Fypon Vs. AZEK Trim: Which One To Pick?

Plenty of options are available when building construction materials at a lower cost. Choosing the perfect one always becomes a daunting task for almost anyone. It gets more challenging with products like Fypon ok Azek.

The main difference here is the cost of using each material. While Azek is the more expensive choice, Fypon can save some money there.

But is this only factor enough to decide? When pricing is not a concern, how do you pick one of these?

The answer is simple, and you go through an in-detail comparison. That’s why here I have brought a detailed comparison of the two building materials so that you can choose the best one for your needs.

A Quick Comparison Table

DensityIt falls a bit shortPerfect density
SealingDecent sealingS4S sealing
ReliabilityGood brand valueICC certification

Key Differences Between Fypon And AZEK Trim

  • Density
Fypon Door Surround
Fypon Door Surround

Let’s start the comparison with the density you get to see in these two materials.

In any construction material, density matters a lot as it defines how durable the material will be.

When it’s about the density of the material, Azek wins that race miles ahead. The boards are just better in material quality.

And you can tell that just by looking at it because the whiteness on the board is right in front of your eyes. With the kind density of Azek, you hardly have to worry about exterior damage.

As with the Fypon materials, I would say it’s pretty decent. You get to see the color that almost falls short of pure white. Still, you can get pretty good results from the material.

  • Sealing

Sealing is the factor that will provide you with the resistance and protective properties of the material—things like waterproofing, UV resistance, ground contact, fade resistance, etc. Better sealing offers you benefits in these aspects for the best results.

In terms of the sealing factor, once again, Azek emerges as the winner. Especially after upgrading their sealing system. Right now, they use S4S sealing, which means you get sealing from all four sides of the board.

So, the protection you get from the board is just thorough, and the results are awe-inspiring.

On the other hand, there is nothing to bash about the sealing on Fypon. It’s also pretty good in terms of protecting your building from damage.

But when you enter the competition, it’s not as good as Azek. That’s pretty much how it is with these materials.

  • Reliability
Azek Trim
Azek Siding

The product’s reliability can play a considerable role whenever you go through options. It’s human nature to choose something more reliable to use.

Now, both of these materials ensure reliability in two different ways.

First of all, Fypon provides you reliability through its brand reputation.

The brand is well known for delivering high-quality boards for construction. Whether it’s for the interior or exterior, it doesn’t matter.

On the contrary, Azek ensures reliability through certification. You can rely on the brand due to the ICC or International code council evaluation. In the code, there is an approval of termite resistance, ground contact, fade resistance, and other ensuring factors.

So, both of them are pretty reliable. If your brand reputation isn’t enough assurance, go with Azek.

  • Cost

Last but not least, the pricing or cost of the two materials is always a concern. There is a significant difference in the pricing of these two boards.

Azek boards tend to be a bit more expensive compared to Fypon. They are enough reasons to keep the price high, so it all comes down to whether it’s worth it. I would say Azek is worth the money for sure.

But if you are on a tight budget and need to save money, then Fypon is an excellent alternative to Azek. The quality is there with Fypon. At the same time, they have lower pricing.

Which One Is Better For You?

I am keeping it short here. If you are on a low budget, use Fypon as the building material. But if you don’t mind spending money for better quality, then Azek is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is AZEK trim made of?

Azek trim is made of cellular PVC.

How thick is AZEK Trim?

AZEK trims can have a thickness of 4 to 15 inches.

Which is better, AZEK or Trex?

In terms of durability, AZEK is a better choice. But for more of a natural look and lower price Trex should be better.

What is similar to AZEK?

Some similar building products to AZEK are Fortune, Certain Teed, Trex, and Hadrian.


Wrapping it all up, the choice between Fypon and AZEK is tricky. Fypon is a pretty good option for building materials, and they are quite popular. Also, they are much more affordable in comparison.

However, if you are after overall better quality, AZEK wins the game for sure. It all comes down to your personal preferences and needs to choose between these two options.

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