Bora Centipede Alternatives: Are They Any Good?

The Bora Centipede work support system is a popular modular sawhorse and worktable solution designed by Bora Tool. With its adjustable legs and interchangeable tabletops, the Centipede provides a versatile work surface for DIYers and professionals alike.

However, at around $150 for the basic Centipede kit, it is more of an investment than some users may want for a sawhorse setup.

Luckily, there are several alternative products on the market that offer similar adjustability and customization at a more affordable price point.

When choosing an alternative work support system, consider your specific needs in terms of weight capacity, work surface size, adjustability, and budget. I’ll outline some of the top options to help you find the right sawhorse substitute for your projects.

Light-Duty Folding Sawhorses

For small DIY tasks and lightweight materials, a basic folding sawhorse provides an economical option starting at around $30 for a pair. While they don’t offer the configurability of the Centipede, folding sawhorses are easy to transport and store.


Stanley FatMax Sawhorse
Stanley FatMax Sawhorse
  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Simple setup


  • Low weight capacities, usually around 500 lbs for a pair
  • Limited work surface size
  • Not adjustable or modular


  • Stanley FatMax Sawhorses – Sturdy steel legs with plastic horse beam provide 400 lb capacity per sawhorse. Weigh only 10 lbs each.
  • Kobalt Folding Sawhorses – Aluminum construction rated for 300 lbs per sawhorse. Compact folding size.
  • Trojan Sawhorses – Budget-friendly at around $25 per pair. 330 lb capacity.

Adjustable/Telescoping Sawhorses

A step up from basic folding sawhorses, adjustable and telescoping models allow you to customize the height and width within a certain range. They offer more versatility for around $50-100 per pair.


  • Adjustable height and width for different tasks
  • Increased weight capacities over basic models
  • Still compact for storage


  • Less configurable than modular sawhorse systems
  • Fixed work surface size


  • DeWalt DWST11556 Telescoping Sawhorses – Heavy duty with 1000 lb capacity per sawhorse. Adjusts from 25.5″ to 42.5″ in height.
  • Delta 31-100 Adjustable Metal Sawhorses – Rated for 500 lbs per sawhorse. Adjusts from 30″ to 60″ high.
  • Rockwell RK9002 Telescoping Sawhorses – Up to 800 lbs capacity each. Adjusts from 18″ to 32″ high.

Do-It-Yourself Sawhorses

For the ultimate in customization on a budget, you can build your own sawhorses to meet your specific needs. With a few boards and some DIY know-how, you can create sawhorses in any size for well under $50.


  • Highly customizable dimensions
  • Very affordable to build
  • Sturdy construction


  • Requires tools and DIY skills
  • Not easily adjustable or reconfigurable
  • Time investment for construction


  • Build simple plywood sawhorses for lightweight tasks
  • Make 2×4 bracket sawhorses for heavy duty work
  • Add a plywood work surface to make a DIY workbench

Collapsible/Folding Workbenches

Folding workbenches offer the convenience of portable sawhorses with the added benefit of an integrated work surface. They fold up for storage but provide a sturdy, sizable work area for projects. Expect to pay $150 and up.


  • Large, fixed work surface
  • Integrated clamps and vises on some models
  • Folds for storage and transport


  • More expensive than basic sawhorses
  • Fixed height and dimensions when in use


  • Keter Folding Compact Workbench – Supports up to 1000 lbs with a 34″ x 20″ work area.
  • Worx Pegasus Workbench – 31″ x 25″ worktable with 300 lb capacity. Has built-in clamps.
  • Rockwell Jawhorse Sheetmaster – Clamping portable workstation rated for 300 lbs.

Modular Sawhorse Systems

Modular sawhorse systems provide advanced customization by combining interchangeable work surfaces, legs, and accessories. They offer ultimate versatility for serious DIYers with starting prices around $100.


WORX Pegasus Work Table
WORX Pegasus Work Table
  • Highly adjustable and customizable
  • Sturdy construction for heavy tasks
  • Large work areas can be configured


  • Among the most expensive options
  • Setup and adjustments can take time
  • Individual components may be pricier


  • WORX Pegasus Work Table and Sawhorse – Steel sawhorse with adjustable height and interchangeable tabletops. Weight capacity of 1000 lbs.
  • Kreg Trak & Klamp – Modular system combines adjustable sawhorses with connectable work surfaces. Rated for 450 lbs per sawhorse.
  • MLCS Woodworking Sawhorse/Table – Legs adjust from 14″ to 29″ high. Interchangeable MDF worktops available. 300 lb capacity.

DIY Platform Bed Frames

Sturdy wooden platform bed frames provide a spacious, stable work surface perfect for indoor projects. DIY kits start at around $200.


  • Large work area – often Queen to King size
  • Typically supports 1000+ lbs
  • Flat, smooth work surface


  • Takes up floor space even when not in use
  • Not easily portable or collapsible
  • Usually requires assembly


  • Zinus Jennifer Modern Studio Wood Platform Bed – Queen size provides 64″ x 84″ work space. Supports up to 500 lbs.
  • Walker Edison Solid Wood Platform Bed – Slatted King size measures 76″ x 80″. Holds up to 2500 lbs.
  • Amazon Basics Wood Storage Platform Bed – Queen size bed holds 1500 lbs. Optional storage drawers.

Choosing The Best Bora Centipede Alternative For You

When deciding which sawhorse system to purchase as an alternative to the Bora Centipede, consider these key factors:

  • Affordability – Light-duty folding sawhorses offer the lowest prices starting around $30-50 per pair. DIY and modular systems provide advanced customization for $100-200.
  • Weight capacity – Look for at least 500-1000 lb capacity for handling large materials. DIY wooden sawhorses can support over 1000 lbs if built sturdily.
  • Work surface size – Folding sawhorses have smaller work surfaces, while modular systems and platform beds can be configured for larger project areas.
  • Adjustability – Telescoping and modular sawhorses allow height and width adjustments. DIY lets you build to your ideal dimensions.
  • Portability – Folding and telescoping models are easiest to transport. Full-size platform beds are only practical for stationary shop use.
  • Assembly/construction – Pre-built sawhorses are ready to go immediately, while DIY and some modular systems require assembly.

Think about your budget, needs, and project plans when deciding which type of sawhorse system will provide the best versatile work support for your space and tasks.

And remember – you can always customize and expand your setup over time by combining different sawhorse types or adding modular accessories. With a little creativity, you can build an affordable system with all the versatility of the Bora Centipede.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Bora centipede stable?

Yes, the Bora Centipede is known for providing a very stable and secure work support system. The wide stance of the splayed legs prevents tipping, while the interlocking tabletops distribute weight evenly across the sawhorses. The adjustable leg height also allows you to level and stabilize the Centipede on uneven surfaces.

What can I use instead of a sawhorse?

Some alternatives to traditional sawhorses include:
1. Folding TV trays or cheap banquet tables for lightweight tasks
2. Stacked milk crates or concrete blocks with a board across them
3. A sturdy workbench or table
4. Sawhorse brackets to build your own custom sawhorses
5. 2×4 trusses laid across buckets or benches
6. Structural ridge beams with legs
7. Collapsible workstands

How do you use Bora centipede?

The Bora Centipede setup involves:
1. Adjusting the telescoping legs on each sawhorse to your desired height.
2. Locking the leg braces in place with the pins.
3. Attaching the tabletops to create your work surface.
4. Optional: Adding side tables, outfeed tables, or other modular accessories onto the legs.
5. When finished, disassemble the tabletops and fold the legs flat for compact storage.
The Centipede allows limitless configurations – use a single sawhorse as a movable work table, connect multiple units together for larger assemblies, or customize the height and accessories to suit each project. Just use your imagination and the modular components to create the ideal flexible work support system.

Closing Remarks

The Bora Centipede offers versatile modular functionality, but can be expensive over basic sawhorses. Alternatives like folding workbenches, DIY sawhorses, and telescoping models provide more affordable options with adjustable features.

Evaluate your budget, capacity needs, and workspace to decide which sawhorse alternative fits your project requirements. With some smart planning, you can create a customized, modular work support system on a budget.

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