Cooper & Hunter Vs. Pioneer Mini Split Air Conditioners

Mini split air conditioners have become increasingly popular for home and business owners looking for an efficient way to cool or heat one room or multiple rooms without ductwork. Two of the top brands for mini splits are Cooper & Hunter and Pioneer. But which one is better for your needs?

Here we’ll compare the pros and cons of Cooper & Hunter vs Pioneer mini splits to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureCooper & HunterPioneer
Efficiency RatingUp to 26 SEER (cooling), 10.5 HSPF (heating)Up to 23 SEER (cooling), 10-11 HSPF (heating)
Noise Level20-45 decibels20-46 decibels (advertised as ultra-quiet)
Smart FeaturesWiFi control appWiFi control app
Warranty5 years on compressor & parts5 years on compressor
PriceBudget-friendly, lower costPremium brand, higher cost
ManufacturersMideaGree and Midea joint venture
PerformanceVery good performance and reliabilityExcellent performance with advanced technology
Heating CapabilityHeat pumps availableHeat pumps available
AppearanceModern, simple designSleek, stylish modern design

Overview of Cooper & Hunter Mini Splits

Cooper & Hunter is a brand from Midea, a large Chinese manufacturer of HVAC systems and appliances. Some key things to know about Cooper & Hunter mini splits:

Cooper & Hunter Mini Split Air Conditioner
  • Offers single zone and multi-zone systems from 9,000 BTU to 36,000 BTU capacities.
  • Uses R410A refrigerant which does not harm the ozone layer.
  • Provides cooling and heating models with inverter technology.
  • Comes with wireless remote control and optional WiFi control.
  • Units have auto restart and timer functions.
  • Offer extended piping length up to 82 feet.
  • Provide high energy efficiency ratings up to 26 SEER for cooling and 10.5 HSPF for heating.
  • Units come with self-diagnostic function.
  • Features a modern, slim wall-mounted indoor unit design.
  • Provides a good warranty including 5 years on compressor and parts.

Overall, Cooper & Hunter mini splits offer a good value proposition with competitive efficiency, convenient smart features, and reliable performance. The brand offers budget-friendly options to premium models with nice design and heating capabilities.

Overview of Pioneer Mini Splits

Pioneer is a mini split brand from GD Midea, a joint venture between Midea and Gree. Here are some key details on Pioneer mini split systems:

  • Provides both single zone and multi-zone systems from 9,000 BTU to 36,000 BTU capacities.
  • Uses more climate-friendly R32 refrigerant.
  • Offers cooling-only and heat pump models with DC inverter technology.
  • Comes with infrared wireless remote control and WiFi control options.
  • Units have 24-hour timer and auto-restart.
  • Provides long piping length up to 82 feet.
  • Has high efficiency ratings including 23 SEER for cooling and 10-11 HSPF for heating.
  • Features self-diagnosis function and auto-protection.
  • Slim, modern design for indoor wall units.
  • Comes with 5-year warranty on the compressor.

Pioneer mini splits provide high-end features and performance with intelligent comfort control. The systems offer flexible installation and quiet, efficient operation for residential and commercial uses.

Key Differences Between Cooper & Hunter And Pioneer Mini Split Air Conditioners

Now let’s compare some of the key factors between Cooper & Hunter and Pioneer mini splits:


  • For cooling efficiency, Pioneer is slightly better with ratings up to 23 SEER vs 26 SEER for Cooper & Hunter.
  • For heating efficiency, they are similar with HSPF up to 10.5 for Cooper & Hunter and 10-11 for Pioneer.
  • Both use inverter technology to optimize performance.


  • Both Pioneer and Cooper & Hunter offer smart WiFi control through apps.
  • They provide similar convenience features like timers, auto-restart, and self-diagnosis.
  • Pioneer uses more climate-friendly R32 refrigerant while Cooper & Hunter uses R410A.


  • The capacities available are the same for both brands ranging from 9,000 to 36,000 BTU systems.
  • They offer both single zone and multi-zone systems.

Noise Levels

  • Noise levels are low for both brands, though Pioneer touts its systems as ultra-quiet.
  • Indoor units produce noise ranging from 20-45 decibels for both.


  • Pioneer offers a 5-year warranty on the compressor.
  • Cooper & Hunter provides a 5-year warranty on the compressor and all parts.
  • Cooper & Hunter seems to edge out Pioneer a bit on the warranty coverage.


  • Model for model, Pioneer systems tend to cost 10-15% more than Cooper & Hunter units.
  • Pioneer focuses more on premium features and performance which comes at a higher price.
  • Cooper & Hunter provides better value for budget-conscious shoppers.

Is Cooper & Hunter a Good Mini Split Brand?

In general, Cooper & Hunter is considered a good brand for mini split air conditioners and heat pumps. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Provides a full range of BTU capacities and options.
  • Uses proven inverter compressor technology for efficiency.
  • Offers competitive SEER ratings from 18-26 SEER for cooling.
  • Good heating efficiency with HSPF up to 10.5 .
  • Units are very quiet when operating.
  • Convenient smart control features included.
  • Slim, modern design of indoor units.
  • Units are made by Midea which is a leading manufacturer.
  • Provides strong warranty coverage for 5 years.
  • Prices are budget-friendly especially for the value.

The biggest downsides for some consumers may be that Cooper & Hunter is not as well known of a brand name as some competitors. Also, made in China products tend to have a stigma for lower quality control, though Cooper & Hunter seems to be a strong offering that avoids this.

Is Pioneer a Good Mini Split Brand?

Pioneer is one of the top mini split air conditioner brands. Reasons why Pioneer is considered a good brand include:

Pioneer Mini Split Air Conditioner
  • Manufactured by a Gree and Midea joint venture, both leading companies.
  • Provides high SEER ratings from 19-23 for energy efficiency.
  • Excellent heating efficiency with HSPF between 10-11.
  • Uses advanced DC inverter technology.
  • Has ultra-quiet operation as low as 20 decibels.
  • Offers intelligent comfort features and app control.
  • Gets good reviews for performance and reliability.
  • Units have a modern, stylish appearance.
  • 5-year warranty provided on the compressor.
  • Wide range of capacities from 9,000 to 36,000 BTU.

Potential drawbacks for some buyers is that Pioneer commands a premium price over many competitors. There are also some mixed reviews on long term reliability. But overall Pioneer offers a high-quality mini split brand option.

Who Manufactures Pioneer Mini Splits?

Pioneer mini splits are manufactured by GD Midea, a joint venture between two major Chinese companies – Gree and Midea.

Gree is the world’s largest specialized air conditioning company. They are recognized as an innovative company with advanced technology in the HVAC industry.

Midea is a leading appliance and HVAC manufacturer that makes products sold worldwide. They are known for affordability while still providing quality and performance.

Combining Gree’s technological expertise and innovation with Midea’s experience in manufacturing and distribution, Pioneer emerges as a premium mini split brand. The units combine high-tech features and reliable performance backed by trusted names in HVAC.

Who Makes Cooper & Hunter Mini Splits?

Cooper & Hunter mini split systems are manufactured solely by Midea. The Midea company produces a wide range of HVAC products and home appliances sold globally.

Some facts about Midea:

  • They are one of the largest manufacturers in the world.
  • Operate over 200 production facilities around the world.
  • Have over 150,000 employees.
  • Offer products including air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, laundry, small appliances and more.
  • Focus extensively on R&D and innovation to drive growth.
  • Are a publicly traded company on the Shenzhen stock exchange.

So while Cooper & Hunter is Midea’s own brand for mini splits, they have the manufacturing expertise and scale as one of the biggest producers of HVAC systems to build quality, reliable products. The backing of such an established manufacturer gives confidence in the Cooper & Hunter brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Cooper and Hunter a good brand mini split?

Yes, Cooper and Hunter is considered a good brand for mini split air conditioners and heat pumps. They offer reliable performance, decent energy efficiency, quiet operation, and convenient smart features at an affordable price point. The systems are also backed by Midea’s manufacturing scale.

Is Pioneer a good brand of mini split?

Pioneer is regarded as a top tier mini split brand. They provide some of the highest efficiency ratings, ultra-quiet performance, intelligent comfort features, and sleek aesthetics. As a premium brand, Pioneer does cost more than competitors like Cooper & Hunter but delivers robust engineering and technology.

Who makes Pioneer mini splits?

Pioneer mini splits are manufactured by GD Midea, which is a joint venture between two major Chinese companies – Gree and Midea. This combines Gree’s innovative technology with Midea’s manufacturing expertise to produce high-quality Pioneer units.

Who makes Cooper & Hunter?

Cooper & Hunter mini splits are made solely by Midea, one of the largest home appliance and HVAC manufacturers in the world. The company uses its extensive manufacturing capabilities and distribution network to offer Cooper & Hunter as an affordable and reliable mini split brand.


When choosing between Cooper & Hunter vs Pioneer mini splits, Pioneer is the premium brand with higher efficiency, robust features and technology, quieter operation and stylish design.

However, Cooper & Hunter provides very solid performance and features at a more budget-friendly price point. Both are backed by leading Chinese manufacturers. For many homes, Cooper & Hunter would provide sufficient cooling and heating comfort at a lower cost.

But for those wanting the highest-end mini split, Pioneer delivers strong engineering and innovation. Carefully weigh the pros and cons presented here, along with professional installation quotes, to pick the best brand for your needs and budget.

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