Frosted Glass Vs. Clear Glass Lighting Fixtures: Which One Is Better?

Not all lighting fixtures will give you the same amount of light. They are different in shades, designs, and many other things. Have you been in a dilemma choosing between frosted glass vs. clear glass lighting fixtures?

Why should you select one over another?

These two blub fixtures don’t perform identically. They are made for specific purposes. After talking with a professional lighting designer, I gathered vital information about both lighting fixtures.

Read this post to have a better idea. 

A Quick Comparison Table

Can’t wait to learn how Frosted Glass lighting fixtures are different from clear glass lighting? Here is a small table to get a quick idea about both types of fixtures.

SpecificationFrosted Glass Lighting FixturesClear Glass Lighting Fixtures
LightsOffer a lower amount of lightOffer a higher amount of light
Softness/sharpnessSofter for eyesSharper for eyes
Lumens variationsProduce fewer lumensProduce more lumens
Shade typeChandelier, pendant fixture, or wall sconceMetal shade or a cut paper shade
Ideal to useRelaxing areasWorking areas
CustomizationMore customization of the lighting lookLess customization of the lighting look
PlacementCan be installed less close to the ceilingNeed to be installed closer to the ceiling
PriceHigherSlightly lower

In-depth Differences Between Frosted Glass And Clear Glass Lighting Fixtures

Is the table mentioned above enough for making a wise purchase decision? Maybe not! If you want to learn more precise details about both lighting fixtures, keep reading!

  • Lights
Moen Bath Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture with Frosted Glass
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The first important is considering the number of lights you are getting from a particular lighting fixture.

Even after using the same wattage lights on both lighting equipment, the outcome of the light will be different.

But don’t be confused. Both lights will produce the same lights.

But particular fixture plays the leading role in determining how much light will be reflected. Frosted glass lighting fixtures offer fewer amounts of lights by giving a blurry appearance.

In contrast, clear glass lighting fixtures offer as much light as much as the main bulb has. Hence, the more wattage your light has, the brighter clear glass lighting equipment can give.

  • Appearance

Compared to frosted glass lighting fixtures, clear glass looks more appealing. If the bright glass lighting equipment has a more aesthetic design, it will add a richer appearance to your room.

However, frosted glass lighting fixtures block a significant amount of lights. So, you may not get as good a look as you expect, especially in public gathering rooms. They may look a little dull.  

  • Softness/Sharpness

Are your eyes more sensitive to lights? Do you struggle to look directly at bright lights? Frosted glass lighting fixtures will be softer and gentle on yes. You can glare more easily.

On the other hand, clear glass lighting fixtures might be a little sharp or harsh on your eyes if they are installed too close. You may struggle to glare continuously for long.

  • Lumens Variations
Globe Electric Parker Vanity Light with Clear Glass Shades
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The amount of light from a particular light is mainly measured by lumens. Higher lumen means brighter lights.

Frosted glass lighting fixtures will produce less lumen than clear glass.

However, our naked eyes may not notice without a proper test. For instance, a frosted light can produce 250 lumens from a 40W bulb.

In contrast, even after using the same light inside a clear glass light fixture, it will produce higher lumens (400-500).

  • Shade Type

When choosing a particular light fixture, you must know its compatibility with various shades. Otherwise, you won’t get your expected outcome.

If you have a chandelier, pendant, or wall sconce shade, choosing frosted glass lighting fixtures is the best. They can create a timeless and enduring appearance in the installation area.

Contrastly, clear glass lighting fixtures are the best choice for a metal shade or a cut paper shade. They can provide a more uniform and attractive look.

  • Ideal To Use

The place you are going to use is an important aspect to consider. Frosted glass lighting fixtures are generally great for bedrooms, dining rooms, drawing rooms, family rooms, etc.

On the contrary, clear glass lighting fixtures are mainly suitable for working areas where you need more lights. You can also use them for kitchens and bathrooms 

  • Customization

Do you only use bulbs just for getting lights? If you are a fashion-conscious person, you may want to make your lighting more attractive.

Frosted glass lighting fixtures are suitable for more customization. They can direct lights in ways and patterns. You will like the distinctive shadows it makes to adore your room beautifully.

 Though clear glass lighting fixtures are also available in a lot of customization options, they are not as much as frosted blubs.

  • Placement

We generally install bulb fixtures on the ceilings. Keeping a particular distance is important depending upon the ceiling height.

You can install frosted glass lighting fixtures less closely to the ceiling area. Since frosted bulbs don’t offer too much light, they will be gentle even after installing them in a closed area.

However, installing glass lighting fixtures closer to the ceiling area is good if the light brightness is too intense. Otherwise, you will struggle to glare.

  • Price

There are almost no differences between frosted and clear glass lighting fixtures. Price may vary depending upon type, brand, construction quality, and many other things.

However, frosted glass lighting equipment has more preciseness to dissolve a particular amount of lights. This makes them slightly pricier than clear glass options.  

Which Lighting Fixture Will Be The Best For Your Home?

glass lighting fixtures

Since our requirements vary, not all will choose the same lighting fixtures. It generally depends on how much light you prefer.

Clear glass lighting fixtures are the best choice if you want brighter lights from your bulbs.

On the other hand, a frosted lighting fixture appears a good pick when you are okay with a slightly reduced amount of lights. However, you can use both of them in different rooms of your house.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are clear light bulbs brighter than frosted?

No, dissimilarities exist between light bulbs and frosted bulbs except for the internal surface of the globe.

What type of glass is used for light fixtures?

Quartz-fused silica glass, tempered soda-lime glass, borosilicate, etc., are the most commonly used glasses for light fixtures.

What is the difference between frosted and clear LED bulbs?

Frosted LED bulbs have a blurry cover to block a small portion of lights with its opaque finish. In contrast, clear LED bulbs feature a crystal-clear surface that allows you to see the bulb.

Can you frost a clear light bulb?

Yes, you can frost a clear light bulb. But the lights coming from the bulb won’t be as realistic as a newly made frosted light bulb.

Final Words

So, you have already learned a lot of precise details on frosted glass vs. clear glass lighting fixtures. Both lighting equipment are suitable for a particular objective.

You must first know what benefits you will get for installing a specific lighting fixture. 

However, many household owners install both types of lighting equipment in their homes since you can use the same light for each. Hopefully, you can now decide which is the best option for your house to use.

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