Marvin Infinity Vs. Essential Windows: Which One To Pick?

If you have considered Infinity and Essential windows from Marvin the same thing so far, your knowledge could be different after reading this comparison. Infinity by Marvin is a separate service that provides windows and doors as a replacement for your old installed windows and doors.

However, the Essential windows are newly made windows that can be used as your first option when you build a new house or building. Both belong to the same brand but still come with considerable differences.

A Quick Comparison Table

FactorsMarvin InfinityMarvin Essential
PurposeWorks as replacement windows with a totally different adventureProvides windows for newly constructed houses and doors with new windows and doors
Windows Installation RequirementsYou have observed significant water damage, Condensation, cosmetic issues, etc.You have a new property, house, building
Offering Windows with MaterialsMade only with fiberglassMade with Wood, Aluminum, and Fiberglass
Designs Offerings  Awning Window, Bay Window, Bow Window, Casement Window, Double Hung Window, Round Top Window, Single Hung Window, Specialty Shape WindowsEssential Casement, Essential Awing, Double Hung, Glider, Picture, Round Top, Single Hung, Specialty Shape Windows
DurabilityLess durableMore durable
WarrantiesLimited Lifetime warrantyUp to 10 years of a limited lifetime warranty for interior finish
Ensuring Energy EfficiencyProviding energy-efficient windowsNot offering energy-efficient windows

In-depth Differences Between Marvin Infinity And Essential Windows

  • Purpose
Marvin Infinity Windows

One of the highly significant differences between the Infinity and Essential windows is that the former comes with the purpose of replacement of the old windows.

But the latter comes with pre-made or custom-made window options for your new constructions.

The offerings you will get at Essential are made with durable and robust materials with maintenance-free utility.

But with Infinity, Marvin is making the replacement process of your old window or door as early as possible.

  • Windows Installation Requirements

At Infinity, you will only contact us when you need to replace your old windows with new Marvin options. These pre-installed windows might go out of use because of water effects, cosmetic issues, climate changes, etc. Let them know, and they’ll fix everything.

On the other hand, you can always come to the Essential windows options by Marvin when you need new installation on your new construction.

  • Offering Windows with Materials

When you ask for a window at Essential, you get windows made with wood, fiberglass, or aluminum. However, the best and highly recommended options are always selecting fiberglass windows from Marvin.

Compared to that, Infinity offers you a complete replacement of your old windows with a new one using only Fiberglass materials.

  • Design Offerings

Being at both the Infinity and essential, you will get a massive selection of designs to bring some new windows inside your home or window. However, at Essential, options like Glider, Round Top, and Picture are unique to offerings provided at Infinity.

  • Durability
Marvin Essential Windows
Marvin Essential Windows

Essential series windows are more durable on the interior as more material is used in their construction.

The good in the long run as well.

But the installation or replacement offered at Infinity may not be as durable as you are considering.

However, it depends on your budget too.

  • Warranties

With Infinity, you will get only a limited lifetime warranty on any window or door replacement.

Compared with Infinity, the Essential gives you up to 10 years of a limited lifetime warranty on every single window you bring inside your house.

  • Ensuring Energy Efficiency

The infinity replacement options provide an additional function of better energy efficiency while replacing windows.

However, you may not find such a feature in the Essential series.

Overview of Marvin Infinity Windows

Marvin Infinity windows, now rebranded as Marvin Elevate, are a premium line of wood replacement windows made by Marvin Windows and Doors. As Marvin’s top-tier offering, Elevate windows deliver unmatched quality, customization, and performance.

Let’s examine the standout features of Marvin Elevate windows and the pros and cons of this exceptional product line for your home.

Key Features of Marvin Elevate Windows

  • Ultrex Fiberglass Construction

Marvin Elevate windows feature an innovative Ultrex pultruded fiberglass frame and sash. This high-tech composite material offers numerous benefits over traditional vinyl or wood frames.

Ultrex is highly durable and resistant to swelling, warping, and rotting. The exceptionally strong material improves structural integrity. It has an industry-leading finish warranty and needs virtually no maintenance.

The pultruded fiberglass manufacturing process maximizes weather-resistance and thermal performance. Ultrex is also recyclable and environmentally-friendly.

  • Precision-Welded Corners

Marvin employs advanced robotic processes to precision-weld the frame and sash corners. This creates a continuous, seamless connection for maximum strength and protection from air and water infiltration.

The corners press together under extreme force and heat, fusing together into a permanent unbroken bond. Precision-welding enhances both the lifespan and efficiency.

  • High-Performance Insulated Glass

Elevate windows come standard with advanced dual-pane insulated glass units featuring argon gas fill and top-quality spacers.

Marvin also offers triple-pane options with two air spaces for optimal insulation. Specialty glass like low-E coatings, tinted, tempered, and laminated glass is also available.

The insulated glass packages deliver excellent thermal efficiency, sound dampening, solar control, security, and longevity.

  • Weathertight Seals

Elevate windows incorporate santoprene weatherstripping, bulb seal compression technology, and integrated sash-to-frame seals for unmatched air tightness.

When closed, the sashes compress against foam-filled bulbs to create a continuous thermal barrier. Integrated seals embedded in the sash also dynamicly engage the frame.

These weathertight technologies minimize drafts and infiltration for improved comfort and energy savings.

  • Sleek, Refined Styling

Marvin Elevate windows feature architecturally elegant designs with fine lines, attention to detail, and high-end hardware.

The Ultrex exterior comes in seven beautiful, low-maintenance colors. Interior wood finishes include pine, oak, cherry, and maple.

Elevate offers more than a dozen carefully proportioned styles, from classic double hungs to dramatic round top windows. The styling provides timeless aesthetics.

  • Expansive Size Capabilities

Elevate windows can be configured in nearly any custom size, with industry-leading maximum sizes up to 5 feet wide and over 12 feet high.

The strong, rigid Ultrex material and structural enhancements allow ample glass areas with minimal obstructions. Marvin Elevate windows make the most of your view.

Pros of Marvin Elevate Windows

  • Exceptional Durability

The pultruded Ultrex fiberglass frame is highly impact-resistant and stands up to extreme weather like high winds, heavy rain, and hail. Precision-welded corners and structural reinforcements add strength.

Elevate windows last at least 50% longer than vinyl or wood windows, with no rotting, swelling, or warping. The 10-year warranty on materials attests to their durability.

  • Superior Energy Efficiency

Innovations like Ultrex, triple pane glass, weatherstripping, and seamless corners result in best-in-class thermal performance.

Elevate windows have U-factors as low as 0.16 and SHGCs down to 0.17, exceeding ENERGY STAR requirements. This reduces heating/cooling costs and enhances comfort.

  • Customization and Design

With numerous styles, finishes, glass types, hardware, and custom sizing, Elevate allows you to perfectly match your home’s look and needs.

Choices range from traditional divided lites to clean contemporary lines to massive picture windows. Every detail is built to your specifications.

  • Weathertight Construction

Precision-welding, compression bulbs, integrated seals, and multi-chambered frames keep air and water out. Elevate windows resist leaks nearly 10 times better than industry standards.

No drafts or infiltration means greater durability and temperature regulation. A house stays comfortable in any weather when tightly sealed.

  • Easy Maintenance

The Ultrex exterior never needs painting, scraping, staining, or caulking. Just soap and water keep it looking freshly installed.

Interior wood finishes use durable veneers that clean up easily. The fiberglass and welded corners prevent rot, cracks, and termite damage.

  • Strong Warranties

Backed by a 20-year glass warranty, 10-year coverage on manufacturing defects, and 10 years on the Ultrex finish, Marvin provides long-term reassurance.

Very few window issues arise due to Elevate’s construction. But it’s comforting to have protection well after the typical 10-year window warranty expires.

Cons of Marvin Elevate Windows

  • Higher Upfront Cost

As a premium custom-built window, Elevate costs more than basic off-the-shelf options. But the investment pays off for years of superior performance and savings on energy bills.

Professional Installation Ideal

Elevate windows allow DIY replacement, but their size and weight make professional installation the better option. Factor $150-$300 per window for experienced installers.

  • Long Lead Times

These custom-made windows take approximately 4-6 weeks to manufacture and deliver after ordering. Homeowners must wait longer than quick in-stock window purchases.

  • Limited Local Availability

Marvin sells Elevate windows exclusively through their authorized dealer network. You cannot pick them up at big box stores. This makes hands-on viewing limited.

Overview of Marvin Essential Windows

Marvin Essential windows represent a more affordable product line while maintaining Marvin’s renowned quality and performance. As an impressively durable fiberglass window at a moderate price point, Essential offers an excellent value for homeowners.

Let’s examine the notable features of Marvin Essential windows along with the pros and cons of this versatile Marvin collection.

Key Features of Marvin Essential Windows

  • Durable Low-Maintenance Fiberglass

Marvin Essential windows feature pultruded fiberglass frames and sashes. This composite material is highly impact-resistant and dimensionally stable in any climate.

The fiberglass construction prevents swelling, rotting, cracking, and warping. It never needs painting or staining, even in coastal areas. The durable material and protective finishes result in very low maintenance.

  • Weather-Resistant Construction

Essential windows incorporate weatherstripping, dual-pane insulating glass, multi-chambered frame designs, and sash-to-frame interlocks to resist the elements.

High-quality weatherstripping keeps out drafts and moisture. Two panes of insulating glass with a thermally optimized spacer system add insulation. The framing chambers also enhance thermal performance.

  • Positive Action Locks

Essential windows have one to four positive-action cam locks on each operating sash. These hardware systems firmly pull the sash tight against the frame when locked.

The tight compression seals out wind, rain, and outside noise. It also improves the window’s structural stability in strong winds or extreme weather.

  • ClimaTech Insulated Glass

Marvin’s ClimaTech insulated glass package comes standard on Essential windows. It features double-panes with a stainless steel Intercept spacer, dual seals, and argon gas fill in the cavity.

ClimaTech provides excellent thermal efficiency, reducing solar heat gain and conductive heat transfer. It also minimizes condensation and additional pane strength.

  • Contemporary Styling

Essential windows have a sleek, refined look showcasing clean lines, narrow frames, and clutter-free corners. The proportions and details create a fresh, elegant aesthetic.

Configuration options include casement, awning, double hung, glider, and stationary styles. Marvin also offers custom shapes and arch tops to match your architecture.

  • Marvin’s Signature Quality

While more affordable than Marvin’s premium lines, Essential windows still provide the company’s renowned quality, engineering, and performance.

Every component from the glass to weatherstripping to hardware meets Marvin’s exacting standards for exceptional durability, efficiency, and function.

Pros of Marvin Essential Windows

  • Great Durability

The pultruded fiberglass frame resists swelling, rotting, warping, and cracking even in harsh climates. Durable finishes prevent degradation. Essential windows last for decades with minimal maintenance.

  • Energy Efficient

Features like ClimaTech glass, weatherstripping, and solid construction provide excellent thermal efficiency. Essential windows will measurably reduce heating and cooling costs.

  • Smooth and Quiet Operation

The Positive Action locks and weatherstripping compress the sashes tight when closed. This results in smooth operation plus excellent sound dampening.

  • Enhanced Security

Positive Action hardware seals the window tightly while improving structural integrity. The strong fiberglass frames are highly pry-resistant. Essential windows deter intruders and protect your home.

  • Cost Effective Value

Essential windows deliver impressive durability, efficiency, and quality at moderate price points. For budget-conscious buyers, they provide lasting value for the money.

  • Low-Maintenance Exterior

The fiberglass frame and sash never need painting, staining, or frequent cleaning. Just mild soap and water keep Essential windows looking fresh for decades.

  • Transferable Limited Warranty

Marvin offers a valuable 20-year transferable warranty on Essential windows. It guarantees years of warranty coverage even if you sell your home.

Cons of Marvin Essential Windows

  • Not Marvin’s Top-Tier Product

Essential is affordable, but lacks some premium features and total customization of Marvin’s high-end Ultimate and Elevate lines.

  • Professional Installation Ideal

Do-it-yourself replacement is possible but challenging with Essential windows. A professional installation ensures proper integration and sealing.

  • Supply Chain Impacts

Like many manufacturers, Marvin has dealt with pandemic-related labor shortages and supply chain issues. Lead times may be longer on Essential windows.

  • Special Order and Freight

These made-to-order windows generally require 4-6 week lead times. Additional shipping and handling charges apply since dealers cannot stock many units.

  • Heat Loss Through Frames

Fiberglass is a good insulator, but some heat still transfers through frames. Essential lacks advanced thermal technology like Marvin’s Ultrex material.

Which Windows Series From Marvin Is Better For You?

Since the brand is the same in both windows series or offerings, choosing either would not make a difference.

You can select from Essential Series Windows both for replacement and new installation on those new constructions. Here is a list of its cool collection!

But with Infinity, you will only be limited to replacing your old windows with new and better ones. So, it’s all on you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Difference Between Marvin Infinity And Essential?

Marvin Infinity offers replacement windows, while the Essential offers new ones for newly developed houses or buildings.

What Are Marvin Infinity Windows Called Now?

The Marvin Infinity windows are called either Integrity Windows or Essential windows these days. But they are totally a different line of business.

Is Marvin Essential A Good Window?

Yes, heavy-duty fiberglass construction and more durability are magnificent windows to consider.

What Is The Top Of The Line Marvin Windows?

Signature Series from Marvin is the top-of-the-line Marvin windows these days.

Final Thoughts

Most people indeed get confused while making a selection between Marvin Infinity and Essential Windows. However, both lines are entirely different from each other.

If replacement is only what you need, you should consider contacting the Marvin Infinity replacement for all types of new window installations.

But when you need to buy some exceptional windows for your new property, choosing the Essential series from Marvin will be the best.

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  1. I am replacing windows and getting quotes from two companies. One company says that he only uses the Infinity fiberglass and feels it is superior to the Essential because Marvin has updated the product over time. The other company doesn’t sell Infinity windows but sells the Essential. Which would you say is better? I live in Marin county in Northern California and our house faces the SF Bay. It is windy and salty here.

  2. I don’t think this blog post is completely accurate. I was told by a well known window dealer that Infinity uses a thicker gauge of Ultrex vs what is used on the Essential. There are also more options with the Infinity line and the frame supposedly has a slightly different look than the simpler Essential line. Also why even write a blog and not respond to people’s questions.

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