Dimar Dado Set Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

Whether it is hardwood or melamine board, you need the right saw blade to cut it properly. The Dimar Saw blade set is one of the best in the market.

Apart from my own experience, I’ve consulted with other users and contractors to understand the product better. So, you will get authentic information in this review. After reading this article, you can decide whether it’s the right one for you.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Features of Dimar Dado Set

A good product comes with unique features that make it stand out from others. Likewise, I’ve found Dimar Dado’s saw blade set amazing because of some outstanding features. You’ll understand when you see them yourself.

Here are some key features of the Dimar Dado Set:

  • A Highly Effective Saw Blade
Dimar Dado set
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Dimar Dado is a German-made saw blade set produced while maintaining strict German codes and will conform to the highest quality around the world.

This sharp blade can take any heavy-duty job with great precision and power.

Being made from superior materials, it will last longer and offer excellent performance.

The top-of-the-line carbide set with two side cutting with high-points beveled for a cleaner cut and a straight raker tooth makes it exceptionally good. All in all, you will get an excellent saw blade set from Dimar dado. 

  • Robust Material

In my experience, saw blades made of solid materials can cut better and last for a longer time. Because of the robust material, I can cut any wood with Dimar Dado saw blade. Dimar has used steel and carbide to make this blade.

We all know that steel and carbide are solid materials. Combined, they make a shiny blade with exceptional sharpness that cuts through a thick wood. I have used Dado saw blade for quite a time now, and I can take on any type of wood with it. It’s because the blades are made of high-quality metal.

  • Weight & Size
dado blades

Weight and size are significant for a saw blade. They greatly affect its performance.

So, you must use a saw blade with a balanced weight according to its size.

I found my Dimar Dado saw blade set has a well-balanced size and weight, and because of that, I get superb results every time I use it.

Dimar Dado saw blade is 8 inches in diameter. It has a kerf thickness of ¼ inches to 13/16 inches. The weight of this saw blade is 5.39 pounds, which is pretty lightweight. But the combination of weight and size makes it exceptionally good.

  • Outstanding Cutting Performance

A saw blade is known for its cutting performance. No matter what it is made from or what size it comes in, if it cannot cut your wood smoothly and with good precision, you can’t say it’s a good blade.

But the good news is, I get excellent cutting performance from my Dimar Dado set.

It comes with 8 inches diameter and 44 teeth. The bore size is 5/8 inches. With this teeth size and count, you can easily cut heavy and thick wood.

Besides, it produces less vibration. As a result, you can work with your saw for a long time without any hand fatigue.

  • Included Items

As a set, Dimar Dado saw blade comes with many items. Needless to say, all these items are necessary for cutting wood.

You will get two saw blades, 5 chipper blades, a shim set, etc., in the set. Every one of them comes in handy for me; it will be for you too.

All the included items help this saw blade set cut many types of wood. With this blade, you can easily cut hardwood, veneered plywood, melamine board, laminated board, etc. So, you will be able to take the most challenging wood cutting projects with this saw blade set.

  • Price

Price plays a crucial role when selecting a product. Generally, a good product holds a higher price tag. A Dimar Dado set also comes with a comparatively higher price tag.

While some people think the price is okay, others think it is slightly overpriced. I also think the price could be a little lower. But you can justify the price by looking at the quality.

  • Warranty

Warranty is another important thing for a product, and it indicates the quality of a product. A saw blade is a heavy-use product. So, you will have mental peace knowing that your saw blade is better warranted for a longer time.

I’m satisfied with this warranty term, and I’m sure you will be too. If you are convinced to get it, watch how to use it!

What Could Have Been Better With Dimar Dado Set?

Although I’m satisfied with Dimar Dado’s saw blade set, I still found some minor issues. These are minimal issues and can be taken care of quite easily.

But I think you should know about them to get a complete picture of this product. So, here are some drawbacks of the Dimar Dado saw blade set:

  • Slightly Overpriced

As I mentioned earlier, I think Dimar Dado saw blade set is slightly overpriced. Many customers and professionals have said it too. It is a very good saw blade set, but lowering the price wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Instead, it will help boost the sale because a lot of people will be interested if the price is slightly lowered. So, Dimar should look into it.

  • More Teeth Option

A saw blade with more teeth option provides a smoother cut. This Dimar Dado set comes with 44 teeth blade. While it can provide a smooth cut, more teeth will provide a smoother woodcut.

So, Dimar can do more R&D and bring more blades with more teeth options.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is a good dado set?

There are a lot of dado sets available in the market. But among them, Oshlun SDS Dado Set with 42 Tooth and Dimar Dado Set with 44 Tooth are some of the best options.

How many teeth should a dado set have?

Teeth play a vital role in a saw blade’s performance. You will find a dado set with 12 teeth to 44 teeth. While more teeth don’t imply better performance, it ensures a smoother cut.

Can you use an 8-inch dado on a 10 inch table saw?

You can use an 8 inches dado set on a 10 inches table saw as long as the arbor hole on both sides matches each other.

Why can’t you have a dado in Europe?

You can’t use Dado in Europe because it’s illegal there. In order to use it there, you’ll have to remove the guard and riving knife from your dado set.

Final Thoughts

After reading my Dimar Dado set review, I think now you’re convinced that this can be a pretty good option for your table saw. Although it has some minor cons, the pros win by a mile.

I’ve been using a Dimar Dado set for a long time, and I’ve regretted using it once. So, you should give it a try.

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