Dyson TP09 Vs. TP04 Air Purifier: In-depth Differences

Dyson brings one of the best air purifiers for homeowners and offices. One can have an elegant product from this brand and breathe fresh air.

However, it isn’t easy sometimes to compare its different models like TP09 and TP04.

However, some of the significant differences between these two models are that TP09 is a little expensive unit whereas the TP04 is 100 bucks cheaper. Alternatively, TP04 makes a little more noise, but TP09 goes quieter.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsDyson TP09Dyson TP04
Noise MakingQuit operationsA little louder
Coverage Area46 – 74 m²28 – 55 m²
Airflow390 liters290 l/s
Controlling MethodVoice Plus RemoteRemote Control
Air Cooling featureYes ProvidedYes Provided
Pricing FactorExpensiveCheaper
Sensing pollutants in real timeNot SensingYes, it is sensing

Key Differences Between Dyson TP09 And TP04 Air Purifiers

  • Noise Making
Dyson TP09 Air Purifier
Dyson TP09 Air Purifier

The reasonable difference between these two products you can find from many customers or pre-users of these room fresheners is their noise level.

When you have a TP04 inside the home, you’ll find it working a little louder than the TP09.

Dyson recommends both products be of the same level of noise.

But when I researched, I found the TP04 making a little louder noise than the second comparable model.

Therefore, considering these, you’d be more concerned about your comfortable nights.

The reason is that you don’t want to get disturbed by an air purifier while having a sound sleep at night.

  • Coverage Area

The size and filled tank make another significant difference between these two models. When you go with the TP09, it covers more of your house, building, or any commercial or residential property.

It can easily cover up to 46 to 74m2 of the area when you have placed it on a desk or table. It means the fragrance can be smelled from a great distance whenever you enter your house after coming from that tiresome job or office.

On the other hand, the TP04 doesn’t give you such coverage. Though it is not less, covering 28 to 55m2 is slightly less than a TP09 can provide you.

In that case, it will depend on how many areas you want to cover with a specific air purifier and how much distance you want this fragrance to spread.

  • Airflow Capacity

The airflow capacity decides how long you can use a specific air purifier before considering changing its filter.

For this, both products come with different airflow capacities. The TP09 model comes with 390 liters, whereas the TP04 comes with 290 liters.

It means the latest model can go longer than the classical model from Dyson. However, both are good at providing fresh and scented air in your rooms or homes.

Sometimes you can make considerations when you don’t have time to change the filter earlier.

  • Controlling Method
Dyson TP04 Air Purifier
Dyson TP04 Air Purifier

The latest technology has features that help you easily use and take work from these machines.

Whenever you are using the TP09, you can control it by two methods.

Either it can be controlled or operated by using a remote control.

Or it can be operated by using your voice.

So, whenever you enter your home, ask this air purifier to turn on or change settings; it will listen to you and do that work quickly.

However, with the TP04 air purifier, you’ll get the remote control that can be used to operate this masterpiece. There will be no voice control with this model.

  • Air Cooling Feature

The best thing about these Dyson air fresheners is that both come with Air Cooling features.

These include a similar feature that helps you get some coldness in the air when it’s too warm inside.

By purifying the air, you can make it a little colder if you feel hot. This feature comes with both purifiers.

  • Pricing Factors

There is not much difference between the prices of these air purifiers from Dyson. One comes with $100 bucks more than the other.

TP09 is a little more expensive unit than TP04. However, that price is compensated by providing the extra voice-controlling feature, more capacity, and other details.

  • Sensing Pollutants In The Real Time

A feature you will find missing in TP09 but will be available inside the TP04 is that TP04 can easily sense or detect the pollutants in the air.

It can help you recognize the quality of the air in your house. Therefore, you can also compare these two units from this feature.

Which Dyson Air Freshener Is Better?

Taking note of all the features discussed here, I think TP09 costs you a little more. With advanced features and an upgraded model, it’s a way better purifier.

Dyson TP04 is good to consider when you are short on budget.

But suppose you can spend a little more. In that case, you can monitor your purifier by using your voice and get more capacity, coverage, plus other features.

Therefore, the choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Difference Between TP07 And TP09?

TP09 is an advanced and upgraded model, whereas the TPO7 is a classical model. Plus, both have significant differences in their prices.

When Did Dyson TP7A Come Out?

It was first available on July 1, 2022, when Covid-19 was at its upper scale.

Which Dyson Purifier Is Best?

Till now, TPO4 Hot and excellent purifier are considered one of the best products from this brand.

What Is The Difference Between Dyson TP04 And TP07?

The main difference between TP04 and TP07 is that the former covers less area while the latter covers more area. Plus, the price is also similar for both products respectively.

Final Thoughts

You are always deciding between the Dyson TP09 and TP04 air purifiers is not a complicated job when you know the significant differences between both.

You can go with the TP09 model if you are more concerned about its quiet working, better storage capacity, and Alexa controlling feature.

Or you can go for the TP04 if you are more concerned about the budget. Both will perform exceptionally well and refresh the air and your mood.

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