Flame Boss 400 Vs. 500 Smoker Controller: In-depth Differences

Flame Boss 400 has a compact and lightweight construction, whereas Flame Boss 500 is slightly larger and heavier. No display and built-in control panel are available for Flame Boss 400. But Flame Boss 500 has a built-in control panel and a large display.

And if you are thinking about having a smoker controller to manage the smoker manually or automatically, just keep in mind that these digital temperature controllers ensure a steady temperature or track the metrics. Here, we will share a comparison session on Flame Boss 400 and 500.

Let’s dive in!

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsFlame Boss 400Flame Boss 500
SizeCompactSlightly larger
Weight0.47 kg1 kg 70 g
DesignAttractive DesignInnovative Design
Control PanelNo built-in control panela built-in control panel
Blower Speed12.8 CFMs21 CFMs
Special FeaturesWorks through voice commandsCompatible with Google Home  and Amazon Alexa
CompatibilityPerfect for all-sized Kamado-style smokers, grills, and primoIdeal for offset-style charcoal grills, cabinets, and drums,  and different  egg and primo

Difference Between Flame Boss 400 And 500 Smoker Controller

  • Size
Flame Boss 400 smoker controller
Flame Boss 400 Smoker Controller

What is the visible difference we usually notice at first glance? Obviously, the size!

Flame Boss 400 comes with a compact design. Its overall dimension is 19 × 12 × 6 cm

Contradictorily, Flame Boss 500 is slightly larger than 400.

The total dimension of the product is 30 × 20 × 10 cm. This makes Flame Boss 400 more portable than the 500.

  • Weight

Flame Boss 400 weighs around 0.47 kg, whereas the upgraded unit weighs 1 kg 70 g. Again, lightweight smoker controllers are more portable than heavier ones.

But how will it benefit you? Suppose you have only one smoker controller and need to use it for several grills. This gives you the convenience of carrying from one area to another effortlessly.

  • Design

Though the construction of Flame Boss 400 and Flame Boss 500 is almost similar, they are slightly different. The overall design of Flame Boss 400 appears a little more attractive.

In opposition, Flame Boss 500 comes with an innovative design. It has a solid display and works with Wi-Fi technology to control the unit easily.

  • Control Panel

Here comes the most demanding difference. Unfortunately, Flame Boss 400 doesn’t come with a display. Controlling the smoker requires connecting the device with a smartphone application.

But Flame Boss 500 has a big LCD display with four lines. You don’t need to rely on the app always. All it requires is commanding the device using the built-in control panels.

It is simple to track up to three meat temperatures. You don’t need to use any Y-cables too. Different types of cooking stats will be visible on the screen.

All the essential cooking details give you a better overview of what is going on without checking your mobile application. It is undoubtedly a plus point for Flame Boss 500!

  • Blower Speed

 Flame Boss 400 comes with a 12.8 CFMs-rated blower. As long as the temperature doesn’t fluctuate rapidly, its fan speed is enough to control the pit temperature.

Contrarily, Flame Boss 500 has a 21 CFMs-rated blower. It comes in handy for massive charcoal grills and smokers. You can keep the pit temperature within ±10°F of your target.

  • Special Features
Flame Boss 500 WiFi Controller
Flame Boss 500 WiFi Controller

Flame Boss 400 works mainly through voice commands.

Download their official application from the PlayStore or App Store and connect it to your phone.

You need to use your smartphone microphone to instruct the device to adjust the temperature level.

On the other hand, Flame Boss 500 works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices.

Just connect your smoker controller with them and command using the voice command control.

Not even a finger needs to be lifted to figure out the cooking condition.

  • Adjustability

Here comes another turning point. Flexibility is a must when it comes to cooking. Flame Boss 500 provides better adjustability than Flame Boss 400.

You need to always rely on a smartphone for Flame Boss 400. After all, it doesn’t have any digital display. Always keeping the device connected to your phone is necessary.

If any Bluetooth or internet disconnection occurs, you will fail to track and adjust the cooking condition. But things are easier with Flame Boss 500. No need to always rely on the app!

Its digital display can give you enough information to know the cooking details. Hence, you can still adjust the temperature if there is no Bluetooth or internet connection.

  • Compatibility

You can’t use a single smoker controller for all devices. Flame Boss 400 is ideal for all-sized Kamado-style smokers, grills, and primo. Plus, you can use it for a few broils King and Vision classic grills.

On the other hand, Flame Boss 500 is best for offset-style larger charcoal grills, cabinets, drums, and egg and primo. However, its Steel version doesn’t work with a few Kamado-style smokers and grills.

  • Price

Not all of us have the same budget. But it is better to spend a little bit more money to get the best bang. Flame Boss 400 is an affordable option for Flame Boss 500.

The larger dimension and digital display panel increase the price of Flame Boss 500. But doesn’t it worth it for the additional valuable features you get? Surely does!

The price difference between these two units can be more than $100. But if you only prefer a basic smoker controller for occasional purposes, Flame Boss 400 won’t be the wrong choice.

Which Smoker Controller Is The Best For You?

So, you got already a clear overview of both smoker controllers, right?

Now, it’s time to decide the best option for you. If you want a lite smoker controller at a pocket-friendly price, Flame Boss 400 is a good choice. It is simple to use and offers effortless temperature control.

On the contrary, Flame Boss 500 is the best option when it comes to the most efficient and powerful smoker controller between these two options. Installing the unit is relatively easier.

It provides almost accurate results for smokers. You can go for slower and lower cooking too. Here is a practical review of it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between the Flame Boss 400 And 500?

Flame Boss 500 has a display and built-in control panel, but there is no display and control panel for Flame Boss 400. Plus, Flame Boss 500 is larger and heavier than Flame Boss 400.

Is the flame Boss 400 the same as the Egg Genius?

Flame Boss 400 is compatible with many Kamado-style Grills & Smokers. But Egg Genius is only compatible with Big Green Egg. You can expand the meat probes up to 3 for Egg Genius, but there is only one meat probe for Flame Boss 400.

Does the flame Boss 500 work with Green Egg?

Flame Boss 500 works with Big Green Egg. But it may not work for all models.

Is the flame Boss 400 waterproof?

Flame Boss 400 is neither waterproof nor water-resistant. It is risky to use the device if it is submerged in water.


Managing the fluctuating temperature of a regular smoker without a controller is not simple. You can achieve error-free, hands-free, and hassle-free smokes with a dedicated quality smoker controller.

Our discussion on Flame Boss 400 or 500 smoker controller already cleared everything you need.

Flame Boss 400 is a budget-friendly option and is perfect for occasional use. But if you prefer a robust and powerful smoker controller, nothing can match Flame Boss 500. Now, you know which one to choose, right? So, pick it up and enjoy it!

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