Graco Ultra Vs. TC Pro Airless Paint Sprayer (2024)

Comparing Graco Ultra and TC pro, the airless paint sprayer is rugged when you cannot find the significant differences between both products.

However, the only difference that can be seen is using different tips with a specific model. The Pro model is claimed to come with TC tips, whereas the Ultra comes with FFTP tips.

On top of that, the ultra-sprayer from Graco comes with two batteries, and the Pro also comes with two. However, it’s pretty hard to find the pro model because, at Graco, only Ultra is available.

A Brief Comparison Table

DescriptionsGraco UltraGraco TC Pro
Tank Volume0.25 gallons0.25 gallons
Battery Required2 DeWALT’s 20-Volt MAX XR lithium-ion batteries2 DeWALT’s 20-Volt MAX XR lithium-ion batteries
Tip ConfigurationFFTP tipsTC tips
Pro Connect?Yes, AvailableYes, available
Pro ControlYes, availableYes, available
Used For Application inExterior plus interior paint, primers, etc.Exterior plus interior paint, primers, etc
Pressure Adjusting500-2,000 PSI0 to 2000 PSI
Dimensions or size17.5 x 12.8 x 6.8 inches15.94 x 12.24 x 5.43 inches
Product AvailabilityEasily availableNot available for now

Key Differences Between Graco Ultra And TC Pro Paint Sprayer

  • Tank Volume
Graco Ultra Airless Paint Sprayer

Both cordless and airless spray paints from Graco have the same tank volume or capacity to keep paint liquid inside.

Whether you choose Ultra or TC pro, you will get it with a capacity of 0.25 gallons or up to 32 oz.

These tanks can be filled with dissolved paints, and then you can use these guns to paint anything.

It doesn’t matter whether you are painting something on the exterior of your house or interior; these paint sprays will work out best.

Spray in any direction, vertical, horizontal, upside, or downside, and get your most expected results.

  • Battery Required

Work longer hours and finish your painting projects on time with this battery-powered paint sprayer.

Whether using the Ultra or TC pro model, it will give you the needed power through two superb DeWalt 20-volt Max XR lithium-ion batteries.

With these batteries, any of these sprays work for a more extended period and paints anything you want.

Moreover, these excellent batteries take very little time to get charged, as the Sprayer will require only 30 minutes to return to work.

  • Tip Configuration

When looking on forums, people have confirmed that both Sprayer has different types of tips. The Ultra model uses Fttps tips, while the Pro model uses TC tips. The size of these tips is also different from each other.

However, these are replaceable once you have used them for a while. That’s the significant difference to make between these two Graco Paint sprayers.

  • Pro Connect

Both models of Graco come with the Pro Connect feature. You have to plug in and plug out the tank and fill it with paint really quickly.

This feature helps you become faster and have the job pump replacement facility with either model.

You will need a screwdriver, and the pump will be replaced with three simple steps. We can say that operating these machines is much easier with such a configuration.

So, there is no problem whether you are buying the Pro model or Ultra model; both will give you this Pro Connect feature on the spot.

  • Pro Control
Graco TC Pro Airless Paint Sprayer
Graco TC Pro Airless Paint Sprayer

Better than all those ordinary paint sprayers available in the market, enjoy another unique feature with TC pro and Ultra paint sprayers from Graco.

This feature helps you adjust the motor speed to spray at any speed you desire.

Using this feature on your Graco sprayer, you can go up to a minimum and maximum spray speed.

Besides, this feature on both models provides more control, ultimately added to help you achieve the professional finish you are always looking for.

Go for every kind of job and get the perfect finishing every time.

  • Used For Applications In

Graco Sprayers becoming part of the discussion are made for the same work. You can use any of these to spray stuff available in the house’s interior or exterior.

A sprayer like this will retain a higher-quality finish and be more vibrant and visible to visitors.

Get a perfect airless finish in seconds, plus the added comfort of easy setup, cleaning, and usability details with these sprayers.

  • Pressure Adjusting

The Ultra model lets you adjust the pressure of the gun ranging from 500 to 2000 PSI. In contrast, the TC pro helps you set this speed from 0 to 2000 PSI.

So, set the desired speed and get painted anything you want.

  • Dimensions or Size

By checking the dimensions of each product, we can see that the Ultra model is a little extended in size than the pro model.

And that’s also true because when you hold both of these sprayers in your hands, you’ll see the difference is predictable. It is another difference between these two models.

  • Product Availability

After searching out many platforms, stores, and even the official website of Graco, I couldn’t find the TC pro model.

It’s not available for now. However, you can quickly get the Ultra and another relevant model from any general store or the official Graco website.

  • Motor Configuration

Judging both paint sprayers on their motors, the TC pro comes with a motor that doesn’t have brushes. It can paint smoothly and more accurately than a motor with brushes.

TC pro can safely spray more exotic materials without any fear of explosion. There is nothing like that as having brushes to create an arc or, ultimately, a fire.

On the other hand, you won’t find such a motor with brushes when you are using the Graco Ultra spray painter. There are chances that you might get flames while spraying with a painter like this.

  • Spray Painting Quality

Customers claim TC pro provides better spray quality and smoothness than Graco Ultra. But Graco Ultramax is far better than any of this spraying material.

Yet, you get to choose which one suits you best. I am saying the quality is better because the spray painted with Graco Ultra lasts longer than the one painted with TC pro.

  • Tip Changing
Graco Ultra Max

Another reasonable difference one can find between the TC pro and Graco Ultra is their chip configuration.

Since both have different tips, their changeability is also different.

It is because the tip with TC pro is not changeable, whereas the tip of Graco ultra is easily changeable.

TC pro comes with a standard unchangeable tip.

So, you can differentiate these spray painters on this feature as well.

  • Spraying Flammable-Based Materials:

If you get the Graco Ultra Max spray painter, it gives you the ability to spray solvents and flammable materials.

On the other hand, TC pro cannot do that. Graco has manufactured TC pro products line for Home Depot and Lowes brands.

Yet, if you compare the Ultra model with the TC pro, you may find the TC pro leading this competition.

  • Pricing Difference

Comparing both spray painters’ prices, the TC pro is a little expensive, whereas the Graco Ultra is less expensive.

One can decide which one they need to use for a specific painting task in homes, shops, or anywhere, wherever it is required.

Which Paint Sprayer Is Better For Your Next Paint Project?

Consider using the Ultra model from Graco, as it is loaded with features and readily available at most stores online or on the shelves.

Besides, it’s bigger and comes with all the needed blessings to help you give the best spray-painting experience you’ve ever wanted.

The price for this model is also very reasonable, so it will be a decent purchase. Here is a nice little review of it for you.

Another comparison table for the two for you to make a better judgment.

FeaturesGraco Ultra Airless Paint SprayerGraco TC Pro Airless Paint Sprayer
Motor ConfigurationMotor with brushesBrushless Motors
Spray Painting qualityNot that excellentSplendid and smooth
Tip ChangingYes, changeableNot Changeable as only the Unchangeable tip for painting
Pricing DifferenceSlightly CheaperSlightly Expensive
Spraying Flammable Based MaterialsIt can spray the flammable based materialsIt cannot spray the flammable based materials

Wrapping Up

It’s pretty predictable and correct to say that between Graco Ultra and TC pro, there is not much difference to consider. Both products are good but take anyone readily available and easy to buy.

An ultra-model will suit you best because it provides all those essential features a good sprayer shall have.

I am highly impressed with this Graco sprayer’s on-the-spot tank replacement and intelligent controls. And I am pretty sure that your experience would also be somewhat similar.

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