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Durastrand Vs. AdvanTech Subfloor: Which One To Pick?

Durastrand Vs. AdvanTech Subfloor: Which One To Pick?

The subfloor plays a key role in finishing floors and holding the underlayment up. But choosing a single one for your residence or office isn’t going to be easy because the current market features hundreds of different models.

Among the crowds, two well-known brands named “Durastrand” and AdvaTech” offers some wonderful subfloors. Before you interchangeably pick, it’s better to know they’ve differences in build quality, thickness, warranty, and many more places.

This is what I’ll disclose right here; stay tuned!

A Quick Comparison Table

ConstructionOriented Strand BoardHigh-density wood
Thickness of Board1/8”, 7/8”, 19/32”, and 23/32”.1/2”, 5/8”, and 23/32”
Achievement StatusMeets PS2 StandardsMeets ESR-1785 standards
Warranty Information50 years of the limited warrantyA lifetime limited Warranty
Guarantee Information1 year (no sand)500 days (no sand)
SpecialtyDistinguishable edge seal (purple)100% Moisture-Resistant

Key Differences Between Durastrand And AdvanTech Subfloor

  • The Difference In Build Quality
durastrand subfloor
Durastrand Subfloor

There is no chance to consider any of them a “clear champ” straight away; guess why?

Because both stand out in their own way when it comes down to construction.

The Durastrand mainly consists of a premium-oriented strand board (OSB).

Thus, it ensures greater stability in terms of heavy-bearing projects on construction sites. 

But unfortunately, it doesn’t withstand moisture in the way the AdvanTech does. This is because, with the engineered high-density wood, AdvanTech gets a unique “resin technology” to assist each panel in resisting moisture.

However, it’s equally true that both will be able to tolerate heavy loads and crowds for an extended period. 

  • Thickness

Here is where most of us often forget to focus, but guess what? If you tend to purchase any subfloors, it’s a must to look for the thickness, confirming whether it can carry daily loads and crowds or not.

Fortunately, both AdvanTech and Durastrand offer different thickness levels. Depending on the model, the level of thickness will vary. Let’s say, Durastrand mostly delivers 1/8”, 7/8”, 19/32”, and 23/32”. AdvanTech offers 23/32” 1/2” and 5/8” on the flip side.

So here you can see that Durastrand ensures versatility by being equipped with more thickness options. But I’d say they offer standard rates to help you get the right one for residential or commercial uses.

  • Grading Difference

You’ll be happy to hear that both Durastrand and AdvanTech got standards for their increased productivity, longevity, and overall performance. But they got seals from different well-known services to take place in your “priority list.”

For example, PS2 covers the performance standard of any wood-based component, which is what the Durastrand comes in. On the other side, AdvanTech meets the standard of “ESR-1785” for its optimal stiffness, strength, and quick-holding ability.

  1. Warranty/Guaranty
Advantech Subfloor

Here is where you can find a noticeable difference.

Even though the warranty varies from seller to seller, still most of them claiming a lifetime limited warranty for the AdvanTech, including a “no sanding guarantee” of 500-day.

Meaning you can say bye-bye to cupping, swelling, and delamination!

The Durastrand is backed by a 1-year guarantee (no sand) and a limited warranty of 50-year. So at least you can cast your worries away for five decades at a stretch, as the seller will surely give you support within that period. 

Which Subfloor Is Best For You?

Choosing a single subfloor for either residence or office isn’t child’s play!

Especially if you aren’t well aware of its common specs. In my comparison list of the Durastrand and AdvanTech, both are pretty good at adding beauty and strength to your flooring. 

However, if you prefer a moisture-resistant and quiet subfloor, rely on AdvanTech. Moreover, it’s known to be 100% waterproof. 

On the other hand, the Durastrand won’t disappoint you if you prefer durability, thanks to the efficient oriented strand board it gets. On top of that, it is entirely free from urea-formaldehyde resins, making it more environment-friendly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Durastrand?

Durastrand is a popular subfloor known for its added durability, strength, and performance. It features a couple of thickness levels, a premium OSB, and a distinguishable edge seal (purple) for easy-peasy identification.

What is the best subfloor?

Groove and tongue plywood subfloor is the best choice for its added stability and support. But considering the surrounding, you need to choose the correct thickness that can withstand crowd and moisture.

Is AdvanTech stronger than Plywood?

Even though Plywood is ideal for being stiff and affordable, it can’t beat the efficacy of AdvanTech in terms of consistency, quality, and strength. Moreover, the thing that makes the AdvanTech stand out is its excellent moisture-resisting ability.

Is the AdvanTech subfloor waterproof?

AdvanTech comes with a 100% waterproofing ability, including greater resistance against moisture. In this way, it can eliminate the chances of fracture or cracks to the beauty and durability of your subfloor. 


To wrap up the comparison of Durastrand with AdvanTech, I’d say both are better in their ways. There is no way to prioritize one over the other because each is reliable for its improved performance and quality.

With that being said, the AdvanTech stands out for ensuring excellent moisture resistance, while Durastrand is quite ideal for being environment-friendly. Now, it is your decision about where you want to spend your valuable bucks.

The ball is in your court!

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