ECHO CS 800P Vs. Stihl 660 Chainsaw: In-depth Differences

If you are planning on getting a new chainsaw and are stuck between ECHO CS 800P and Stihl 660, you are not alone.

One significant difference between both machines is that Stihl has a lighter build-up, with exquisite features, whereas ECHO has a heavier feel. ECHO comes with a five-year warranty, while Stihl has a one-year warranty.

One brand may be deemed better due to a particular feature lacking. Let’s get ready to rumble!

A Quick Comparison Table

Product DescriptionECHO CS 800PStihl 660
Design and BuildLighter, Pro-fire ignition approachHeavier, High-quality components
WarrantyFive-year- consumers, One-year- commerciallyOne-year- consumers, Three-month- commercially
Air Filtration SystemNot availableAvailable
DurabilityPretty goodExcellent
AvailabilityLarge extentSmaller extent
Kickback Reduction TechniqueKick guardChain brakes
Chain LubricationAdjustable oiling systemAutomatic oil pumps

Contrasting Features Between ECHO CS 800P And Stihl 660 Chainsaw

  • Design And Build
ECHO CS 800P Chainsaw
ECHO CS 800P Chainsaw

The vital difference between the two brands is the build.

In layman’s language, this is also termed weight.

The ECHO CS 800P is lighter, meaning you can use it for long hours without getting tired.

Also, the appliance has a pro-fire ignition system that ensures you complete a power sequence within two pistol rotations.

Conversely, Stihl 660 is a little bit heavier. However, this is due to the high-quality parts used. This machine is excellent for tough scrubs and bushes.

All in all, the lightness of the ECHO makes it a more convenient tool for fallen trees and long hours of work.

  • Warranty

Regarding warranty, ECHO 800P is better off, and here’s why. The tool comes with a five-year warranty period for its consumers and one year for commercial products.

In contrast, Stihl 660 has a one-year customer warranty and three months for commercially-sold items. ECHO wins by a mile as it provides a better warranty option.

  • Air Filtration System

Another distinctive feature between the two is the air filtration system. The air filter ensures the combustion chamber is free from dust particles.

Also, it regulates and initiates a constant supply of clean air to the engine.

Stihl 660 has this application that ensures it works smoothly and efficiently. On the other hand, ECHO lacks it. Therefore, if this component is essential to you, pick Stihl 660.

  • Durability
Stihl 660 Chainsaw
Stihl 660 Chainsaw

How durable a product is, determines its reliability.

You want a chainsaw that will serve you conveniently and reliably for a considerable time without breaking down constantly.

You can be guaranteed a long lifespan with Stihl 660.

This equipment is designed for heavy-duty operations, with sturdy bars and chains.

It has a high engine power that enables quick and easy cutting of hardwood. ECHO 800P has pretty good durability, but Stihl is the winner.

  • Availability

One more differentiating factor is availability. ECHO CS 800P has more availability options, such as home-improvement organizations and many independent distributors. In other words, this tool is very easy to find if you’re on a shopping spree for a cutting saw.

On the contrary, Stihl 660 is only available from independent retailers. You can’t get the tool from home-improvement companies. Regarding availability, ECHO gets the clap.

  • Price

The price is slightly different for both brands. ECHO CS 800P costs around $963, which is lower than Stihl 660, roughly $1020. With the advanced systems and features that come with Stihl, I get why it’s pricier.

If you’re going for a lower-priced machine that yields outstanding performance, pick ECHO 800P.

  • Kickback Reduction Technique

ECHO CS 800P uses a kick guard to reduce the occurrence of kickback chains, bars, and the chain brake structure. This is the best technique to adopt, especially if it’s your first time using a chainsaw, as it is safer.

The downside of the guard is that it tends to interfere with sawing activities.

Contrarily, Stihl 660 has lower kickback bars and chains. Implementing a chain brake is the best way to minimize kickbacks in this device.

You can select either of the two chainsaws based on the method used to reduce snagging of the chain.

  • Chain Lubrication

Greasing the chain is essential since it reduces friction which causes wear and tears in tools. Also, it aids in blade maintenance.

ECHO 800P features an adjustable oiling system that can be manually adjusted and inevitably lubricates the chain whenever it moves.

In opposition, Stihl 660 adopts automatic oil pumps that are activated as soon as the engine reaches a maximum speed. You don’t have to control the procedure manually.

Which Chainsaw Is Better?

The question rather should be; what in particular do you need in a chainsaw?

Both machines are remarkable, each with its spark. They differ in many ways; therefore, it should be easy to pick one.

ECHO 800P has a better edge than Stihl 660 in terms of availability and extended warranty. Stihl 660 has outdone ECHO due to its extra features and durability.

Price considered, Stihl is pricier than ECHO, but it’s down to its exceptional quality. Watch it’s action from this video.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is better: ECHO or Stihl?

Both are excellent choices. However, if you want a sturdy, lightweight chainsaw that cuts through wood like butter, ECHO is the prize. Stihl makes more sense if you want a chainsaw that has innovative features, sleek design, and excellent durability.

How does an ECHO chainsaw compare to a Stihl Chainsaw?

An ECHO chainsaw is powerful, light, and easy to use. On the other hand, Stihl has the upper hand thanks to the magnificent features available and the broad range of models it has.

Will a Stihl chain work on an ECHO chainsaw?

You can use a Stihl 63 PM3-56 chain, but for it to function, you must find a 63 bar that can fit your ECHO. Make sure the chain gauge is compatible with the bar size gauge.

What is the biggest size ECHO chainsaw?

The ECHO CS-800P is the largest of all ECHO chainsaws, coming with a powerful engine that can deliver the most cutting operations in the best way possible.

Final Thoughts

After an interesting head-to-head battle between ECHO CS 800P and Stihl 660 chainsaw, it’s accurate to state that both chainsaws work like a charm.

ECHO 800P is more affordable, easy to get, and has an excellent warranty provision. If those features blow your mind away, this is the tool you should buy.

Nonetheless, Stihl 660 will be the last chainsaw you set your eyes on if you are looking for high-end features, exemplary performance, and durability. Now, you get to choose which chainsaw gets to pocket your money.

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