Grizzly G0771Z Vs. Delta 36-725 Table Saw: In-depth Differences

Any woodworking enthusiasts or even professionals looking for a table saw should check Grizzly G0771Z and Delta 36-725 table saw.

Grizzly G0771Z is a hybrid table saw with a 2 HP motor. On the other hand, Delta 36-725is a Carbide-Tipped table saw with a 13-amp enclosed induction motor. You will find plenty of differences ahead.

So, without contemplation, let’s see the differences between these two table saws.

A Quick Comparison Between The Two Table Saws

Here is a quick comparison table between Grizzly G0771Z and Delta 36-725 table saw:

AspectGrizzly G0771ZDelta 36-725
Table Saw TypeHybrid Table SawCarbide-Tipped Table Saw
Special Featurecomes with a micro-adjustable and easy gliding fencebuilt-in arbor lock system
Motor Type2 HP13 amp motor
Rip CapacityRight: 31 inches                 Left: 16-¾ inches             Right: 30 inches Left: 15 inches
Blade Size10 Inches10 Inches
Warranty1 Year Warranty5 Year Warranty
PriceAround $1595Around $1150

In-Depth Comparisons Between Grizzly G0771Z And Delta 36-725

Now that you have gained some ideas about their differences from the table, we will get into more details now. So, here are some key differences between Grizzly G0771Z and Delta 36-725 table saw:

  • Table Saw Type

Grizzly G0771Z table saw is an excellent combination of a job site table saw, and a cabinet-style table saw. It has all the best features of those two.

Grizzly G0771Z Hybrid Table Saw
Grizzly G0771Z Hybrid Table Saw

Like a cabinet saw, the table saw has an enclosed cabinet, heavy-duty cast iron trunnions that you can mount on cabinets, and a lot of power to cut any hardwood you throw at them.

At the same time, it has the lightweight you need to move to your job site. Besides, you won’t have to spend much money on it.

On the other hand, Delta 36-725is a Carbide-Tipped table saw that offers the functions and flexibility needed to complete a job. Its induction motor offers enough power to cut thick dados, and the cast-iron tabletop has enough space to work.

This table saw has a t-shaped rip fence that offers precise cuts. So, all in all, it’s a pretty good machine to get your tasks done.

  • Features

You will find all the necessary features that you expect from the best quality table saws. Grizzle G table saw comes with a micro-adjustable and easy gliding fence system that has a narrow rip attachment.

Its cast-iron tabletop is spacious, and the trunnions make the machine long-lasting.

Grizzly G0771Z has a beveled front table edge. You will get a carbide-tipped saw blade with this hybrid table saw. Most importantly, it is less expensive than cabinet saws and requires less installation space.

In contrast, the Delta 36-725table saw comes with a rolling stand, a 10 inches saw blade and a locking rip fence. Because of the built-in arbor lock system, you can easily change a blade.

You will get precise cuts every time because of the 3-point locking rip.

The steel rails and spreader can accommodate any size of hardwood and makes your task easier. You can quickly set up the machine with an easy-to-assemble tubular stand and easy-lift caster.

Plus, the table saw is height-adjusted and has a locking bevel.

  • Motor Type
Delta Table Saw 36-725

The motor is one of the essential components of a table saw. A saw’s performance depends on the motor it comes with.

Grizzly G0771Z hybrid table saw comes with a 2 HP motor. Besides, you will get 120V or 240V options. The single-phase motor has options of 15A or 7.5A.

In contrast to Grizzly G, Delta 36-725carbide-tipped table saw comes with a 13 amp motor. Besides, it requires 120V to run. But, among these two, the Grizzly G0771Z table saw motor is more powerful.

  • Rip Capacity

Rip capacity means the space between a table saw blade and the edge of the fence. A better rip capacity means you will get more space to work with. Grizzly G0771Z table saw has 31 inches rip capacity on the right and 16-¾ inches left of the blade.

By contrast, Delta 36-725has a maximum rip capacity of 30 inches and a left rip capacity of 15 inches.

  • Blade Size

The blade is another vital part of a table saw. The sharper and bigger the blade, the more accurately you can cut wood. Both table saws come with 10 inches blade.

However, the depth of Grizzly G0771Z at 45° is 2-¼ inches, and at 90° is 3-1/8 inches. But the depth of Delta 36-725at 45° is 2-½ inches, and at 90° is 3-½ inches. So, you will get more depth from the Delta 36-725table saw.

  • Warranty

Warranty indirectly tells the quality of a product. Generally, people prefer to have an extended warranty period. However, you will get a 1-Year Warranty with a Grizzly G0771Z T-shaped table saw. The warranty will cover all parts and any factory defects.

On the contrary, Delta 36-725carbide-tipped table saw comes with a 5 Year Limited Warranty. You can see Delta 36-725has a better warranty compared to Grizzly G.

  • Price

You will have to spend around $1595 for the Grizzly G0771Z hybrid table saw. On the other hand, the Delta 36-725table saw will cost around $1150. So, the Grizzly G0771Z Hybrid table saw is more expensive than Delta 36.

Which Table Saw Will Be Best For You?

Since both are pretty good machines, you might become confused while choosing one. But according to many users, the parts and accessories of the Delta 36-725 table saw are not widely available. So, I would suggest you go with the Grizzly G0771Z table saw.

Apart from the readily available parts, you will have a larger motor, and the performance of both Cabinet Saw and Jobsite table saw. Now, watch this video review on it.

Final Thoughts

Although you will have to spend extra money on a Grizzly G0771Z table saw, I highly recommend you purchase this one. You will quickly get parts and necessary accessories at your arms-length. 

After reading my Grizzly G0771Z vs. Delta 36-725 article, I’m sure you won’t make any blunder in choosing the right table saw. You will never regret your decision. So, give it a go.

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