CertainTeed Northgate Vs. Landmark Roofing Shingle

CertainTeed Northgate is made from a combination of premium roofing asphalt with a specialized SBS modifier. In contrast, a proprietary blend of asphalts and polymers is used to make CertainTeed Landmark.

Plus, the first one is slightly heavier than the latter.

CertainTeed shingles are one of the best choices when creating a durable and beautiful roof. They are impact resistant and equipped with many advanced roofing technologies. Let’s check out more about CertainTeed Northgate and Landmark.

A Quick Comparison Between Table

Wondering how CertainTeed Northgate differs from Landmark? Here is a small table to get a quick idea.

SpecificationCertainTeed NorthgateCertainTeed Landmark
MaterialA blend of premium roofing asphalt with specialized SBS modifierA proprietary blend of asphalts and polymers
Color Options11 color choices30+ color choices
Weight270 Lbs. Per Sq.222 to 238 Lbs. Per Sq.
Resistance properties Class 4 impact resistance ratingUL Class A fire resistance
WarrantyLifetime Limited Transferable WarrantyLifetime Limited Transferable Warranty
CostSlightly higherSlightly lower

A Detailed Comparison between CertainTeed Northgate And Landmark

Knowing the primary differences in details helps you make a better decision according to your project. Here is a head-to-head comparison session.

  • Material
CertainTeed Northgate Roofing Shingle
CertainTeed Northgate Roofing Shingle

CertainTeed Northgate is made from a blend of premium roofing asphalt with a specialized SBS modifier.

This material ensures extreme durability and is easy to install.

In contrast, CertainTeed Landmark is a proprietary blend of asphalts and polymers.

These special materials can protect your roof from heavy wind and moisture infiltration.

  • Color Options

CertainTeed Northgate is available in 11 color choices, such as Max Def Burnt Sienna, Max Def Driftwood, Max Def Pewter, etc. However, each of them can add beauty to your roof.

On the other hand, more than 30 colors are available for CertainTeed Landmark. The most popular options are Atlantic Blue, Birchwood, Charcoal Black, and Cottage Red.

  • Resistance Properties

CertainTeed Northgate has a Class 4 impact resistance rating. It can easily take a 2“size hail stone without showing any splitting or tearing issues.

Contrastly, CertainTeed Landmark isUL class A fire resistance. This type of roofing material can resist several fire exposures. It can endure up to 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Warranty Period

Both roofing materials offer a lifetime limited transferable warranty. They also have 10-year StreakFighter and SureStart Warranty.

CertainTeed Northgate offers only 50 Year Limited Transferable Warranty if you use it for commercial purposes. But its product performs better than Landmark for commercial purposes.

  • Longevity
Landmark Roofing Shingle
Landmark Roofing Shingle

Compared to Landmark, Northgate can last a more extended period since it has a Class 4 impact resistance rating.

Also, it has double-layer laminated glass fiber-based construction.

This makes the unit resistant to buckling.

Also, it has increased high-flexural fatigue strength to avoid unwanted clouding at the folds of the panels or other cracking issues.

  • Weight

CertainTeed Northgate is slightly heavier than Landmark. The average weight of CertainTeed Northgate could be around 270 Lbs per Sq.

In contrast, Landmark weighs around 222 to 238 Lbs per Sq. The first one is more efficient than the latter due to its heavy weight. It can give more protection to the roof.

  • Cost

The price difference between these two roof shingles is not too much. However, the overall cost will be slightly higher when you use them for a huge roof or several roofs.

But, it is a solid rule of thumb not to be concerned about the price point. After all, it is a long-term investment. You should give more priority to their compatibility and quality.

 Which Roof Shingle Is A Better Choice?

Both roof shingles have decent quality. Choosing a particular option requires you first consider your roofing requirements.

CertainTeed Landmark is a better choice if you want to install a basic version of the roof shingle for your household. It is affordable, lightweight, and available in more attractive color options.

Contrastly, CertainTeed Northgate is a highly durable shingle that can last for a long time. Its high-grade crack-resistance properties make it a top choice for commercial usage.

Even extreme cold weather will affect its durability. If you even install it in damp regions areas, no growth of algae will be visible. This makes it a reliable option for adverse weather conditions.

Here is a visual demo for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between CertainTeed landmark and Northgate?

CertainTeed Landmark is made of a proprietary blend of asphalts and polymers, whereas CertainTeed Northgate is a blend of premium roofing asphalt with a specialized SBS modifier.

Are Northgate shingles good?

 Northgate shingles have high-grade crack resistance properties, making them ideal for heavy-duty usage and high wind areas. It has increased tear strength and flexibility.

How long will CertainTeed Northgate shingles last?

Northgate shingle can last around 30 years on average if you install it correctly and do the maintenance task regularly.

What is the difference between CertainTeed landmark and landmark pro?

Landmark Pro has thicker layers of asphalt than Landmark. This makes it heavier and more durable than Landmark.


When choosing a reliable roof shingle, it is crucial to consider its flexibility, tear strength, durability, and usability. Though both shingles from CertainTeed have excellent quality, they are not intended for the same purpose.

CertainTeed Northgate is a professional-grade product, making it ideal for extreme adverse weather conditions. In contrast, CertainTeed Landmark is a good choice for basic residential purposes.

Hopefully, you got a clear overview of CertainTeed Northgate vs. Landmark.

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