Behr i100 Vs. i300 Interior Paint: Which One Is Perfect For Your Home?

Looking for interior paint for your home that delivers reliable performance and value?

Then it would be best if you looked for Behr interior paints as they are excellent in quality and high-performing. I’ll give you a tour of two of the best Behr interior paints, i100 and i300.

Both of them are very good in quality. But after knowing the differences, you’ll know which one will work best for you.

Both paints represent professional quality, but i300 is specially formulated for builders, painters, etc. Let’s explore other differences between these two interior paints.

A Quick Comparison Table

Here’s a quick comparison between Behr i100 and i300 interior paints:

AspectsBehr i100 Interior PaintBehr i300 Interior Paint
Product TypeWater-Based Interior PaintWater-Based Interior Paint
Available FinishesEggshell, Semi-Gloss, Dead FlatEggshell, Semi-Gloss, Dead Flat
ApplicationHigh-Turnover Building InteriorHigh-Traffic Areas
PerformanceVery High-PerformingVery High-Performing
WarrantyOne Year Limited WarrantyOne Year Limited Warranty
Price$144 for 5 Gallon$176 for 5 Gallon

In-Depth Comparison Between Behr i100 And i300 Interior Paint

Now we dive into more details about these two interior paints. So, here are some key comparisons between Behr i100 and i300 interior paints:

  • Paint Type
Behr i100 Interior Paint

Since both are interior paints and belong to the same brand, there’s nothing much different between them.

Both paints are excellent in terms of quality and performance. You will get very good results from them.

However, there are a few mild differences between them.

Behr i100 interior paint offers excellent sheen uniformity.

After spraying them on your wall without a back-roll, you will get a constant and even finish. It is easy to apply and will allow you to complete the job faster.

Besides, the paint represents a very low VOC that meets the national VOC regulation.

On the contrary, Behr i300 interior paint offers excellent touch-up and washability. The anti-microbial formula protects against mold and mildew on your interior walls.

This paint is tintable in a wide range of colors. Besides, the paint is MPI approved for commercial specifications.  

  • Available Finishes

When it comes to available finishes, you won’t find any differences between these two interior paints because both product lines offer 3 available finishes. You can easily apply them to your flat walls and ceiling.

The three finishes of Behr i100 are Eggshell, Semi-Gloss, and Dead Flat. On the other hand, the available finishes of Behr i300 interior paints are Dead Flat, Eggshell, and Semi-Gloss.

So, there are no differences here whatsoever.

  • Where to Use

Behr Pro i100 interior paint is a high-hiding paint that offers excellent uniformity without any back-rolls. But you might have to back-roll where light is an issue.

You can apply this paint on properly primed interior drywalls, ceiling, wood, metal, cured plaster, masonry, Aluminum, Steel, Brick, and other surfaces.

In contrast to Behr i100, i300 is also recommended to use on primed drywall, interior walls, ceiling, wood, metal, architectural plastics, masonry, plaster, brick, steel, aluminum, etc., surfaces. But you cannot apply them on floors.

  • Performance
Behr i300 Interior Paint

Since they belong to the same brand and represent a similar quality, there are very few differences in their performance.

You can paint and coat 300 to 400 sq. ft. area per gallon with both Behr i100 and i300 interior paints.

The dry time is similar as well. Both paints take 1 hour at 25°C and 50% humidity to become touch dry.

You can recoat them after 2 hours, and both paints take up to 2 weeks to become fully cured. But this is totally temperature dependent. Drying time will increase in cold temperatures and high humidity.

  • Warranty

Behr offers One Year Limited Warranty for both i100 and i300 interior paints. But the warranty is approved on two conditions. The products have to meet the manufacturing specifications of Behr, and you will have to apply them according to the label instructions and specifications.

If you can fulfill those two criteria, you will be approved for the warranty provided by the company.

  • Price

The price of these two interior paints will differ from each other. You will have to spend around $144 for 5 gallons of Behr i100 White Semi-Gloss paint. On the other hand, a 5-gallon of Eggshell i300 will cost around $176.

As we can see, Behr i300 interior paint is a bit expensive compared to Behr Pro i100.  

Which One Will Be Best For You?

The above discussion shows that there is nothing much different between these two interior paints. They both offer very good colors and are available in thousands of colors.

So, how would you understand which one to choose?

If you want to paint high-turnover buildings like multifamily buildings, single-family rentals, etc., you should use the Behr Pro i100 series interior paints. But if you’re going to paint high-traffic areas, offices, rental spaces, etc., you should use Behr i300 interior paint.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Behr i300 good paint?

Behr i300 is an excellent interior paint. It is easy to apply and has anti-microbial capability. That’s why this paint can protect your interior walls and ceiling from molds and mildew. Besides, it becomes dry quickly and can cover a large area per gallon.

Is Behr i100 water-based?

Behr Pro i100 is a water-based interior paint. Even if it is water-based, this paint will have outstanding performance. It is very easy to apply and offers amazing sheen uniformity.

Is Behr i300 washable?

Yes, Behr i300 is washable. This low VOC interior wall is GreenGuard Gold Certified. The water-based formula offers excellent touch-ups and can hide any stains. On top of that, it produces very little odor.

What is the highest quality Behr paint?

Behr Marquee is the highest quality paint series produced and sold by Behr. This one-coat paint is the most premium interior paint offered by Behr.

Final Thoughts

Behr makes excellent interior paints. Behr i100 and i300, both interior paints, are examples of superior quality and great performance. That’s why you might become baffled while choosing one.

But I believe after reading everything about Behr i100 vs. i300; you can easily choose one that fits best with your project. If you still can’t decide, I suggest you talk with some professionals.

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