Everbilt Vs. ClosetMaid ShelfTrack: In-depth Differences

Everbilt wire shelves from Home Depot are consistently bigger than Lowe’s ClosetMaid shelves on the size of standards, brackets, and shelving. It means Everbilt wire shelves have larger gauges of wire than ClosetMaid. So, these shelves will be thicker and sturdier.

Have you wondered why wire shelves in your house do not last long as you were promised?

Well, maybe because you don’t have the right product. You need to consider a few things to get the best shelve system. That’s why I’ll show you the differences between Everbilt and ClosetMaid, two of the best wire shelving systems.

A Quick Comparison Table

Special Featureshelves are cut-to-fitShelfTrack wire closet organizer systems
Construction MaterialsSteelVinyl Coated Steel extruded
BenefitsOffers More BenefitsOffers More Benefits
Load Capacity90 lbs./ Linear Feet60 lbs./ Linear Feet
Included Items7 Available Items8 Available Items
Warranty2 Years GuaranteeFree Replacement Policy
PriceLess ExpensiveMore Expensive

Key Differences Between Everbilt And ClosetMaid Shelves

  • Different Features
Everbilt Wire Closet System
Everbilt Wire Closet System

Everbilt Wire Shelving storage shelves are cut-to-fit.

They are height adjustable, shelves adjustable, and width adjustable wire racks.

Besides, these racks work as closet kit storage and are often track-mounted.

You will get flexible-looking shelves that offer custom looks as well.

On the other hand, ClosetMaid offers various ShelfTrack wire closet organizer systems.

They are all-in-one wire closet kits that come with all the necessary items. Because of the ShelfTrack system, these racks are configured as adjustable shelves that you can move at your convenience.

  • Construction Material

Construction material is crucial for a wire shelves because it can strengthen them and allow them to tolerate more loads. Everbilt wire closets are made from durable steel and have a white-coated finish. Besides, you will get wide mesh wire on these shelves.

In contrast, ClosetMaid wire shelves are made from vinyl-coated extruded alloy steel. The fully encapsulated vinyl-coating material will provide structural integrity to the shelves.

Plus, the wires are made from steel sheets.

  •  Benefits

The most crucial benefit of Everbilt wire racks is that they have a 1-inch deep standard, whereas ClosetMaid has a less than 1-inch deep standard. So, these shelves have a larger gauge of wire and are thicker.

Besides, the design of these shelves lets you continuously slide the hangers.

On the other hand, ClosetMaid shelves are vinyl coated. So they can resist chipping and rusting. Plus, they are SCS-certified. You can slide their hangers as well because of the super slide hang rod.

  • Load Capacity

Everbilt wire shelve systems are thicker than ClosetMaid. So, their structural integrity is superior to their counterparts. That’s why they can tolerate more load per linear foot. With 90 pounds per linear foot, Everbilt will allow you to store all your necessary items.

On the contrary, ClosetMaid has thicker standards, but they are made from extruded alloy steel which is very sturdy. So, even if their load capacity is not as high as Everbilt’s, they can still bear 60 pounds per linear foot.

  • Included Items
ClosetMaid ShelfTrack
ClosetMaid ShelfTrack

Included items refer to the necessary parts and accessories you will get when you purchase a wire shelve system.

For Everbilt, it’s items that come with a package.

They are Panhead screws, anchors, bolts, toggles, closet rod caps, shelves, and shelf caps.

Conversely, the 8 items you will get from ClosetMaid packages are hang track, standards, shelf brackets, closet rod, hang rod support, wire shelves, shoe shelves, and installation hardware.

  • Warranty

Everbilt has clear warranty coverage. All its products are covered by 2 year of guarantee. This means all the products will be guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship.

On the other hand, ClosetMaid has a free replacement policy instead of a warranty. They will replace any faulty and damaged part completely free of cost. You have to contact them directly or call on their local dealer for that.

  • Price

Everbilt wire shelf systems are less pricey compared to ClosetMaid. For example, a 5 – 8 feet decorative wire shelving storage from Everbilt will cost you around $189.99. But the same 5 to 8 feet wire closet organizer from ClosetMaid will cost around $223.99.

Which Will Be Better For You?

Choosing a closet organizer system is tricky because it involves many styles and other preferences. But if you seek my opinion, I would go for the Everbilt closet system.

They are thicker and probably will last longer for that, can definitely take more loads, have somewhat better warranty coverage, and will cost lower. So, it has all the possible benefits that you would ask for.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Everbilt compatible with Rubbermaid?

No Everbilt racks are not compatible with Rubbermaid. Both are somewhat similar, but Everbilt will not fit Rubbermaid. That’s because Rubbermaid is not strong enough to hold the weight Everbilt racks can.
Besides, 25 inches Rubbermaid has a less than 1-inch deep standard, but Everbilt has a 1-inch deep standard.

Is ClosetMaid a good brand?

ClosetMaid is a pretty good brand in the closet and storage system industry. It offers robust and beautiful-looking wire shelves, cabinets, and storage systems made from high-quality materials and with good craftsmanship. Plus, you will get economical luxury storage systems there.

Who makes ClosetMaid?

ClosetMaid Corporation is owned by Griffon Corporation, a multinational conglomerate based in New York City. ClosetMaid is one of its five subsidiaries. All ClosetMaid products are made in the USA, and its manufacturing plant is in Ocala, Florida.

Are ClosetMaid and Rubbermaid parts interchangeable?

Yes, ClosetMaid and Rubbermaid parts are interchangeable. The shelf supports and even the shelves will fit interchangeably.
You can use ClosetMaid shelf supports and shelves with Rubbermaid hangers. And similarly, you can fit Rubbermaid shelves and supports to ClosetMaid hangers. For example, you can use a ClosetMaid cloth hamper in the Rubbermaid closet.

Final Thoughts

People are often drowned in doubts when they are looking for a wire shelve storage system. But I have laid out the differences between Everbilt and ClosetMaid as simply as possible.

Now you can confidently choose the right one for your home. And Everbilt turns out to be the best deal here. They’re durable and can bear more loads; that’s all that really matters.

Ralph Wade

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3 thoughts on “Everbilt Vs. ClosetMaid ShelfTrack: In-depth Differences

  1. Hi Ralph, thank you for this detailed review comparing these 2 major brands (Closetmaid vs Everbilt). I have the Closetmaid system (with hang track) in my garage for at least 13 years now. At that time the Everbilt brand was not available yet. Now I am thinking about putting shelving also at our family member’s house. I am searching at Home Depot and finding the new brand Everbilt, then I find also your review. I would like to have few questions and hopefully you have time to respond.

    In the FAQ you said that these 2 brands are not compatible to each other but also you said that the parts are interchangeable. I am a bit confused here.

    Do you know if there is any website for Everbilt manufacturer? I am trying to get the detailed information for product dimensions and parts.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much Ralph.

  2. Hi,

    I agree that this article is confusing. It also does not address the fact that Everbilt has two lines (heavy duty and regular duty). 🙁 I have spent hours doing research, and if one person reading my comments benefits, then it will be worth it. 🙂

    I have used ClosetMaid ShelfTrack and love it. I went to HD to buy some more, and saw that it had been replaced with Everbilt. I saw the “heavy duty” and “regular duty” products in person.

    The heavy duty line holds 90 lbs. per linear foot. The regular duty line holds 45 lbs per linear foot. If you look at the regular duty HD products (e.g., a shelf: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-6-ft-x-12-in-Regular-Duty-Wire-Shelf-90241/314184170), they say, “Holds 45 lbs./linear ft when paired with regular duty hardware”. The “heavy duty” shelf, on the other hand, says, “Holds 90 lbs./linear ft when paired with heavy duty hardware.”

    I took a very close look at the vertical bars. The vertical slots are the same in both (obviously); the heavy duty bar is a little bit wider than the regular duty one. so you expect it to be stronger.

    The horizontal track that runs across the top looks pretty much the same (e.g., metal thickness seems the same). The big difference is in the number of holes. The regular duty one has one hole every 6 inches (just like ClosetMaid); the “heavy duty” one has two holes (one above the other) instead of just one hole every 6 inches.

    ClosetMaid sells a metal extender (for attaching two vertical bars). The closet I am going to do has very tall walls, and I would like to use extenders. Everbilt does not seem to sell these. There is one on the HD website (https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-Genevieve-White-1-Tier-Plastic-Closet-Organization-Vertical-Rail-Joiner-90683/320637102). It has two 1-star reviews that say that it doesn’t fit. 🙁 🙁 I also noted that it is made of plastic.

    Well, the key word is “Genevieve”. That is a fancy Everbilt ShelfTrack system that (sadly) appears to only be available online. The rest of my comments are specific to Genevieve… 🙂

    I’d love to see it in person. My best description is “Everbilt ShelfTrack with extra bells and whistles”. They supply an extra cover for the vertical track, to hide all the slots, as well as solid shelf covers (imitating wood – you slide/clip them over the wire shelves), and solid drawers (in the same fake wood finish). The drawers look fantastic online, but so far, no store has them on display. Home Depot customer support said that they do not know if/when this line will be on display in stores. Another detail that is not clear is whether the wire shelves used for Genevieve are the same dimensions as those used for regular Everbilt Shelftrack or not. You can purchase the “fake wood” covers separately as well, but some people said they didn’t fit…

    I didn’t look for weight on all Genevieve kits, but one kit (https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-Genevieve-4-ft-Birch-Adjustable-Closet-Organizer-with-Long-Hanging-Rod-and-6-Drawers-90742/322400848) did say that it holds 45 lbs per linear foot. I will go out on a limb and assume that all of Genevieve comes with the “regular duty” Everbilt hardware.

    Now, if the “bones” are the same between Genevieve and the rest of Everbilt ShelfTrack, then one would presume that the joiner for two vertical pieces should work as well. So, why on earth do the joiners sold by HD not work on Everbilt ShelfTrack??? I would be tempted to purchase the ClosetMaid joiners to see if they will work.

    I may end up with a hybrid: The Everbilt heavy duty horizontal track and verticals, but add the Genevieve drawers, which CAN be purchased separately (e.g., https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-Genevieve-White-Adjustable-Closet-Organizer-Large-Drawer-Kit-90671/320637106). I can order one drawer… if I hate it, return it… it’s a lot easier/cheaper than ordering/returning a $1,000 kit.

    Have a nice day!

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