Duffalo Bar Vs. Buffalo Bar (2024): In-depth Differences

Duffalo bars have a more curved or cambered appearance, whereas buffalo bars come with a bent look. The first one has a higher sleeve length than the second one.

However, buffalo bars have high weight capacity than Duffalo bars.

Are you looking for a versatile barbell that can add various weights at each end depending on your strength? You might already come across both Duffalo bars and. buffalo bars. But which one to choose between them?

Keep scrolling to figure it out!

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsDuffalo BarBuffalo Bar
Physical LookMore curved or camberedMore bended
Maximum weight capacityUp to 1500 lbs.Up to 1800 lbs.
Sleeve LengthSlight longer sleeve lengthSlight shorter sleeve length
Number of platesMore number of platesSlightly less number of plates
Special FeaturesMinimal rotational demand and better scapular retractionZero whip
KnurlMore present and aggressiveLess present and aggressive
Contact pointbetter contact pointAverage contact point
Back feelsWraps around your entire backWraps only the middle of the back
Upright Position CompatibilityAlways stays uprightNever stays upright

Key Differences Between Duffalo Bar And Buffalo Bar

Duffalo Bar
Duffalo Bar
  • Physical Look

Duffalo Bars have a more curved or cambered appearance. The main advantage of curved bars is removing stress issues significantly when you do squats.

You can keep your hand relaxed at a lower position. It comes in handy for bench presses too.

On the contrary, Buffalo Bars have bent shapes. It comes in handy when you focus more on heavy muscle-building movements.

You can use this type of bar for using more weight items. It can provide an excellent grip for exercise related to the forearm and biceps muscles.

  • Maximum Weight Lifting

A Duffalo bar can recruit Up to 1500 lbs. weight. Compared to standard barbells, it is a better choice for doing the harder bench presses. It usually targets the back and pecs precisely.

Conversely, Buffalo Bars can handle Up to 1800 lbs. weight. Their bent design allows them to carry more weight.

If you are a squat enthusiast, you will surely love this option. It can effectively decrease your shoulders, lower back, and biceps pain.

  • Sleeve Length

Compared to Buffalo Bars, Duffalo Bars have a slightly longer sleeve length. The main advantage of a longer sleeve length is quick spinning ability.

You will not have to be concerned about losing smoothness. It also increases the overall tensile strength. Hence, you can handle heavier loads more effortlessly than Buffalo Bars.

  • Number of Plates

The sleeve length of Duffalo bars is slightly higher than buffalo bars. Hence, you can load more plates on Duffalo bars. This comes in handy when you want to do the heavyweight lifting.

However, be cautious while doing such risky tasks. Both sides must have balanced weights.

Cross-check each plate weight before adding them to the barbell. Also, don’t forget to keep a trainer with you always.

  • Knurl

Compared to Buffalo Bars, Duffalo Bars have a more aggressive knurl. The feeling you get while lifting the weight is what you love about it.

Duffalo Bars have a slightly better crosshatch pattern on the shaft. It offers an increased grip by raising the friction between the Duffalo bar and the hands.

So, Duffalo Bars will exceed Buffalo bars positively in terms of depth, pattern, and aggressiveness.

  • Contact Point
Buffalo Bar
Buffalo Bar

You can see the difference easily if you use both barbells for squats.

For example, Duffalo Bars offer a better contact point because it wraps around the entire back.

Its distinctive physical appearance ensures a slightly better/lower-hand position.

It can be one of the best barbells if you have a bad shoulder.

Alternatively, Buffalo Bars have a moderate contacting point. It only contacts the middle of the back. It will likely swing forward if you do heavy GMs or box squats. 

  • Upright Position Compatibility

Duffalo bars always stay upright. This gives you additional pulling strength while doing deadlifting.

It is also excellent for over-heading presses or working on the shoulders. The continuous upright position also helps your upper arms’ muscles. You will get a perfect tone and shape within a short time.

Unfortunately, buffalo barbells don’t start upright, regardless of what exercise you do. But, it is still good practice to train muscles that are typically overdeveloped.

  • Special Features

Duffalo bares come with a proprietary bend. This ensures minimal rotational demand on your shoulder and improves scapular retraction  It also provides a sufficient joint centration

Oppositely, buffalo bars have zero whips because you don’t need to change the direction quickly. So, playing with buffalo bars doesn’t need to be a professional bodybuilder.

After all, it doesn’t create any momentum while you do the heavy lifting.

Which Barbell Is Better For You?

When it comes to doing a workout, we use different accessories or attachments. But not all are suitable for all.

Buffalo bars seem a good choice if you want a budget-friendly older option and don’t have any bad shoulder issues.

However, if you don’t have a limited budget and have bad shoulders, Duffalo bars are the best choice. It is an updated version that you can use for a wide range of workout tasks.

The best part of Duffalo bars is that it ensures a better workout experience with increased safety. Here is a Duffalo bar for you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it buffalo or Duffalo bar?

Duffalo bar is an updated version of buffalo bars which has curved or cambered designs, unlike buffalo bars.

Is Duffalo bar harder?

Duffalo bar is slightly more challenging than buffalo bar. You should only use 1-3 times of bench presses per week.

Is a Duffalo bar worth it?

Duffalo bars are excellent if you want to prefer better workout experiences. It is especially more reliable for people with bad shoulders.

What’s the point of a Buffalo bar?

Buffalo bars are an excellent choice for bench pressing and squatting. It can remove pressure from your shoulders and elbows.

Final Thoughts

Still wondering which one to choose between Duffalo bar and Buffalo bar? Both are great, but the Duffalo bar is a better pick in several aspects.

But, the price of Duffalo bars can be twice or thrice of a buffalo bar. Hence, not all people afford it. If pricing is not a concerning point for you, go with a Duffalo bar.

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