Benchmaster Vs. Stressless Recliner: Which One To Pick?

When you start looking into the Benchmaster vs. Stressless recliner, the main difference you will notice is the pricing. Stressless recliners by Ekornes come with a pretty expensive price tag. Benchmaster is a bit cheaper and more affordable in that comparison.

Now, there are some other differences you get to see between the two recliners. I will take you through them, and you should get an idea of whether Stressless is worth the extra money or not.

So, let’s not waste any moment and get through the in-depth comparison.

A Quick Comparison Table

FactorsStressless ReclinerBenchmaster Recliner
Material qualityHigh qualityDecent
FeaturesPlenty of featuresLimited
PricingVery highLower

Key Differences Between Benchmaster And Stressless Recliner

  • Comfortability Of The Recliners
Benchmaster Recliner
Benchmaster Recliner

Well, recliners are all about comfortability. So, this is the most crucial factor that you have to consider with them while comparing.

Whenever you think about recliner comfortability, Stressless by Ekornes has to be an option to consider.

They are superior in the comfort factor to many other recliners out there. Most recliners tend to have a headrest that adds good comfort to their recliners.

Compared to this, Benchmark is a bit less comfortable. They don’t have that much padding or cushioning on their recliners.

However, they are also pretty good in comfort, and you can’t complain about the comfortability either.

Still, if you want the best possible comfort, I would always pick Stressless recliners over Benchmark. They are just superior.

  • Material Quality

I don’t think there is a significant difference between these recliners’ materials. Most of them have leather as the material. Now, the difference you see between them is the quality of the leather.

Stressless recliners will have very high-quality leather that doesn’t get damaged easily. But what’s even better is that their leather is relatively smooth. The smooth leather makes it easy for you to clean the recliners without too much effort.

On the other hand, you get a pretty high-quality original leather on Benchmark recliners. However, the tricky thing is, the quality isn’t as excellent as the Stressless recliners. You don’t get to experience those additional features you see in Stressless.

So, for anyone looking to get a bit of extra bump in the material quality, Stressless is the choice.

  • Features
Stressless Recliner
Stressless Recliner

You always need to think about the features of the recliners.

Especially these days, many recliners with advanced features make them more comfortable and convenient.

You get to see a clear difference in the availability of features between the two recliners.

Stressless recliners have a lot of features in their different options.

Most of these features add up to the quality, comfortability, and convenience—for example, adjustable headrests, massagers on the seat, full swiveling recliners, and so on.

As for Benchmaster recliners, you don’t get to see many advanced features. They are a bit limited on that aspect. Don’t get me wrong, and these recliners offer pretty handy features. But they aren’t just as good as you see in the Stressless recliners.

Overall, I would say if you are willing to get some extra features, then Stressless by Ekornes is the way to go.

  • Pricing of The Recliners

Pricing is where you will find Benchmaster going ahead in the competition. They have lower pricing, which makes them more affordable. Compared to this, Stressless recliners are much more expensive. So, if you want to save money, then go with Benchmaster.

Which Recliner Is A Better Pick For You?

Choosing a recliner is very easy compared to Benchmaster and Stressless recliners. All you have to consider is the quality, features, and pricing.

When you think about lower pricing, you go with Benchmaster. They still give you pretty good quality and standard features. But if you think of superior comfort and quality, you will love the Stressless recliners by Ekornes.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Where are Benchmaster recliners made?

Benchmaster recliners are made in the USA, specifically in North Carolina.

Are Ekornes and Stressless the same?

Yes, Ekornes is the manufacturer of Stressless recliners.

Why are Stressless chairs so good?

Stressless chairs are excellent because of the high-quality leather they use. Also, they are superior in comfort compared to other choices.

What is the average price of a Stressless recliner?

The average price of Stressless recliners is around $2500 to $3000.


Comparing the Benchmaster and Stressless recliners will show you that Stressless is just a superior recliner option, whether it’s the comfort factor or the leather quality. Even the ease of maintenance is a plus point on Stressless.

The only time you will go for Benchmaster recliners over Stressless is when you want to save money because these recliners are much more affordable and give you a better value. Other than that, Stressless takes the cake away in all aspects.

Ralph Wade

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One thought on “Benchmaster Vs. Stressless Recliner: Which One To Pick?

  1. Hi, Ralph,

    Thank you for this helpful comparison.

    My wife and I just looked at recliners by both Stressless and Benchmark, both for sale in local, family-owned stores. Your evaluation seems fair–the Stressless chair was indeed comfortable, but we both thought the Benchmark chair was very comfortable, too.

    We could spend big for the Stressless, but we’re just not sure we want to put 3K in a chair, especially when the Benchmark seemed perfectly fine for us, and at about 800K, a significantly lower cost.

    You do not mention durability, and that is a concern, too. The reason we are shopping is a chair with a similar design–another brand–has not held up very well. It constantly needed to be flipped over to have its screws tightened. Now, it seems to be just broken, wobbling and listing to one side. How long should a Stressless or Benchmark chair last, given normal use, which is to say, regular sitting by two healthy, older people?

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