Les Mills Smart Bar Alternatives You Can Consider!

Are you facing difficulties in finding time for a good workout? If you answer yes, then Les Mills smart gym bars and equipment can be your handy companion.

Les Mills smart gym equipment will help you work out at home and give you proper instruction via mobile application. Moreover, the bar can carry enough weights that will help you to enhance your muscles. 

Les Mills Smart Bar offers lucrative designs and layouts that will definitely entice you to purchase the product. 

However, Les Mills smart gym bars carry some significant drawbacks that can lead you to purchase their alternatives. 

Substitutes To Les Mills Smart Bar

Here is a list of the top alternatives to Les Mills smart gym bars that can mitigate your limitations.

  • CAP Barbell Olympic Trap Bar
CAP Barbell Olympic Trap Bar

If you prefer a smart bar for your legs and back exercises, you should select CAP Barbell Olympic Trap Bar. 

CAP Olympic Trap bar is designed to ensure complete stability and resistance.

Moreover, you can set up the weights of the barbell according to your barbell. 

In addition, CAP Olympic offers its users a minimum monthly subscription rate.

You will also get experienced trainers and experts through the mobile application. 

The advanced features of the CAP Barbell Olympic Trap Bar make it a perfect replacement for the Les Mills Smart gym bar. 

  • Body-Solid OB86B Olympic Swiss Bar 

Even though Body Solid OB86B Olympic Swiss Bar has similar traits to Les Mills, Body Solid features a broader grip and more resistance. 

Body-Solid OB86B Olympic Swiss Bar

You can use the Body Solid Olympic Swiss Bar for multiple exercises like bench presses, barbell rows, and bicep curls.

Hence, Body Solid Olympic bars will suffice your maximum demand. 

Moreover, Body Solid Swiss Bars are robust and provide a wider grip than other brands.

Therefore, the bars won’t slip away from your hands, and you can avoid serious accidents. 

Due to the presence of advanced technology, you can adjust the weight capacity of Body Solid Olympic Swiss barbells. 

However, Body Solid’s annual and monthly subscription is expensive compared to other brands. 

Despite this drawback, Body Solid Olympic Swiss bars tick all the boxes of being the perfect replacement for Les Mills smart bars. 

  • XMark Olympic Swiss Bar 

When it comes to designs and versatility, XMark 7’ Olympic Swiss Bar tops the chart.

With a choice of narrow, medium, or wide grips, you can easily adjust the XMark gym bars. 

XMark Olympic Swiss Bar

Since XMark Olympic Swiss Bar offers variety and diversity, you can also perform a wide range of exercises with the help of this smart bar. 

The platform also provides diet plans, experienced gym trainers, yoga sessions, and other accessibilities. 

It is true that XMark Olympic Swiss also charges high rates, but its top-notch features and advanced technology justify its high pricing. 

Therefore, if you are searching for an all-around gym bar, XMark Olympic Swiss bar and equipment are the perfect alternatives. 

  • Fringe Sport Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell 

Fringe Sport Olympic Barbells are renowned for their high-quality products and long-lasting services. 

The solid framework and premium components make the product special from others. Moreover, you can use Fringe Sport Wonder Bar for multiple exercises like squats, deadlifts, curls, and pushdowns. 

Users have also showered massive praise for the designs and versatile looks of Fringe Sport Wonder Olympic Barbells. The exclusive color grading of the gym bars is eye candy for all. 

Hence, Fringe Sport Wonder Olympic Bars have proved to be a worthy replacement for Les Mills smart bars and equipment. 

  • Tonal Home Workout Equipment
Tonal Home Workout Equipment

Tonal gym accessories provide a whole category of home workout equipment, including barbells, dumbbells, and stretching tools. 

The interactive mobile application and a panel of experienced trainers will help you to keep track of your records and maintain consistency. 

Smart barbells and stretching tools from Tonal feature advanced technology that gives you a comfortable grip and easy motion sensors. 

Additionally, Tonal home workout equipment costs are low, and the company charges a minimum monthly subscription fee. 

Overall, Tonal home equipment scores the perfect mark as an alternative to Les Mills Smart bar and gym equipment. 

Ultimately, the best alternative to the Les Mills Smart bar will depend on your specific needs and the exercise you want to perform. 

Is Les Mills Smart Bar Worth It?

Les Mills Smart Bar

By now, you have an elaborate idea about Les Mills smart bar alternatives. Now, let’s focus on the benefits of the Les Mills smart gym bar and decide whether the product is worth it. 

  • Versatility 

You can use Les Mills Smart Bar for different exercises such as squats, curls, deadlifts, barbell rows, and tricep pushdowns. 

Compared to other smart gym bars, Les Mills has better technology that gives you accurate results and keeps track of each motion. 

Moreover, you can adjust the Les Mills Smart bar’s grip and set the perfect tone for your home workout. 

  • Design 

Les Mills Smart Bars and gym equipment are famous for their designs and layouts. The combination of neon and black colored barbells has caught the attention of all gym lovers. 

You can also purchase different sizes of Les Mills Smart bars that focus on a specific exercise. For example, medium size for bicep curls and large size for squats and deadlifts. 

In addition, Les Mills Smart bars have buttons on its body through which you can customize the bar’s specifications. You can also control the bar via a mobile application from a far distance. 

  • Capacity 

Weight holding capacity is one of the essential features of a smart gym bar. Les Mills Smart Bars can hold more than 45 kg of weight. 

Many top smart barbells fail to hold such weights compared to Les Mills Smart Bar. Hence you can adjust your preferable weight and perform various exercises. 

  • Price 

The price and monthly subscription of Les Mills Smart Bar are decent compared to other top brands. 

Les Mills Smart Bars will cost around $40 to $50, including all the features. The monthly subscription fee is relatively low compared to the top companies. 

Therefore, you will enjoy an effective home workout at an affordable price from Les Mills Smart Bar and gym equipment. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How heavy is the Bodypump bar?

The premium Bodypump bar weighs around 2.4 kg. You will also get extra discs of 5kg, 2.5 kg, and 1.25 kg. 

How much weight can Les Mills Smar Bar hold?

Les Mills Smart Bar can hold up to 45 kg of weight. 

Can you do Les Mills without equipment?

Yes, you can perform various exercises and yoga training through Les Mills’s mobile application. All you need to do is to pay the monthly fee and sign up to start your training. 

How heavy is the bar at the gym?

The standard weight of a gym bar is about 45 pounds. 


As mentioned in the article, you can use Les Mills Smart Bar Alternatives to ensure an effective workout and bodybuilding. 

I have articulated all the potential alternatives that can be found in your nearby stores. Moreover, a detailed description is also provided to acknowledge the benefits and worth of Les Mills Smart Bars. 

The mentioned product comes in various forms and provides an effective workout and muscle-building experience.

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