Air Scrubber by Aerus Review 2024: The Good and the Not-so-Good

What are the chances that the air you’re breathing in is causing you respiratory problems?

Bigger than you think it is. The air around us is contaminated with pollutants. Keeping the air clean is important, and you can do it with an air scrubber. This is why you have an air scrubber by Aerus review right here.

Air scrubbers keep the air clean but what makes this one special? Let’s find out.

A Review of Aerus Air Scrubber: Good and Bad

Going through your options before buying something is pretty much a rule of thumb. This ensures you’re making the best choice possible.

This is the reason that brought you here. So let’s jump to the details straight ahead.

  • Features of the Aerus Air Scrubber
Air Scrubber by Aerus

Both the Air Scrubber Advanced and the Pure & Clean air scrubber have some benefits that give them the extra edge.

These benefits make Aerus a good choice for air scrubbers.

They are convenient, amazing at what they do, and come with a warranty.

What are the other features? Take a look at them right here:

  • Strong surface cleaning

As everyone knows, our surfaces are covered with contaminating particles. We can’t see them with our bare eyes. The pollutants and contaminating particles only show up under powerful microscopes. They are the main reason you need air scrubbers.

Aerus air scrubbers come armed with strong filters. Both models have HEPA Filters installed in them. The extra boost is the carbon filter in the air scrubbers.

Both models of Aerus air scrubber come with an extra carbon filter installed with the HEPA filter.

The carbon and HEPA filter together does an amazing job of cleaning the pollutants from both air and surfaces. Aerus air scrubbers have a 99.98% cleaning rate.

They claim this result has come from multiple pieces of research in different laboratories.

  • Negative and Positive Ions Filtering

Air scrubbers don’t just eliminate the contaminating particles. An air scrubber is made to kill all harmful particles.

This includes the ones that make the indoor air smell bad. Air scrubbers eliminate them too and keep the indoor air smell-free.

An Air scrubber eliminates the bad smell from the air in a different way. The mechanism sends out negatively charged ions into the air.

The negative ions attract the positively charged contaminating bacteria and particles. The negative ions and the positive ions in the particles react with each other.

The Reaction eliminates the positively charged contaminants and keeps the air fresh. Most air scrubbers only use negative ions for filtering the smell but not the Aerus ones.

The Aerus air scrubbers use both kinds of ions for filtering- negative and positive ones. The negative ions attract positively charged contaminants. The positive ions attract negatively charged contaminants.

Using both kinds of ions gives a stronger cleaning and the air stays smell-free for a longer time.

  • Instant Installation

There are two common types of air scrubbers. There’s the portable air scrubber and then there’s the integrated air scrubber. Portable air scrubbers are easier to install.

You’ll just have to connect a power source if need and it is all set up. You can start using it from the get-go.

Integrated air scrubbers take a little more work than that. You’ll have to squeeze in a little extra effort before it gets up and running.

Integrated air scrubbers have to be connected to an HVAC system before they start doing their thing.

Connecting an integrated air scrubber can be tricky sometimes. Some air scrubbers can need more work. The HVAC system in your home may not be compatible with it.

If that happens you’ll have to find a way of redoing your HVAC system first.

Both the Aerus air scrubbers are very easy to install. The integrated air scrubber is designed in a way that makes getting it installed easy. You can attach it to your already existing HVAC system and it will be ready to do its job.

The portable Pure & Clean air scrubber is even easier to use. Since it is portable, you don’t have to worry about attaching it somewhere. You can plug the machine in if necessary and then just turn it on.

Both the air scrubber coming with an instant installation is a plus point. Watch this video to understand how it works.
  • Smooth User Interface

Ease of use matters a lot for everything. A good deal means nothing if the consumers can’t use the product easily.

This is the reason electric gadget designers try to make the user interface easy to use.

Both models of the Aerus air scrubbers have smooth user interfaces. The Pure & Clean model has a LED display that makes operating the gadget easier.

The Air Scrubber Advanced comes with a pretty detailed user manual to help the user operate the gadget better.

Things That Could’ve Been Better With Aerus Air Scrubber?

Both models of Aerus Air Scrubbers are excellent at what they do. The only thing that could’ve been better is the energy usage.

The Air Scrubber Advanced model does pretty well with energy consumption. It consumes around 20 watts (the same amount a standard light bulb consumes) of energy. This is a good deal, of course.

The Pure & Clean model consumes almost double that energy. This model consumes 43 watts of electricity which may not feel like a lot, but it is. A lower energy consumption number would be more sustainable environmentally.

This is the only thing that needs work. Other than that, Aerus air scrubbers are pretty good at their job.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How long does air scrubber Aerus last?

The lifespan of an air scrubber depends on the machine and the filters used in the air scrubber. The filters usually have a shorter lifespan than the actual machine. The Aerus air scrubber lasts at least 5 years, and the maximum lifespan of this is 20 years.

How much ozone does Aerus air scrubber produce?

Most air scrubbers use Ozone for a better germ-killing rate. The maximum level of ozone tolerated by the EPA is 0.5 ppm. Aerus Air scrubbers come with ozone and ozone-free option. The ozone-containing air scrubber uses 0.05ppm of it which is pretty lower than the maximum limit.

Does Aerus air scrubber really work?

The Aerus scrubber has been proven to work in multiple laboratory experiments. The experiment conducted at the University of Cincinnati proved it kills dust and pollens faster. The university study performed by Kansas State demonstrates it kills E.Coli and MRSA by 98% and 99.8% respectively.

Are air purifiers good for Covid?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to that. The covid-19 bacteria are smaller than most particles. They have different characteristics than most viruses. So the experts still aren’t sure if air scrubbers can eliminate the virus.


And here you have it, air scrubber by Aerus review.

Both the Air supplier models have strong filters that do a thorough cleaning of the indoor air and surface. The charged ions keep the smell down, and they are easy to install.

The user interface is smooth so no hassle of complex instructions.

The energy consumption for both machines is still lower than most of your other electronic gadgets. With the pros outweighing the slight con, you can trust Aerus air scrubbers to be a good option for you.

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5 thoughts on “Air Scrubber by Aerus Review 2024: The Good and the Not-so-Good

  1. Yes, the article was useful. Thank you for writing it! Do you have an assessment of Aerus’ Active Pure Technology Air Scrubber that can be added to a heating and cooling installation? Would like to know if it worth it adding it to my soon to be installed new air handler?

  2. Just got a new ac/heating unit installed. I asked for a sit purification system to be installed. They installed your system. After reading this article about this system I have a question or two. Do I have to change the filters and how long does this system last?? Is it all electric or are there any batteries that have to be changed?? If and when it quits working, is it a unit that I can change out myself.

  3. Was perfect for me. I have a small dog with lung issues and I have asthma. I wanted to be sure the air scrubber is safe and ozone free and able to do what it says it’s supposed to do. I already had it installed but I’ve been researching articles and yours was quite clear and factual which I appreciate it

  4. My wife is concerned about the hydrogen production as far as health is concerned, even though it is a small percentage. Anything you can say to her concern?

  5. I would love for these previous questions to be answered ! I would also like to know if anything needs to be done after installation .

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