Boral Vs. Eagle Roof Tile (2024): Which One To Pick?

In the concrete tile industry of the United States, Boral and Eagle roof tile are two top dogs. I would say they are equally at the top of the competition. So, choosing between Boral or Eagle roof tile is a very difficult decision you have to make at times.

Although, you don’t have to worry too much because I am here to help you. Because here, I bring you a complete comparison of the two roof tile choices.

Once you get through the comparison, you will know for sure which one is the best pick for your purpose.

Let’s get through it.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsBoral Roof TileEagle Roof Tile
Material qualityExcellentTop-notch
SpecialtyBetter efficiencyMore protection
Color optionsSeveralQuite a lot
WarrantyNo warrantyLimited warranty

Key Differences Between Boral And Eagle Roof Tile

  • Material quality

The first thing you must consider with these roof tile options is their material quality. But I have to be honest, both the roof tiles are equally good in terms of material quality. So, the choice comes down to the type mostly.

Eagle Roof Tile
Eagle Roof Tile

Usually, with Boral roof tile, you end up with quite innovative material.

The most popular picks are concrete, clay, and metal roof types.

They craft these tiles in such a way that they become much more sustainable.

Using these roof tiles, installation companies can easily get a great response from their clients.

Eagle roof tile, on the other hand, focuses more on durability. They also keep the all-natural material factor into consideration.

Most of their roof tiles are sturdy in construction and provide better longevity. In the manufacturing process of Eagle roof tile, you get good control over the pollution and reduced emissions.

Now, if you choose one or the other, you must consider the factors first. You have to consider whether you want a tile that comes with innovation or something that’s natural and has better durability.

If it’s the innovation, you go with Boral and if it’s for durability, then choose Eagle.

  • Aesthetics

Luckily, when you think about the aesthetics of the tile choices, you can easily decide on one of them. I won’t keep you in suspense, and if you are thinking about aesthetics, you have to go with Eagle roof tiles.

Don’t get me wrong; Boral roof tiles are also quite good for appearance. But compared to Eagle roof tiles, they aren’t that good. Eagle roof tiles have a great aesthetic appearance that makes them look high-end.

You will love the look of your house from the outside. It just elevates the appearance of your home.

So, if you worry about aesthetics, Eagle roof tile is your choice. Eagle roof tiles are famous for their appearance, so you can always rely on them for looks.

  • Special feature

A good way to decide on the roof tile choice is by checking out their special feature. You see what features make them special, then decide based on that.

Boral Roof Tiles
Boral Roof Tiles

Boral roof tiles specialize in energy efficiency. The material they use for these tiles is about getting the energy star grading.

They focus on making Boral roof tiles a cool-roof system that allows you to save up on the insulation cost of your home.

Boral roofs can reflect 53% of energy coming from the sun. This factor helps a lot in keeping the heat away from your home.

On the other hand, Eagle roof tiles are more about getting better protection. You can get excellent protection against the weather. Also, they have a special coating on the roof tiles that maintains several different health standards.

So, when choosing a tile between these two, you can look at the features. It’s just up to your preference.

  • Color availability

Even though this is a very trivial factor, I would still say it’s something you can consider. There are barely any differences between the two roof tile options, so this trivial factor can also play a role.

In terms of color variety, you should always pick Eagle roof tiles. They tend to have plenty of different color choices available for you. You might even find your favorite from there as well.

As for Boral roof tiles, you can still get some color options. But they are not as many as Eagle roof tiles. So, I have to say, Eagle roof tile provides you with more color choices in comparison.

  • Warranty

The best way to choose between Boral and Eagle is by checking the warranty factor because Boral doesn’t come with any warranty whatsoever.

In contrast, Eagle roof tiles have a limited warranty option. So, the choice is pretty clear here. If you care about warranty, Boral is the way to go.

Which One Is A Better Pick For Your Home?

I can’t pick a clear winner between these two options. It just comes down to what you prefer. Typically, the choice is about the features they both offer. If you are looking for better durability and protection, Eagle roof tile works better.

Also, they provide more color options.

But if you think about the best energy efficiency and material quality, then Boral is the way to go. You can save up on many energy costs when choosing Boral.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Are Boral tiles good?

Yes, Boral tiles are pretty good when you think about the quality. The material they use is excellent, and the overall performance of the roof tiles is also satisfying.

What is the best brand of roof tiles?

Usually, you can’t find one clear winner as the best brand of roof tiles. Several different brands manufacture high-quality roof tiles. There is GAF, Boral, Eagle, Owens corning, Englert, Weatherbond, Watkins Sawmills, and so forth.

What is the most popular tile roof?

Concrete roof tiles are the most popular types of tile roofs you can find out there.

What is Boral roofing made of?

Boral, most of the time, uses three kinds of roofing tiles. It’s either concrete, clay, or metal.


To summarize, choosing between Boral vs. Eagle roof tile is a bit difficult. Both are great in terms of quality, so you can’t decide based on that.

In that case, you have to dive a little deep and discover the specific features of the roof tiles. Then, choose the one that meets your preferences the best.

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3 thoughts on “Boral Vs. Eagle Roof Tile (2024): Which One To Pick?

  1. Thank you for giving us the difference and advantages of using Boral and eagle roof tile and for saying both are equally good quality material tile for roofs. My parents would like to replace our roof since it is already old. They are undecided about which tile to pick, but I agree when you said that Boral tiles are pretty good when you think about the quality, and I vote for this kind of material.

  2. Great article! Like you, we did our research and chose EAGLE Tile and BORAL Tile Underlayment. After 6 quotes, we happened upon a Roofer cared about quality and only quality. Living in South Florida, EAGLE was the correct choice for us. Much stronger and they use more concrete in their tiles than Boral. We chose a Flat tile over Barrel, which was the original roof.

  3. For a replacement roof a roofing rep recommended Eagle tile with the “seam” on the top of the hump. I wonder if that’s a good design with the most vulnerable part of the tile being the most exposed part of the tile.

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