Landmark Moire Black Vs. Charcoal Black: In-depth Differences

A Landmark Moire Black roofing shingle has lighter shade color with no color variation. In contrast, Charcoal Black is a mixture of black and grey color, which has some variations. The first one is more attractive than the latter due to its divergence.

If your roof shingle color doesn’t match the exterior color of your home, it will lose its appeal and value. Hence, choosing a compatible roofing shingle color is crucial.

Here, we come up with a comparative discussion on Landmark Moire Black and Charcoal Black.

A Quick Comparison Table

Choosing a compatible roofing shingle color requires you consider its primary features. Here is a small table to help you get a brief idea of both products.

SpecificationsLandmark Moire BlackLandmark Charcoal Black
ColorLighter shadeA mixture of black and grey
PatternRepetitive patterns with spatial frequenciesFree of noticeable undertones and neutral hue
Ideal usageBetter for summer weatherIdeal for winter weather
AttractivenessSlightly less attractiveMore attractive
Dirt VisibilityLess visibility of dirtHigh visibility of dirt
Algae ResistanceStreakFighter® technologyStreakFighter® technology
CostReasonable costReasonable cost
DurabilityExceptional durabilityExceptional durability

Comprehensive Comparison Between Landmark Moire Black And Charcoal Black

Since household improvement is a long-term investment, you don’t want to go wrong with it. Here is an in-depth discussion of different vital factors, both roofing shingles colors.

  • Color
Landmark Moire Black
Landmark Moire Black

Landmark Moire Black comes with a lighter shade. It is a flat black color without any color variation.

Plus, the favorite color has been a secret weapon for many great fashion houses.

This uniform color can give the exterior area of your home an appealing look.

On the contrary, Landmark Charcoal Black is mainly a mixture of black and grey. Users take them as a really dark gray color.

But it might be more vulnerable to color fading or discoloration issues over time. This mainly happens due to excessive sun exposure.

  • Pattern

Landmark Moire Black has repetitive patterns with spatial frequencies. The consistency and hue of the color are maintained. In addition,   its brightness level is around 20% and has a hue of 325°. Lower hue and higher brightness levels make it easily distinguishable.

On the other hand, Landmark Charcoal Black has some variations in its color. It is free of noticeable undertones and has a neutral hue. Its brightness level is around 13% and has a hue of 359°.

You can effortlessly distinguish its color from regular black.

  • Ideal Usage

Landmark Moire Black is a more appropriate option for summer weather. Since it has a lighter shade, more sunlight will be reflected. Hence, less heat will enter your house.

As a result, you will be more comfortable during hot weather.

On the contrary, Landmark Charcoal Black has a darker color shade. This allows the roofing shingle to absorb more heat. You can use this color for colder areas.

Also, it will absorb all wavelengths of sunlight without reflecting none. Thus, you will be less cold during low temperatures.

  • Attractiveness
Landmark Charcoal Black
Landmark Charcoal Black

Both colors look good, but Charcoal Black is slightly more attractive than Moire Black. It takes on a blackish appearance when shaded.

The interval color combination of black and dark gray adds a seductive appearance, visible even from noticeable distances.

Besides, the unique shade of charcoal color makes it an appealing choice for another color combination. For example, if you want to use it with another intense color, such as blue, yellow, or green, it will not be a wrong choice at all.

  • Dirt Visibility

Landmark Moire Black has a lighter black shade. Hence, dirt and dust will be less visible. This allows you to clean the roofing shingle less frequently.

However, if your area is highly exposed to dirt, frequently cleaning is vital to avoid damaging the roof.

Contrastly, a high dark shade of Landmark Charcoal Black makes the presence of dirt and dust more visible. It might be easily detectable even from a long distance.

That’s why regular cleaning is mandatory. You don’t want your neighbor to give a sour look at your beautiful house.

  • Algae Resistance

Both colored roofing shingles have anti-algae properties. They are equipped with StreakFighter® technology. Black streaks will fail to damage the original color of the roofing shingle.

Roofing shingles’ beauty and curb appeal will last for a prolonged time because they are made of natural copper-infused granules. Also, it makes cleaning and maintenance tasks easier.

  • Cost

Since these two roofing shingles units are from the same brand and same series, their cost will be similar too. You need to spend around $2 to $4 every square foot. A 100 square feet installation will cost about $200 to $400.

Also, you want to include the installation material cost, which can cost around $15 to $30. Apart from that, considering the labor cost is also essential. It can be anywhere from $1500 to $3200. So, the total cost can be $9000 to $12500.

  • Durability

Both roofing shingles have excellent durability. They are equipped with QuadraBond™ technology to ensure sturdy construction. Adverse weather conditions will cause less damage to their body since they impact-resistant.

Additionally, these roofing shingles feature CertainTeed CertaSeal™ technology to ensure a prolonged airtight seal. Hence, heavy wind and moisture infiltration will cause any issues for the interior area of your house.

This ensures optimal protection.  

Which Roofing Shingle Color Is The Best For Your House?

Undoubtedly, both colors are an excellent choice for a wide range of houses. But their vibrant depth of color and dramatic appearance adds an alluring appearance to the home.

If your house has beige, light gray, or white color, you can choose Moire black to create a compatible focal point. It will add a brighter and softer appearance.

Choosing charcoal black will not be wrong if your home has a green, red, or blue color. The darker tones will add a crisp and clean appearance and perfectly pair with these brighter colors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s the difference between Moire black and charcoal black?

Moire Black has lighter shade color with no color variation, whereas Charcoal Black is a mixture of black and grey color, which has some variations.

What is the most popular landmark shingle color?

Burnt Sienna, or a warm reddish-brown hue, is the most famous landmark shingle color. Its blend of various shades of reds and browns adds a classic and uniform appearance.

What is the blackest shingle?

Charcoal Black color is the blackest or darkest color shingle available in CertainTeed Landmark. Their lower brightness level and higher hue level make them highly dark. But it is free of noticeable undertones and neutral hue.

Is a charcoal roof black?

A charcoal roof is black, but it has different shades. Plus, the color depth and hue level will vary depending on how much gray color is used. Light gray will make the roof slightly less black.

Final Thought

When choosing a compatible roofing shingle color, you want to consider its color contrast, pattern contrast, climate, environment, house size, architectural style, and many other factors.

Adding the wrong colored roofing shingle will not add any value, even if it is expensive.

Make sure to consider all the important aspects we have mentioned. Usually, light shade colors are more compatible with Moire Black and dark shade colors with Charcoal Black.

Hopefully, you got a clear overview of Landmark Moire Black vs. Charcoal Black.

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2 thoughts on “Landmark Moire Black Vs. Charcoal Black: In-depth Differences

  1. I am still confused. Which roof is the “busiest” with pattern and lighter shades? Does Moire Black look solid or does it have lighter shingles? If so how light ? I’m looking for a soft black/grey but with no visible light whitish shingles.

  2. In some photos it looks like a softer solid grey/black which I like …
    but I’v seen photos where is looks very checkerboard? Is the pattern subtle?
    I’d prefer the lighter color of Moire Black as I live in a warm climate but don’t want the checkerboard look.

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