Billy Goat Vs. DR Brush Mower: Which One To Pick?

Does your lawn have a lot of tall grass, shrubs, brush, and weeds?

You might be looking for a powerful, larger, beefier brush mower. Here, we come up with a comparison session on Billy Goat vs. DR Brush mower to help you choose a reliable option.

The latest brush mowers from Billy Goat have 388cc Honda GX3909. In contrast, DR Brush Mowers come with a Briggs & Stratton V-Twin OHV. Billy Goat features, whereas DR Brush Mowers have Gear-Driven Transmission.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsBilly Goat Brush MowerDR Brush Mower
Engine388cc Honda GX3909Briggs & Stratton V-Twin OHV
Performance HP13 to 28 HP10.5 to 17.5 HP
Deck size26″ wide deck26″ wide or 34″ super wide deck
Cutting capacity3.75″ high grass4″ high grass
Transmission systemVariable HydrostaticGear-driven Transmission
Fuel Tank Capacity0.75 gallons2 -1/2 gallons
Warranty1-year warranty2-years warranty
PriceSlightly higherAffordable

Key Differences between Billy Goat And DR Brush Mower

  • Engine
Billy Goat Brush Cutter
Billy Goat Brush Cutter

The newest models of Billy Goat Brush mowers have a 388cc Honda GX3909 engine.

This super powerful engine can smoothly cut tall grass, vines, bramble, brush, and other weeds.

On the other hand, the latest units of DR brush mowers come with a Briggs & Stratton V-Twin OHV engine.

It has world-class endurance and power with reliable and consistent starts.

  • Performance HP

Brush cutters from Billy Goat are available from 13 to 28 horsepower, depending on the model. Lawnmowers with a higher horsepower can do the work faster due to better gross torque.

In contrast, DR Brush mowers have 10.5 to 17.5 HP. This comes in handy for cutting grass less than three acres. It has adequate power to support drive wheels and deck.

  • Deck Size

Both brands offer a standard 26″ expansive deck. You can achieve excellent mowing efficiency. It is enough for handling 1 to 2 acres efficiently.

But some models of DR Brush mowers have a 34″ super wide cutting deck. They are helpful for lawns with 3 to 4 acres or more.

  • Cutting Capacity

Billy Goat Brush mowers can cut up to 3.75″ high grass. Handling the tall stature of various types of grass will be easygoing even if they have abundant moisture.

In contrast, DR Brush mowers can cut up to 4″ high grass. This comes in handy when you don’t mow the lawn for several weeks. You will have to go for fewer passes.

  • Transmission System
DR Brush Walk-Behind Lawn Mower
DR Brush Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

 Brush cutters from Billy Goat have a variable hydrostatic transmission system to protect the engine from overload and ensure reverse rotation ability.

On the contrary, DR Brush mowers feature a gear-driven transmission.

It is mechanically powerful and causes less friction loss and noise.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity

Brush mowers from Billy Goat have 0.75 gallons capacity. It can cover a few acres of lawn easily. But refilling the tank is necessary for larger lawns.

Contrastly, DR Brush cutters have an average of 2 -1/2 gallon capacity. You can go for several mowing sessions. This comes in handy to work on massive lawns.

  • Warranty

Billy Goat offers one year of warranty for its brush mowers. Their sophisticated design and creative engineering ensure no defects in workmanship or material.

On the other hand, DR Brush cutters offer two years warranty. This makes their products more reliable since you can be worry-free for two years.

  • Price

 Billy Goat Brush cutters are slightly more expensive than DR brush mowers because of their powerful engine. Though the initial investment is higher, it can last a long time.

Moreover, its quick-cutting efficiency will save fuel costs. After all, you will have to go for fewer mowing sessions than less powerful engines.

Which Brush Mower Is The Best For You?

Before choosing a particular brush cutter, you want to consider your lawn size. Larger lawns need a powerful engine to cut quickly and efficiently.

Billy Goat Brush mowers come with a powerful engine that can easily handle thicker weeds, shrubs, saplines, and small trees. But it has a small fuel tank than DR. Here is a little demo of it for you.

In contrast, DR Brush mowers appear a practical choice for smaller yards ranging from one to two acres. Though they have lower horsepower, you can still run them conveniently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you use a DR brush mower?

At first, you need to depress the operator, followed by presetting the level. Then, adjust the setting before starting by choosing the ideal throttle level and forward gear.

Is the DR brush mower self-propelled?

DR brush mowers are Self-propelled with heavy-duty power.

How much does a Billy goat brush hog weigh?

Based on the model, the average weight of a Billy Goat Brush mower can be anywhere from 310 lbs to 380 lbs.

How do you use the Billy goat brush hog?

Using a Billy Goat Brush hog requires you to first push the lever in, turn the fuel valve to unfasten its placement, and start the machine by pulling the choke out.

Bottom Lines

Which option have you decided to choose between on Billy Goat vs. DR Brush mower? You can go for either option if it can fulfill your lawn requirement.

Billy Goat brush cutters appear a better choice for cutting thicker and stronger brush and tall grass. In contrast, DR Brush mowers can show reliable performance against tall grass.

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