Best Saw Blade for Baltic Birch Plywood To Buy In 2024

Though all the saw blades on the market somewhat look the same, they produce quite different results once you get to work with them. Without the right saw blade for Baltic birch plywood, it’s somewhat impossible to get the fine cut you are looking for. 

Every wood and material you cut with the saw is different, and the same goes for birch plywood. Below, I have discussed those characteristics in the latter part of the article.

Top 3 Saw Blades for Baltic Birch Plywood 

After hours of research and user feedback, I have rounded up this list of the three best saw blades for plywood to get the cut you are looking for. So, without wasting any time, let’s see what these blades have to offer.

Freud 10″ Thin Kerf Ultimate Blade

Freud Blade
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The first blade on my list is from Freud, and it has all the necessary features to generate the perfect cut on Baltic birch plywood. First, let’s talk about the blade material. 

The blade is made of TiCo Hi-Density carbide, a specially designed carbide developed in Freud’s laboratory.

This material is basically a mixture of Titanium Carbide, Cobalt, and Tungsten, which gives you unprecedented sharpness and lifespan. 

Then comes the teeth count, which is another requirement for plywood blades. In that regard, Freud has 80 teeth on it, which offers the clean and smooth crosscut your Baltic birch plywood need. 

The kerf of this blade is relatively thinner, which is another big plus for clean cuts.

Vibration is known as one of the biggest enemies of saw blades. So, to eliminate this threat, Freud LU79R010 blade comes with laser-cut anti-vibration slots. These four slots at four corners ensure you have a smooth cut, longer lifespan, and a noise-free operation from this blade. 

Freud also added a Perma-SHIELD coating on this blade, basically a nonstick coating that dissipated the heat and prevent blade warping. 

Overall, this blade for Baltic birch plywood is every woodworker’s dream. Without any noticeable issue, this blade is an easy recommendation. 

Tips: Though this blade is specially made for crosscuts, rushing can result in small chips. So while cutting, don’t hurry and give the blade time to cut through. 

Forrest Woodworker II Kerf Saw Blade

Forrest Woodworker II Kerf Saw Blade
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Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II might not be as fine as the previous Freud blade, but this blade surely gets the job done.

Forrest has done a superb job of providing the best material in the business. 

The high-quality C-4 carbide build ensures that it can withstand anything you throw at it.

At the same time, the carbide build also helps the blade maintain sharpness for a long time. 

Next up, we have the kerf and teeth count. In both these segments, Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II might not be the best choice in terms of number. 

Yet, it performed pretty decently in my testing. The lack of teeth is covered up by the reverse teeth design, helping the blade get that clean, sand-free cut. 

Despite not having any anti-vibration slot, this blade has a relatively quiet operation, which is another feature I loved about this blade. This blade is hand tensioned, too, so you don’t have to worry about the preciseness. 

There is a wide variety of sizes and teeth numbers available for the blade. So, as a user, you get the liberty to choose the perfect size according to the saw you own. 

Lastly, I would like to mention the price of this product. There is no doubt that this blade offers superior quality and performance. 

But whether that quality and performance justify the price tag remains a question.  But if the budget isn’t a problem for you, you should go for this blade from Forrest. You won’t regret the purchase. 

Tips: This Forrest blade has a record of performing better with powerful saws like cabinet ones. If you don’t have any high-end saw to pair it up with, look for other options. 

Freud Thin Kerf Ultimate Cut-Off Blade

Freud Thin Kerf Ultimate Cut-Off Blade
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Ending the list with another similar Freud blade. If you are looking for an affordable saw blade for plywood, this blade might be the perfect option for you. 

Surprisingly, this blade also checks every box a good saw blade should, despite the affordable price. Freud didn’t make any noticeable compromise here. 

Starting with the material, it’s a mix of Titanium Carbide, Cobalt, and Tungsten, offering the superior durability and sharpness every woodworker looks for. 

There are 800 teeth to this blade, the highest number of teeth on a crosscut blade if we talk about the average. This dense teeth setup offers a smooth cutting experience with polished edges. 

Another precondition of having a smooth cut is a thin kerf. Thanks to Freud, you also get that advantage here. A bare 5/8″ kerf ensures that the blade goes through the plywood like a knife through butter. 

Vibration and heat management are two very important aspects of a saw blade, yet many high-end blades even miss out on these features. 

But Freud has done a great job by providing the laser cut anti-vibration slots, and nonstick coating two eliminate these issues and guarantee a longer lifespan. 

On top of all the benefits, keep in mind that this blade is specially manufactured for plywood, and if you are trying to cut stuff like laminate, the blade might get dull sooner. Apart from that, it would fulfill your every need effortlessly. 

Tips: There are some complaints about this blade having a little tear-out on the back of the wood. Try using a lower RPM and pushing the saw slowly into the plywood to prevent that issue. 

Points to Remember Finding the Perfect Saw Blade for Baltic Birch Plywood

saw blades

Purchasing a saw blade is simple, but when looking for a bale specifically for Baltic birch plywood, things can get a lot more complicated. So, here are some points to find the perfect blade for your plywood jobs. 

  • Blade Size

A particular blade will only work with a specific saw if the blade size matches the slot on the machine. So make sure you check out the arbor size and diameter of the blade to determine the compatibility with your saw. 

  • Number of teeth

Crosscut blades are a must for plywood cutting. So, what characteristic decides whether a blade is crosscut? The number of teeth. Make sure the blade you are choosing has at least 40 teeth. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an imprecise and ripped cut.

  • Kerf

Plywood projects always need precision. You’ll need a blade with a thinner kerf to achieve that goal. Thinner kerf offers minimal material wastage, faster cutting, and a polished edge. 

  • Anti-vibration slot

Lastly, look for blades that have an anti-vibration slot on them. The vibration of the blade can reduce its lifespan and sharpness significantly. This anti-vibration slot can extend the blade’s lifespan by reducing the vibration and offering you a quieter operation. 


That’s a wrap for today’s best saw blade for baltic birch plywood review. If you have searched for a saw blade specifically for Baltic birch plywood, you should know how hard it is to find one with all the necessary features. 

I hope my effort towards shortlisting the perfect saw blades for Baltic birch plywood will be successful if you find the ideal match for yourself from this list. Even if you don’t, the guide should point you in the right direction and help you find the perfect saw blade for yourself 

Ralph Wade

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