EGO Select Cut Vs. Regular Mower: Which One To Choose?

Having the right mower is too crucial because mowing is a long-season job and is a hard one. So, if you have a lawn, you must need a mower to get your job done without hassle.

EGO Select Cut and Regular mower are two seemingly good mowers with all the advanced features.

EGO Select Cut mower has 7 different height settings for the deck, but EGO Regular mower has 6 different height settings. So, you can use the Select Cut mower more conveniently than the Regular one.

Let’s explore more about these two mowers.

A Quick Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison table between the EGO Select Cut mower and the Regular mower:

AspectEGO Select Cut MowerEGO Regular Mower
Mower Type21 Inches Cordless Lawnmower21 Inches Cordless Mower
Special FeatureInterchangeable Multi-Blade System6-Position Height Adjustment
BenefitsOffers More BenefitsOffers Fewer Benefits
Battery & Charging5 Ah & 7.5 Ah Battery5 Ah Battery
Warranty5 Year Tool Warranty5 Year Tool Warranty
PriceAround $540Around $400

In-Depth Comparison Between EGO Select Cut And Regular Mower

Now we will look into more comprehensive differences between these two mowers. Making a decision will be easier for you after that.

So, here are some key differences between EGO Select Cut Mower and Regular Mower.

  • Mower Type
EGO Select Cut Mower
EGO Select Cut Mower

The EGO Power Select Plus is a 21 inches deck mower run by electric charge, but you will get the gas performance.

In fact, you can expect a mulching quality of a high-end gas mower.

This mower comes with ARC Lithium batteries and offers an extended runtime.

Most importantly, you can mow your lawn without any noise and fume.

On the other hand, EGO Regular 21 inches deck mower is also battery-run. As a matter of fact, it’s the first lithium-ion mower that offers greater power than gas.

You will get noise, fuss, and fume-free performance from this mower. However, the ARC Lithium batteries come separately and deliver unbelievable performance. 

  • Features

Your EGO Select Cut mower comes with a Select Cut Multi-Blade system for a customizable cutting performance that exceeds any gas mower. It has 7-position cutting height adjustments ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. Besides, it comes with 21 inches deck.

You will get a 3-in-1 function, including mulching, bagging, and side discharging. On top of that, it has a high-efficiency brushless motor.

On the contrary, the EGO regular mower has a 6-position height adjustment from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. It also has a 21 inches deck and offers multiple functions, including mulching, bagging, and side discharging.

Most importantly, it offers the torque and performance of a gas mower with no noise and fumes.

  • Benefits

Since both are very sophisticated and advanced lawn mowers, you will undoubtedly get many benefits from them. EGO Select Cut mower is equipped with a push-start button that starts the machine quickly and easily.

EGO Regular Mower

Plus, it has bright LED headlights for easy operation.

With the 1-handed height adjustment feature, it becomes further easy for you to operate the machine.

You can fold it and keep it in a corner for compact storage.

Because of its weather-resistant construction, this machine can work even in the harshest weather condition.

Besides, it comes with an easy-access 2-bushel grass collection bag.

Similarly, the Regular EGO 21 inches mower also comes with a quick and easy push start button. The bright LED light and 1-handed height adjustment make it convenient for all users.

You can also fold this machine and store it compactly. Weather-resistant construction and easy access to the bushel bag also feature in this machine.

  • Battery & Charging

You won’t get any battery or charger with the basic package of both these mowers. You will have to purchase them separately. I’m leaving that to you whether it’s a good thing or bad.

However, you will get two battery options for the EGO Select Cut mower, 5.0 Ah and 7.5 Ah.

EGO Select Cut Mower is compatible with all EGO 56V ARC Lithium batteries. With these batteries, you can fully charge this machine in 50 minutes, but you will have to use a Power+ fast charger.

You can mow for about 45 minutes with a single full charge.

On the contrary, a Regular EGO mower is recommended to use a 5.0Ah Lithium battery. You can use this machine for 45 minutes with a full charge. It will take 50 minutes altogether to become fully charged with a Power+ quick charger. 

Apart from the battery size, there’s no difference in charging and performance between these two mowers. You will get more or less similar battery performance from them.

  • Warranty

Warranty is very crucial for a machine like a lawn mower. It indirectly tells you about the quality of that particular product. However, you will get a similar warranty from both mowers since they come from the same manufacturer.

You will get 5 Year Tool Warranty with EGO Select Cut and Regular EGO mowers. So, there’s no difference here either.

  • Price

An EGO Select Cut lawn mower comes with a price tag of $540. In contrast, you will have to spend around $400 for a Regular EGO 21 inches lawn mower.

EGO Select Plus is more expensive because it offers more features and benefits than a regular mower.

Which Mower Will Be Best For You?

According to my discussion about the features and differences, it’s clear that the EGO Select Cut mower is more advanced and powerful than a regular EGO mower.

Users have also claimed the same. So, I suggest you go with the EGO Select Cut Lawnmower.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, you will have to spend some extra money but trust me, it’s worth it. You can use a 5 Ah or 7.5 Ah battery option. Besides, this mower has an upper blade, extended runtime blade, and mulching blade.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is difference with EGO select cut?

EGO Select Cut is different from EGO regular mowers in many ways. EGO Select Cut comes with two battery options. Most importantly, this lawn mower has a Select Cut multi-blade system. On top, it is equipped with three interchangeable blades, including a lower blade, mulching blade, and extended runtime blade.

What does select cut Mean with EGO mowers?

EGO Select Cut lawn mower comes with a Select Cut multi-blade cutting system. Besides, this mower comes with three interchangeable blades. The mulching blade comes readily installed on the mower and is suitable for weekly mulching.

What is the difference between EGO select cut and select cut XP?

The EGO Select Cut lawn mower is the first battery-charged lawnmower with three interchangeable blades. On the other hand, the new EGO Select Cut XP has greater power than a gas mower.

Can you cut wet grass with EGO mower?

EGO lawn mowers are weather resistant and can cut lawn grass very effectively. Since they are battery run, have a robust build quality, and come with various height adjustable blades, you can cut wet grass with them.

Final Thoughts

You will get a beautiful-looking lawn by weekly mowing with the right lawn mower. After knowing all the info about EGO Select Cut and Regular mowers, I’m hoping you won’t make any mistake choosing the right mower.

Undoubtedly, EGO Select Cut is the better choice between these two. You can keep your lawn picturesque by weekly mowing it with this 21 inches cordless mower.

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