Amarr Vs. Wayne Dalton: Which One Should You Pick?

If you’re in the market for new garage doors, it can be tempting to just pick one of the first brands you see and go with that. However, I am sure you want to make sure you get the best out of your purchase.

So, it’s important to look at all of your options before making a final decision. That’s why I am bringing this blog that compares Amarr vs. Wayne Dalton garage doors to help you choose the right brand for your needs.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

A Quick Comparison Table Between Amarr And Wayne Dalton

Before starting the in-depth differentiation between Amarr and Wayne Dalton let’s get to know about the main differentiating factors between Amarr and Wayne Dalton.

By having a look at the following table, you will get to know about the main differences between the Amarr and Wayne Dalton within a very short time.

The main objective here is to help you to make the decision if you are in a hurry. 

SpecificationAmarr garage doorWayne Dalton garage door
AvailabilityThe United States, Canada & Mexico.The United States, and Canada.
PriceIt would cost more money.It is more reasonable in terms of price than the other competitor.  
All the materialsAll the materials are aluminum, glass, still, and wood.Here the materials are fiberglass, aluminum, steel, wood, and vinyl.
IncorporationThe company was incorporated in the year 1951.The company was incorporated in the year 1954.
DistributionsIt can be purchased from authorized distributors and some other authorized partners.It can be purchased from the authorized distributors only, there is no authorized third-party involve here.
LookIt comes with a look of wood.It comes with an uninsulated and insulated option. And there is a Steel-type look with it.
Premium optionThere are two premium product lines.There is a highly resistant product line of the premium door of it.  
MaintenanceIt is comparatively low maintenance.It is a bit of high maintenance.

 So, these are some basic differences between Amarr and Wayne Dalton. But this is not easy work to make a decision based on this information only. You need to know more.

That is why the next section will serve you more.

In-Depth Difference Between Amarr And Wayne Dalton

After getting to know about the quick comparison between Amarr and Wayne Dalton, let’s get to know about these two a bit in detail.

  • Availability
amarr garage doors
Amarr garage door

Wayne Dalton garage door is available only in the United States and Canada.

But Amarr garage doors can be found in the United States, Canada & Mexico.

Other than these places it would be hard for you to find these doors.

  • Price

The starting price range of Amarr’s garage door is more than that of Wayne Dalton. The starting cost of Wayne Dalton could be $700 whereas for Amarr garage door the cost is as much as $1,000.

But the highest ceiling of the price range is between $8,500 – and $9,500 for both of the doors.

  • All The Materials

There are some similar materials available for both of the doors like aluminum, glass, still, and wood. But you may find some additional materials for Wayne Dalton like fiberglass and vinyl.

  • Incorporation

There is a different timeline regarding the incorporation of the manufacturing company of both of the garage doors. Amarr garage door was incorporated in the year 1951 and Wayne Dalton during the year 1954. 

So, there is no significant difference between the timelines of both of these products.

  • Distributions

Amarr garage door can be purchased from the authorized distributors and some other authorized partners. But for Wayne Dalton’s garage door, you need to depend solely on the authorized distributors of it.

  • Look

Amarr garage door’s look will give you the wooden vibe whereas, the Wayne Dalton garage door comes with an uninsulated and insulated option also there is a steel type look with it.

  • Premium option

Amarr garage door has two premium product lines, Horizon and Vista bringing so many variations to this door for the customers. For the Wayne Dalton garage door, there is a highly resistant product line of the premium door.

  • Maintenance

Though the initial cost of the Amarr garage door can be higher, it is comparatively low maintenance compared to the other counterpart.

So, now that you know these basic differentiating factors, picking between these two garage doors can be a bit easier for you.

Which One Will Be The Suitable Pick For Your Garage?

Wayne Dalton garage door

So, here comes the most awaited question of this blog post. Which one of both of these garage doors should you pick for your home garage?

Well, when you intend to pick between these two, the answer can be a bit tricky.

As you have already noticed, there is no major catch between these two doors for making you more favorable for a single one.

Both of the doors have got a good reputation for years and acceptance among the customers.

Hence, in my opinion, since there is no significant difference between the budgeting issue as well, you can pick the one that would serve your need best and look good for the exterior of your garage while giving enough security.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Who bought Wayne Dalton’s garage doors?

Overhead Door acquired all door operations of Wayne Dalton. Through this acquisition, it has introduced itself as the largest manufacturer and marketer of overhead doors and openers in North America.

How long do Wayne Dalton garage doors last?

Wayne Dalton garage doors can last as long as a minimum of 15 years.

What type of garage door is cheapest?

Fiberglass Doors would cost you lesser than the wood, but they may cost more than the steel-made doors.

How often should you replace a garage door?

You need to change the garage door after some year. Generally, it is about 30 years, when you need to think about changing the garage door of your house.

Wrapping Things Up

Although both Amarr and Wayne-Dalton offer high-quality garage doors, there are many factors to consider when you’re choosing which brand to go with.

Ultimately, when it comes down to personal preference and if you have a specific budget in mind, one company may have more options than another. I hope that this blog about Amarr vs. Wayne Dalton has helped you evaluate your options! 

I also hope you get to pick the right one for you.


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