Haas Garage Door Vs. Clopay Garage Doors (2024)

To ensure the safety of your car, you just cannot simply ignore how much crucial it would be to pick the perfect garage door.

There are plenty of garage doors available in the market, but this blog is about Haas garage doors and Clopay. You will be able to get some idea about which one is the suitable one to serve your purpose well.

As some people in my neighborhood were asking about it, so I thought why shouldn’t I write a detailed comparison between the two to help my readers as well.

So, let’s dive in.

A Quick Comparison Table of Two Garage Doors

Like always, I intend to give you the most information in the least amount of time. That is why, in this section, you will be able to understand the main difference between the two garage doors.

Hopefully, you will be able to make a quick decision about the ideal one for you after having a glimpse of it.

Specification Clopay Garage Doors  Haas Garage Doors 
Availability of hingesClopay also comes with hinges, but the style is not as convenient as the one that Haas garage door brings in.The hinges style of the Haas is more convenient for some users.
Customer supportThere are no significant complaints against the manufacturer of the Clopay garage doors.There are a few complaints regarding customer support from the manufacturer.
Confusion in the styling No user complained about it so far.There are different styling doors and some users got the wrong one.
Lengthy followupThere is hardly any issue regarding the delivery of the door.When there is any issue regarding the order, it took a long time to get it fixed.
Glass replacement processThe glass replacement process is really simple.The glass replacement process may require an expert’s involvement.
Being noisyAfter a few years, the garage door may start creating some noise.The noisy issue can be resolved by having a proper spring coil.

So, feeling a bit confused?

Well, there is no significant difference between the two garage doors. There are highly satisfied users of both garage doors. Since it is in a brief format, the later section will help you even more as it will be more detailed.

In-Depth Differences Between Clopay And Haas Garage Doors

In this section, you will get to know about the key differences between garage doors to take a wise decision while installing one for your home.

So, here you go.

  • Availability Of Hinges
haas charcoal garage door
Haas Charcoal Garage Door

Both of the doors come with hinges that make the functionality of opening and closing the garage door even smoother.

However, these hinges come in different styles that can affect the functionality of the hinges.

Some of the users who have used both garage doors have found that the hinges styling of the Haas garage door is more convenient for that while opening or closing the door.

  • Appearance and Design Options

Beyond just materials and construction, you’ll want an attractive garage door that complements your home’s exterior. Here are some key points on design from Haas and Clopay:

Haas doors come in an enormous range of looks with virtually endless customization. Their traditional raised panel steel, contemporary aluminum, and natural wood doors fit any style.

You can choose from over 40 factory paint colors or hundreds of RAL colors. Custom wood staining is available too. There are dozens of decorative hardware options, glass designs, and accessories. With Haas, you can create virtually any look you want.

Clopay offers fewer design options but still has visual appeal. Their steel doors emulate wood grain patterns. Composite Ultra-Grain doors have realistic wood looks. There are several panel style choices and a handful of color options.

Decorative hardware and window designs provide some customization. Overall, Clopay offers a decent selection but not the vast possibilities of Haas.

For unlimited design freedom, Haas is the clear winner. But Clopay still provides attractive doors that coordinate with most homes if you have a simpler aesthetic.

  • Insulation and Energy Efficiency
Clopay Wood Grain Garage Door

Well-insulated garage doors prevent heat or cool air from escaping your garage. This improves temperature regulation and can reduce energy bills.

Haas doors are exceptionally insulating with high R-values up to 18.0. Their foam-filled metal, composite, and wood doors prevent heat transmission. Triple pane windows, perimeter weatherstripping, and joint thermal breaks also boost efficiency.

This makes Haas doors ideal for climate-controlled garages.

Clopay also insulates their doors but may not reach Haas’ level. Steel doors include polyurethane insulation with average R-values of 10 to 12. Composite doors range from 6 to 10 R-values.

While decent insulation, they perform better at noise reduction than true climate control. Clopay doors meet energy codes but upgrades may be needed in extreme climates.

If maximum insulating power is your priority, Haas is the winner here. But if you just need a reasonably well-insulated door, Clopay also fits the bill at an affordable cost. Compare R-values when shopping models.

  • Lengthy Follow-Up

After having any delivery related or any other complications when the customers reach out to the Haas garage door manufacturer, they got the issue fixed after a significantly long time.

It played a role in making them dissatisfied with the garage door. But the customer support of Clopay garage door and the execution of the work is really fast.

  • Glass Replacement Process

When you need to replace the glass, the process of the Clopay garage door is straightforward but it may not be as simple as the Haas garage door.

  • Being noisy
Clopay Garage Door
Clopay Garage Door

After some years, the Clopay garage door may start creating irritating noise while opening and closing the garage door.

This may be also true for the Haas garage doors, but it can be solved by having a proper spring coil.

This method may work for the Clopay garage door as well.

I hope after having these detailed interpretations, you are now understanding which one is your ultimate pick to get the best outcome for the years to come.

  • Which Doors Are More Considered, Used, And Installed By Consumers?

Clopay is one of the largest manufacturers in the country with its huge residential garage door collection. It is considered a larger brand with more options to consider.

That’s why it has more sales, more customers, and at the same time, more recommendations from many buyers.

The brand is a significant place to choose an excellent garage door for your next installation. On the other hand, Haas is also a good brand but not as reputed as Clopay is.

Haas garage doors have fewer recommendations by consumers as their collection is also limited and they are not much reputed.

  • Durability and Build

Just in case you have to confirm which brand’s garage door will go for a lifetime with you, Clopay wins the competition.

The brand sells superior, more durable doors and is made from excellent materials.

On the other hand, the Durability or quality of Haas doors may not be as superior as the Clopay Garage doors.

  • Doors Collection

At Clopay, you can find your garage door from a collection of 13 residential doors. Such a great line of doors ensures that Clopay is a vast brand offering more variety.

Compared to that, you will find only 8 different product selections from the Haas doors. It means the variety at Haas doors will be limited, and you’ll have to choose from whatever is provided.

  • Material Selection

Clopay makes these garage doors from premium-duty stainless steel material that stays durable for a reasonable period.

In contrast, the Haas doors are manufactured using locally resourced materials. Therefore, there is a difference in the manufacturing of these brands’ doors as well.

  • Warranties and Support
Haas Garage Door
Haas Garage Door

It’s reassuring to have strong warranties backing your garage door purchase.

Here’s an overview of coverage from Haas and Clopay:

Haas stands behind their doors with excellent warranties.

Most Haas doors come with lifetime warranties on materials and workmanship.

Their EZ Care Lifetime Finish Warranty covers steel door factory finishes for life.

Parts and hardware warranties range from 5 years to lifetime coverage.

Overall you get exceptional long-term protection.

Clopay provides good but shorter warranties:

  • Steel and composite doors have 10 year warranties on materials and craftsmanship.
  • The Finish Protection Plan provides a 10-15 year warranty on steel door paint finish.
  • Hardware and springs have 1-3 year warranties.

So while Clopay provides decent coverage, Haas warranties offer more comprehensive and longer-lasting peace of mind. Be sure to read warranty details closely.

Both Haas and Clopay have reputable networks of dealers to facilitate sales, installation, and service. Haas partners are factory-trained while Clopay has over 5,000 dealers nationwide. You can count on knowledgeable support from either brand.

  • Garage Door Prices

Of course, price is a major factor when selecting a garage door. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

Haas doors range from mid-level to premium prices. Pricing depends heavily on materials and customization. Basic steel panel doors may start around $800-$1000, while customized wood doors with intricate carvings can cost tens of thousands.

On average expect to pay $1500 to $3000+ for a quality Haas door installed. The premium construction and materials justify the higher cost.

Clopay garage doors range from economical to mid-priced. Steel panel doors are very reasonable at $600-$1500. Composite and insulated doors run $1200-$3000. Clopay specializes in attractive doors with good functionality at budget-friendly prices. You may pay 30-50% less than comparable Haas models.

For the highest quality components and customization, Haas is worth the investment. Clopay provides pleasing doors with decent features at affordable prices. Carefully compare construction between specific models rather than just price tags alone.

Which Garage Door Will Be The Suitable For You?

Clopay Garage Door
Clopay Garage Door

So, here comes the main question, which one I would suggest for your home?

Well, by now you know that there is no significant difference between both garage doors.

But here is a catch that you can consider, Clopay garage door has been in the market for more than five decades, and they are going strong all these years.

They provide very good customer support, so it is expected that whenever you are in any problem regarding the garage door of your home, they will not disappoint you with their service for sure.

So, considering this particular aspect, you can keep it ahead of the other counterpart for sure. I have not found any disappointed users of this garage door so far, but yes, the longevity of it will a lot depend on how you are using it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Haas a good garage door?

Yes, it is a garage door that you can also consider. Though, there are some pros and cons that come with it. The biggest plus point is that the garage door comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. But the hard part is to avail such a feature for a customer due to poor customer support. It may take longer than usual time to get the promised service from the manufacturer.

What type of garage door is most durable?

There are different types of garage doors available in the market, but according to the feedback of the users, steel garage doors are the most durable ones. These are low maintenance than the other ones and come with lighter weight. So, it comes with a longer warranty from the manufacturers as well.

Where are Clopay garage doors made?

Clopay is in business for almost five decades. It is the largest garage door maker in the United States having a 900,000-square-foot plant in Troy, Ohio.

Does insulation in the garage help?

Indeed, insulating the garage is helpful to reduce the noise it would make to irritate the people of your home and neighborhood.

Is a heated garage bad for cars?

Though it is thought that a heated garage is bad for the car, actually it is the opposite.

Wrapping Things Up

So, Haas garage door or Clopay, which one to pick?

Haas and Clopay are comparable, with both having outstanding features that make their respective products a smart choice. 

However, each product has pros and cons, and it ultimately comes down to individual needs in deciding which is best for your home. Though I have mentioned my preference, I hope that you now have a better idea of which company will work best for you.

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