Ameristar Vs. Trane Air Conditioning and Heating System

When you look into the HVAC system brands, Ameristar vs. Trane is a common confusion you will encounter. The most noticeable difference between the two brands is in their pricing.

Ameristar has much lower pricing compared to Trane. But remember that Trane technologies are the manufacturer for both of them.

Is that it?

No, there are several differences between the two brands and their HVAC systems. Here, I will dive deep into a comparison between them to clearly understand where they differ from each other. S

o, if you are having trouble with Ameristar and Trane HVAC systems, this will be a good solution for you. 

A Quick Comparison Table

Product lineLimitedPlenty of options
Brand nameNot that famousVery popular
Manufactured inChinaUSA

Key Differences Between Ameristar And Trane HVAC

  • Quality of The Brands
Ameristar Air Conditioner
Ameristar Air Conditioner

I am starting the comparison with the quality of products from both brands.

Yes, the manufacturer for both these brands are the same, but the process is different for both.

This results in a difference in the quality and performance of the air-conditioning and heating systems.

First, Trane is a high-quality and powerful line for HVAC systems. They come with an efficiency you would love to get from your air conditioning system.

Along with the efficiency, you also experience good power from the systems. The systems are suitable for smaller and larger setups.

Then, there is Ameristar, that aren’t as powerful as the Trane systems. Ameristar HVAC systems will lack the power and efficiency factor a little bit.

These systems are suitable for entry-level homes or offices. Smaller spaces can get good benefits from the Ameristar systems.

So, if you ever think about quality, then the Trane air conditioning system should be your choice. You won’t even have to think twice.

However, that doesn’t mean Ameristar is the worst thing to have either. They are still pretty decent because the manufacturers are the same.  

  • Pricing

The pricing is the most crucial point where you can easily decide between the two heating and air-conditioning systems. This is where they are very different, and the choice is clear to you.

If you are thinking of an affordable choice and want to save money, then Ameristar is the perfect option. They come at very low pricing, while the features and specifications are similar to any standard air conditioning system.

On the other hand, the Trane air conditioning system is a bit on the pricier side. They are more of a professional and high-end quality brand. Also, the components they use in Trane systems are of greater quality.

So, if you are considering a budget choice, the option is Ameristar. But if you don’t mind paying the higher price for better quality, then Trane systems are the way to go. 

  • Product line
Trane Air Conditioner
Trane Air Conditioner

Aside from the quality and pricing, you get to see the difference in the product line for both brands.

The product line of Ameristar is pretty limited, whereas Trane systems have plenty of choices.

With Ameristar, the product choices are limited. You will find a few models with similar features on them.

There is hardly any uniqueness to find in their product line.

But don’t worry, you will get the standard options and common items in their product line.

In contrast, you get so many choices in Trane systems. There are quite a lot of unique products and models available under Trane. So, if you want to try out different options with various features, you can easily go with Trane systems.

  • Warranty

Now, you will notice a difference in the brands’ warranty. If you care about the warranty of the products, then this is an excellent factor to consider.

Trane systems have a longer warranty period compared to Ameristar. You can rely on the Trane systems more, and you have to worry less about their products. Whereas, with Ameristar, you will constantly have to think about the warranty running out.

In short, if the warranty concerns you, then Trane HVAC systems is the clear choice for your home.

  • Brand value

Let’s get one thing straight: both have the same manufacturer but come under two separate brand names. One is quite popular and not that much known to the general people.

By now, you should know that Trane is the parent company for both brands. So, the more popular brand out of the two is undoubtedly Trane systems. They have a higher brand value compared to Ameristar.

The easiest way to put this is that Ameristar is a part of Trane systems, so clearly, Ameristar is a lesser brand than Trane.

The question is, why does it matter? Well, it matters for reliability and availability. The higher brand value will surely have better reliability and availability. So, based on that, Trane systems are much more available and reliable to consumers.

  • Manufacture Location

Why would the manufacturing location matter for choosing between the two-air conditioning and heating system? It’s all about reliability and personal preference. Some people prefer products made in the US over those made elsewhere.

A lot of the time, people try to avoid Chinese products, especially electronic items. The Ameristar air conditioning systems are manufactured in China. On the contrary, Trane systems are manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Even though the manufacturer is the same, the process and component quality differ. So, if you don’t like Chinese products or have a tough time relying on them, then you will go with Trane systems over Ameristar.

Which Air Conditioning And Heating System Is Better For Your Home?

After going through the whole discussion, the best way to decide between these options is the consider the pricing. If you are looking for an affordable option and want to save money, choose Ameristar. They have much lower pricing in comparison.

Watch this video to understand why it’s worth it!

But if money is not a concern for you, and you want the best quality you can rely on, then the Trane air conditioning and heating system is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is Ameristar the same as Trane?

No, Ameristar isn’t the same as Trane. The brands’ manufacturers are the same but have different brand names and faces. Also, they are manufactured in different places.

Which is better, Trane or American Standard?

Both are pretty much the same, so you can’t say which one is better. Trane technologies inc. is the manufacturer of both brands.

Are Ameristar furnaces suitable?

Yes, Ameristar furnaces are pretty good in terms of quality and have good durability. Many professionals prefer Ameristar furnaces as the best solution for many homeowners.

What is the difference between Ameristar and American Standard?

The primary difference between Ameristar and American Standard is the pricing. Ameristar is more affordable compared to the American standard.


Wrapping it up, Ameristar vs. Trane isn’t quite easy to choose. Once you know the little differences they have, you can decide between one of them. Let’s say you want to save money, and then you can choose Ameristar. They are affordable and have decent quality.

But if you are looking to get the best quality with more reliability, then Trane can be the perfect option for you.

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  1. Is it very diificult to get parts for Ameristar mini splits? I am in the process of installing a mini split , so with your knoledge of these units, which one would you choose for performance ….Im looking to install a 24000bt u.Im looking to heat a 1000 square foot home.?

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