Vs. Mitsubishi Mini Split: In-depth Differences With Features

Between Haier or Mitsubishi Mini Split air conditioners, your experience could vary with either brand. Haier is supposed to be rated highly by most people because, from the beginning, they are dealing in these electrical appliances.

Mitsuhashi also deals with vehicles and now has air conditioning for presenters; you may be less directed toward it. But one thing is for sure, Haier gives only one year warranty on its products.

In contrast, the warranty of Mitsubishi can extend up to 7 years depending on what type of AC you are buying.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsHaier Mini SplitMitsubishi Mini Split
Model ComparisonHSU-19CNMW 1.5 TON INVERTER SPLIT ACMSY/MUY GE-18 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC
Power Input1700W1430W
Speed Setting Availability and Other FeaturesNot available, but it is packed with more features than the Mitsubishi mini splitYes, available, but it is packed with fewer features than Haier mini split
Price ComparisonCheaperExpensive
User RatingUp to 5 starsUp to 4 stars
Customer Support and InstallationStandardStandard
Warranty1 YearUp to 7 Years of warranty

In Detailed Differences Between Haier And Mitsubishi Mini Split

  • Model Comparison
Mitsubishi Mini Split
Mitsubishi Mini Split

When only the mini split models of these brands are concerned, why not take the two best models of the exact specifications and find their differences?

In that regard, I’ve chosen HSU-19CNMW 1.5 TON INVERTER SPLIT AC from Haier that comes with 1.5-ton power and other unique features.

It is one of the finest models that Haier produces and is being sold worldwide.

This mini split model gives you the aroma of cool air that chill your living space to a great deal.

It comes with the inverter star technology and has a copper condenser coil that stays durable for a long time.

Compared to Haier, the MSY/MUY GE-18 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC of the same power and capacity level comes here.

It could be a little more expensive model than compared Haier model, but it runs on low power than Haier Mini Split.

The best similarity is that this one also comes with inverter star technology that maintains the room’s needed temperature. Hence, depending on your best considerations, you can rely on any of these.

  • Power Input

When AC works, we are more concerned about increasing our monthly electricity bills.

Because it’s true that an AC consumes high power and burns more electricity units while working other than any appliance in the home.

In that regard, the Haier model will be consuming up to 1700W power, still being high energy-efficient mini splits than most models or brands’ ACs in the market. Even running at 1700W, it helps you save more power.

However, if you still want to reduce your monthly electricity bills, why don’t you look at this Mitsubishi model?

It consumes only 1430W power and delivers the same cooling. We can say that Mitsubishi mini split is more energy efficient than Haier mini split Ac.

  • Speed Setting Availability and Other Features

The Haier Mini Split Ac doesn’t have a speed setting feature which can be found in Mitsubishi Mini Split Ac.

However, the Haier model leads with more features than the latter option. These features include a 4-way air flow direction, timer feature, refrigerant, and more.

Depending on these features, one could be more versatile than the other.

  • Price Comparison
Haier mini split

The Mitsubishi Mini Split model is way more expensive than Haier Model.

Both are reliable air conditioners, but one must decide whether to be more economical or less with features.

If Mitsubishi charges higher, it also gives you a significant advantage over saving electricity because it consumes less power.

At the same time, Haier might be good at providing more features in these mini-split models. Yet, these models are not energy efficient.

  • User Rating

I’ve checked on many forums and community discussions, and people recommend Haier more than Mitsubishi.

Despite this, one’s experience could be slightly different from the other. So, always consider which mini-split inspires you more.

  • Customer Support and Installation

Both brands have standard customer support and provide installation to these units; however, many claims to have a better customer service experience with Mitsubishi than with Haier.

It also makes a difference as to who will be available at the time of need when a specific fixing would be required in your mini splits.

  • Warranty

Both brands have a unique warranty on their products. In the case of Haier, it gives up to a 1-year warranty on all of its air conditioners.

At the same time, Mitsubishi gives you up to 7 years of warranty on their air conditioners. Therefore, always consider which side will be safer.

Which Mini Splits Better?

There is nothing to say bad about either mini split ac from any of these brands. You can consider whether you want to go with Haier or Mitsubishi because both are great.

However, if you think you don’t have more money to spend, Haier is a good option. Yet Haier will consume more power.

But if you have money to spend and don’t want to see more electricity units burning, be with Mitsubishi.

The seven years of undemanded warranty and other blessings will amaze you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Best Brand Of Mini Split?

For the time being, Senville LETO Series 9,000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner is one of the best mini splits available in the market. Have it for extreme cooling and more extended durability.

Who Makes Haier Mini Split?

Haier Mini Splits are made by Haier electronics.

Are Mitsubishi Mini Splits Reliable?

When you are talking about Mitsubishi Mini Splits, you are talking about one of the most reliable HVAC systems in the world for your homes and offices.

Is Haier A Good Heat Pump?

Haier is a well-known brand that produces some highly energy-efficient and affordable HVAC products for all types of commercial and residential needs.

Last Words

Haier and Mitsubishi are both well-known HVAC product manufacturing brands worldwide. However, your considerations could be slightly different when choosing between Haier and Mitsubishi Mini Split Ac.

If you’d go with Mitsubishi mini split model, which is discussed here, or any other, you will compromise on price.

And if you’d go with the Haier model, you’d compromise on energy efficiency according to these metrics. So, consider whichever you make happier!

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