Crystal Pacific Windows Vs. Milgard Windows: In-depth Differences

The Milgard windows are made with a 1-ply vinyl membrane and are prized by homeowners for their ability to resist damage from weather and bugs.

However, the Crystal Pacific windows have been able to compete in recent years. Crystal Pacific utilizes a 2-layered film that is more resistant to cold than standard vinyl films.

Below are other differences between Crystal Pacific and Milgard that should be noted by consumers who are looking to buy a new product from either company.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturesCrystal Pacific WindowsMilgard Windows
QualityAverage qualityHigh quality
PerformanceIt starts to crack after months or years.Works perfectly for years
ResistanceIt is less resistant compared to Milgard windowsStrong and resistant to moisture and heat
FunctionalityOffers a variety of stylesIt comes in a variety of operating techniques and frames.
DurabilityIt does not last longerLasts over 50 years.
PriceA bit cheaper than Milgard WindowsQuite expensive
WarrantyLifetime warrantyOffers lifetime warranty
ReputationThere are quite a several controversial reviews about the productThese windows have a couple of positive reviews

Differences Between Crystal Pacific And Milgard Windows

  • Quality

One thing that makes brands succeed is their products’ quality.

Crystal Pacific Windows

Milgard’s innovative, low-maintenance products have earned the company a reputation for quality and lasting value.

You can count on Milgard windows to provide many years of service and enhanced energy efficiency.

With Milgard windows, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing there is no need for expensive repairs or replacements.

They also require less maintenance over time than aluminum or vinyl windows.

On the other hand, Crystal Pacific windows, which are recent in the market, offer a different quality than Milgard windows.

However, for their price, pacific windows provide what you expect. Their windows meet EnergyStar’s qualifications to ensure that you have the best possible window regardless of your budget or design needs.

  • Performance

Milgard windows are built with a unique design that provides a high level of performance.

This means that Milgard windows will be able to ensure your home is well insulated and will provide thermal protection from outside extreme weather conditions. Milgard windows are designed to make repairs easy and quick.

Crystal pacific windows are also suitable window panes. The problem is that you start noticing some thermal cracks in the windows. In some instances, people have complained of the seals becoming loose and the bulging windows months after repair.

  • Resistance

Milgard windows are strong enough to withstand significant impacts such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, or other natural disasters. They also stay strong during long-use cycles.

Crystal Pacific windows are not strong enough to resist adverse weather changes. The windows leak during the rainy season, crack during hot seasons, and the frames loosen a few months or years after installation.

  • Functionality

Milgard is invested in giving its customers high-quality products with various options. You can choose from vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass from their wide range of styles depending on which function you want your windows to serve.

Crystal pacific windows also offer a variety of operating styles and different series. However, their windows are made of Vinyl.

  • Durability
Milgard Windows

Due to the excellent quality of Milgard windows, you will enjoy years of perfection in your home.

The windows are energy efficient and are not affected by weather changes.

Milgard windows offer replacement options for most parts at no cost associated with service calls which is essential if the product needs replacement.

Milgard windows are made from PPG RT transparent glass and are the only company that makes the glass, and they claim they will never change the formula. Other companies use an inferior, cheaper version of this product that can potentially break easier.

Although Crystal pacific offers a lifetime warranty, the windows are not strong enough to withstand adverse weather conditions. The windows start to crack after a few months. They also lose the clear view making them cloudy and aesthetically displeasing.

  • Price

Crystal pacific windows sell at almost half the price of Milgard windows. Crystal Pacific windows fit this category if you want to buy windows for your home on a budget. However, it would be best if you went for quality over price.

 Milgard windows are pretty costly. But Milgard’s quality, efficiency, durability, and services are worth every cent you spend.

  • Warranty

All Milgard windows come with a lifetime warranty that protects your investment during every phase of its life cycle. Milgard allows the transfer of warranty ownership if the house is sold within ten years after installation. The ability to transfer of warranty expires after ten years.

Crystal Pacific windows also offer a lifetime warranty. They, however, do not provide the transfer of warranty advantage.

  • Reputation
Crystal Windows
Crystal Windows

What other customers say about the brand is essential when looking for the best market windows.

Based on a couple of reviews, Milgard windows has several positive reviews.

The customers are happy with the number of products offered by the brand.

Customer services in terms of installation, repairs, and reputation of Milgard Windows are top-notch.

Milgard windows earn excellent marks for their ability to resist wind and air infiltration, strength against water penetration, ease of operation, and longevity. Customers are okay with the price of Milgard windows.

Despite Crystal Pacific windows’ affordability, the windows have a couple of negative reviews. For starters, customers are not happy with the quality of the windows. One of the customers was complaining about the windows cracking months after installation.

Crystal pacific windows also become cloudy, and the seals loosen. They also do not offer a transfer of warranty option to their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Milgard windows any good?

Milgard windows are some of the best windows available in the market. Considering the high-quality glass used to make the windows, Milgard can last up to 50 years with less maintenance.

Where does Milgard make their windows?

Milgard windows were initially made in Pacific Northwest. However, over the years, Milgard has had multiple facilities throughout the USA.

Does Milgard make custom windows?

Yes. Milgard makes custom windows to fit the customer’s style and needs.


Deciding which windows to install in your new home can be challenging. Crystal Pacific windows vs. Milgard post is a good start for a new shopper.

After reading the guide, you will find that Milgard windows beat Crystal Pacific windows in all aspects.

Milgard windows last 50 years with less maintenance. The customer service of Milgard is top-tier. You should, however, consult your contractor on which windows to use.


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